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Fostering Friendships in Kindergarten What Par ents  Can Do to S uppor t T heir   Childr en’s  S ocial Development

Be Proactive and Patient • T ake it s low  • Know your  child’s  cur r ent  s ocial temper ament. • Childr en may not be r eady  for  what their  par ents  hope  for  them to engage in…that  does n’t mean they won’t  get ther e.

Role Play

Role play potential s ocial s ituations   with your  child

Play Dates

Play dates  allow childr en to build  s ocial s kills , s ocial r elations hips   and pr oblem s olving s kills .

After School Activities

After s chool or   weekend activities   of inter es t can als o  pr ovide a gr eat  oppor tunity to  make fr iends

Friendships at school • Making new fr iends   takes  time • T eacher s  pr ovide  oppor tunities  for   differ ent childr en to  wor k and play together • T alk to your  child’s   teacher  pr ivately if you  have concer ns

When you hear about a problem with another child: • As k ques tions  about  what happened • T r y to avoid ques tions   s ugges ting who was  at  fault. • As k feeling ques tions • Empathize • Dis cus s  pos s ible  choices  in the s ituation

(con’t) • T alk about other  kids  behavior  that might  have been hur tful as  a bad choice on the  child’s  par t.  • Childr en can begin to lear n ear ly that the  only per s on or  behavior  they can contr ol is   their  own.  • Read childr en's  books  about getting along  with other s  and talk about what happens  in  the book.

Demonstrating Friendship

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Fostering Friendships in Kindergarten  

Friendship at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School.