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A show with




Humor y colorful tight costumes!..  






El Folk Chou!

A show of Circus, Humor and colorful Tight Costumes!.. A parody about Mexican culture and folklore carried on by the combination of pantomime and clown art with music and circus skills. A speechless comical work, suitable for all ages and adaptable to every situation. It's Mexico, the sun, the trumpet, the Mariachi and a lot of amusing parodies. A Multidisciplinary Show performed by eccentric Characters from Cabaret Capricho. It unites many disciplines of Circus, Physical Theater and interaction with the aim of provocation and creation of seductive images around a subset and theme like the Folklore and Mexican Traditions now reinvented through a the new vision of Circus and Performing Arts.


Synopsis (for publicity purposes): Come on in beautiful lady! Come on in dear Gentleman! ¡Come on in and enjoy the songs and dances of Don Caramelo! Be astonished with the grace of the Mexi Ken and his wheel of the sun that rolls and smiles to the rhythm of the cha cha cha! Come on in and admire Doña Bella who dances with the wind and cheers up the soul of the dancing pachucos! Let your self be surprised by the Mariachis Locos always in fiesta with their flying guitars and their wild horses! Be aware if you listen a lost shot by Llou Pistolas he could be walking very close to you! Discover the charming contortionist of the flowers who transmutes in wonderful figures and torsions that emerge from the earth! Come to enjoy El Folk Chou! A show of Circus, Humor and colorful Tight Costumes!!..


Artistic Concept Circus Theater Show with duration of 60 minutes. Speechless and with a high visual impact. With a structure of routines led by music of traditional Mexican roots but recovered with contemporary styles. The show can be performed with live music or recorded according to the needs. The show is conformed by a set of delicate sequences of acts integrating acrobatics, clown, contortion, juggling, dance, theater, and music with a high emphasis to the participation of the audience. Everything guided and performed by extravagant characters like: Doña Bella, Don Caramelo, Llou Pistolas and MexiKen. They all communicate through gestures and “universal language” along 60 minutes presenting one by one their incredible and irreverent abilities. The show explores an aesthetic concept that we called “Folk Chou” due to the mixing of Traditional Styles of Costumes and Customs of our land’s Folklore, with the experience of Contemporary Circus and Visual Theater. For this creation we present Costumes, headdresses and Make ups created as a result of the study of Mexican traditional graphics and the way that the new visual artists represent it. That’s how emerges the special mix of colors and styles that aims to express that identity of Integral Folklore between performing virtuoso and our Mexican Cultural Heritage.

You are all welcome to the celebration!.. A Spectacular Spectacle!.. A Carnival of sublime and elegant moments that reintroduces the essential overtones of circus traditions and Mexican Folklore. A parade full of surprising surprises!.. A very special night! Where your eyes wont believe what they see!.. Welcome to ¡El Folk Chou!..





2012 •

6th Mezcal Fair – Teul de Gonzalez Ortega, Zacatecas

Christmas Cultural Festival – Colima, Colima

Independence day celebration Foro 9 – El Grullo, Jalisco

7th Sexual Diversity Festival, Teatro Fernando Calderón - Zacatecas

XXII Fiestas de la Vendimia, CEARTE, Ensenada, Baja California Norte

Sumer season, “trópico de circo”, Teatro Guadalajara del IMSS

La Paz city Foundation Cultural Festival, Baja California Sur

Opening season at Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet, Guadalajara

• Todos Santos Art Festival - Baja California Sur 1st Tour


2011   •

FiCHo. Festival internacional de Circo y Chou de México - Guadalajara

IV Circus and Street Arts International Encounter. Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico City

Rodará Festival Gala. Puebla

VI Cirkonvención Mexicana Gala. Cuernavaca, Morelos

Zacatecas National Fair 2011 • 3rd Caravana Capricho presenting EL FOLK CHOU in Europe: France (Paris y Aurillac), Germany (Stuttgart, Munich), Hungry (Budapest), Serbia (Summer flame festival - Novisad) and Slovenia (Anna Desetnica – Lent Festival) • Caleidoscopio Festival – Infolectura -Guadalajara • 53th Book Fair & University Cultural Festival – Universidad de Guanajuato. Teatro Principal


CUCEA, Vive Cultura Festival. Universidad de Guadalajara.

Colegio Once Mexico, Cultural Week.

Galería Teu Lloc, 7th Anniversary. Guadalajara.

2010 •

Varieté Cirkera en Karpa Demente, Mexico D.F.

1st Anniversary Cultural Center “El Circo”, Queretaro, Qro.

Opening season at Teatro Guadalajara del IMSS.



Palacio de Hierro, 1st Anniversary – Zapopan Jalisco.

XV Anniversary Tequila’s Regulation Council - Instituto Cultural Cabañas Guadalajara

BASIC TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Duration of the show: 60 minutes.

Set-up time: 4 hours Set-down: 1.5 hours Stage 8 X 6 meters with exits on sides and backstage Curtains: White cyclorama, black curtains on sides, 1 black screen or curtain for partition

Aerial Acts 1 Strong and safe structure at 7m. height with point of anchorage that supports 1 ton. With adecuate accessibility for proper installation

Audio Console table with cable RCA-Mini Plug to plug a Macintosh laptop 2 wireless microphones with standing base 2 Monitors 1 Audio Technician


Lighting 3 points for installation 12 Leekos ellipsoidals 26º 1000 watts. Front, Back, Streets 20 par 64 1000 w. 1 Spot light 2000 w 1 smoke machine 1 console table 1 light technician who knows well the equipment

Video (FOR OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE) 1 VideoProyector 5000+ lúmens. 1 Screen and camera next to the stage for closedcircuit

BackStage 2 Tables (1.50 m x 1.50 m) for props on the sides of the stage


Scenography Series of colorful lightbulbs 10watts Piñatas Toys Guidons

Spaces 1 Big dressing room with toilet, light, mirrors * Space available _1_ day(s) before show for rehearsing with all the equipment * Enough time before show to set up and technical verifications with light, sound, audio * Catering for all the team (suggestions: wáter, coffee, bread, fruits, chocolate, carbohidrates) * Enough people for Staff and security


Credits Cast

Violeta Castro César Omar Barrios Fernando Mánica Mario Barragán

Creative Team Illumination

Selene González


Erik Kasten


Anna Cetti

Recorded Music

Lalo Guerrero / Devotchka / Carla Morrison / Beirut / Lhasa de Sela / Mastreta / Nat King Cole

Design and Making of Costumes, Hairdresses, Props and Make-Up Violeta Castro / Alejandro Rincón / MariJo Cázares Artistic Direction

César Omar Barrios


CUARTA . arte acción Les Cabaret Capricho la mar o ma . Estudio de Formación y Creación en Circo y Teatro Físico FiCHo . Festival Internacional de Circo y Chou de México


Contact Selene González (Technical Coordinator) / M. +52 1 (33) 1175 9444 César Barrios (Director) / M. +52 1 (33) 1439 7408 T +52 (33) 15943605 Twitter @cabaretcapricho


won´t take any responsibility for “any emotional out-of-body experience, violent acts, unexpected behavioral changes, delusion of grandeur, sporadic depression, displays of passion or any other crazy idea during our shows”.  


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