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Cisco •650-294 TelePresence Video Field Engineer for Express Exam

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Questions & Answers: 10

Question: 1 Bofore you upgrade your Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, what should you do with your SQL database? A. Save a backup. B. Create a second copy. C. Set a new username and password. D. Restore a previous version.

Answer: B

Question: 2 After a configuration is restored, what must be done to make the restored configuration active? A. The installation wizard must be rerun. B. The reload command must be entered in the API. C. The system must be restarted. D. All registered systems must be deregisterd.

Answer: C

Question: 3 You are making a call by entering the number on your remote control. After keying in the number, what is the next step? A. Press the # key to finish the number. B. Press the Call button to connect the call. C. Press the Home button to connect the call. D. The number is automatically added to your phone book, and you can call it by selecting the Phone Book button.

Answer: B

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Question: 4 When a new conference is booked on the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, which setting instructs the endpoint or Cisco TelePresence MCU to call a participant at the time of a conference? A. Manual B. Reverse Call C. Call-in Only D. Automatic

Answer: D

Question: 5 How can you upgrade an existing Cisco TelePresence Management Suite installation? A. Copy the new software to the server using FTP. B. Install the new software in a Remote Desktop session on the server. C. Use the system upgrade feature in Cisco TelePresence Management Suite. D. Upload the image through the web interface.

Answer: C

Question: 6 In which two ways can a participant be disconnected from a conference? (Choose two.) A. can be disconnected by any endpoint in the call B. can be disconnected from the web interface C. can be disconnected by Cisco TelePresence Content Server D. can be automatically disconnected at the end of the allotted time

Answer: C, D

Question: 7

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By which two ways can an endpoint join a conference on the Cisco TelePresence MCU? (Choose two.) A. dialing all endpoints that are required in the conference B. dialing an endpoint that is already in the conference C. dialing the auto attendant and navigating to the conference D. dialing a registered alias for the conferece E. dialing the PIN number of the conference

Answer: C, D

Question: 8 If an auto attendant has a numeric ID of 543 and the Cisco TelePresence MCU has a prefix of 62 and a domain of cisco.demo, which two of these will be registered on the Cisco TelePresesnce VCS, assuming that SIP and H.323 registration have been selected? (Choose two.) A. 543 B. 62543@cisco.demo C. 543@cisco.demo D. 62543 E. .demo

Answer: B, D

Question: 9 What do you need to do before an endpoint can use a gatekeeper for placing or receiving calls? A. You must first register the endpoint with the gateway. B. Ping the gatekeeper from the endpoint. C. Register the endpoint with the gatekeeper. D. Receive a call from another endpoint, which is registered with the gatekeeper.

Answer: C

Question: 10

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Which menu path would you choose to configure NTP setting in a Cisco TelePresece VCS? A. System Configuration >Time B. VCS Configuration > Clustering C. System Configuration > DNS D. VCS Configuration > Zones

Answer: A

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Cisco •650-294 TelePresence Video Field Engineer for Express Exam

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TelePresence Video Field Engineer for Express Exam  

Questions & Answers: 10 TelePresence Video Field Engineer for Express Exam Click the link below...