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Nortel •920-233 Nortel VPN Router (Contivity) Rls. 6.0

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Questions & Answers: 10

Question: 1 Company .com wants to use the Contivity VPN Router MultiElement Manager (VRMM) to simplify management of multiple Contivity VPN Routers. Which two are featuressupported by VRMM? (Choose two.) A. administration via SNMP B. management via SFTP C. creation of a new Contivity VPN Router configuration D. modification of a Contivity VPN Router configuration offline

Answer: C,D

Question: 2 A support engineer wants to enable telnet and FTP access on a new Contivity VPN Router Rls. 6.0 system. What is the minimum requirement to achieve this objective? A. Configure the Contivity with a Private IP Interface address. B. Configure the Contivity with a Private Default route. C. Configure the Contivity with a Public IP Interface address. D. Configure the Contivity with a Management IP Address.

Answer: D

Question: 3 At which layer of the OSI model would NAT SIP ALG modify addressing? A. network B. data-link C. transport D. application

Answer: D

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Question: 4 Which two connection types can Remote Access Manager configure? (Choose two.) A. dial-up connections B. wireless hotspots C. a VPN Router HTTPS management interface connection D. SNMP discovery of Contivity

Answer: A,B

Question: 5 Company .com is installing a VPN module 1000 into a Contivity 1750 chassis. Which slot is appropriate to install the module? A. slot 4 B. slot 1 C. slot 3 D. slot 2

Answer: B

Question: 6 Company .com is concerned about security and wants to know how to protect its system. During an SSL handshake, which encryption algorithm could be used to encrypt the session key? A. DES B. AES C. 3DES D. RSA

Answer: D

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Question: 7 Company .com wants OSPF routing configured on the company Contivity system. The OSPF routing protocol will be used to manage a large university network made up of several smaller campus networks each with its own OSPF Area. When setting up the OSPF areas, what requirement must you follow when configuring the option on the Contivity system? A. The interfaces must be point-to-point, not broadcast. B. The Area IDs must be unique. C. The interface IP addresses within the OSPF must share a common subnet mask. D. The Area Integers must be the same.

Answer: B

Question: 8 Which type of interface NAT should be configured to allow clients on a private network of a Contivity to access the Internet? A. static B. port C. port forwarding D. NAT traversal

Answer: B

Question: 9 Company .com's network contains a Contivity 2700 at the central site with two Branch Office tunnels to a Contivity 1750, one at remote site A and the other at site B. Each Branch Office tunnel has been configured with a NAT rule. Which statement is true regarding this configuration? A. Accessible networks will not have to be configured. B. Accessible networks will use non-translated addresses. C. Accessible networks will use translated addresses. D. Accessible networks will use the default IP address pool.

Answer: C

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Question: 10 When using a RADIUS server for authentication of remote VPN users, which tunneling method requires a group ID and a group password? A. IPsec B. PPTP C. L2TP D. L2F

Answer: A

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Nortel •920-233 Nortel VPN Router (Contivity) Rls. 6.0

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Nortel VPN Router (Contivity) Rls. 6.0  

Questions & Answers: 10 Nortel VPN Router (Contivity) Rls. 6.0 Click the link below to buy full...

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