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Question: 1 In order to develop a global competency model for global leaders at a high tech company, a HR Manager decides to study the connotation of specific attributes across the various office locations. Which of the following types of culture would be the LFAST valuable to evaluate in order to develop a valid and reliable model? A. Local culture B. Professional culture C. National culture D. Corporate culture

Answer: B Question: 2 Which of the following ways does a U.S. company practices regarding industrial relations differ from the approach of most nations? A. Automatic representation B. Government mandate approach C. Positive approach D. Employer free speech

Answer: D Question: 3 An U.S. base Engineering Manager has been identified for a short-term six-month assignment to recruit and build a team in England. Which of the following training programs is the MOST critical to ensure success on the job? A. On-the-job training B. Multi-cultural team building C. Language D. Cross-cultural training

Answer: B

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Question: 4 According to Gregersen and Black, which of the following type of expatriate is the most likely to work through problems by constantly weighing the pros and cons of basing decision s on localized values vs. the corporation’s standardized procedures and processes? A. Dual citizen B. Expatriate who “goes native” C. Homebound expatriate D. Free agent

Answer: A Question: 5 A corporation has identified an initiative to recruit and train global leaders over the next 5 year in order to become a truly transnational company. In order to meet this goal, the firm has identified and developed 30 international assignments amongst its 10 office locations. Which of the following candidates would LEAST match these positions? A. A 25-year old human resources representative working in South Korea who just started at the company B. A 40-year old finance manager working in Africa who has been with the company for 8 years C. A 40-year old manufacturing manager working in Thailand who has been with the company for 5 years D. A 55-year old engineering manager working in the U.S. who has been with company for 10 years and has gone on 3 international assignments

Answer: D Question: 6 Which of the following represents motivator to a culture that values asvription? A. Defined processes and procedures B. Diplomacy C. Challenge D. Network

Answer: D

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Question: 7 Which of the following factors is NOT a significant, variable in how an individual may adjust to a new cross-cultural environment? A. Extent of previous experience on international assignments B. Differences between the cultures C. Length of time international assignment D. Family situation

Answer: C Question: 8 Which of the following factors is NOT likely an issue a human resources professional would help a family to work through to determine the appropriateness of an international assignment for the family at that time? A. Is adventure and discovering new things characteristic of the family? B. Is the family stable and relationships currently harmonious? C. Is there a history of drug abuse in the family? D. Are the children open to moving to the host country?

Answer: C Question: 9 A company is considering moving its production offshore to Shenzhen, China. The HR Manager is tasked with identifying the supply and demand for skilled labor, the costs of recruiting workers, and the turnover trends in the area. When conducting this environmental scan, which of the following types of influences best describes these indicators? A. Political factors B. Economic factors C. International factors D. Labor market factors

Answer: D Question: 10 Productivity measures the _______and _______ of work done, taking into account the cost of the resources it took to do the work

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A. quantity and quality B. output and capital C. input and output D. output and quantity

Answer: A

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Adobe Apple Cisco CompTIA HP EMC IBM Microsoft Oracle Juniper