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Minimum age: 18 Minutes per lesson: 45

Courses Available With its mild climate, friendly populace, and safe streets, Rabat is truly the ideal place for a foreigner to study in Morocco. There is much to explore within the city. And also a lot of natural beauty to be found. Rabat's central location puts it within easy reach of other fascinating destinations like Casablanca, Meknes, Fes, Tangier, and Marrakech. Each of these cities is just a short train-ride away from tranquil Rabat. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, and is located along the Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg. Famous for: it’s Atlantic coastline; historical monuments; traditional cuisine; the Hassan Tower. The College is located in the up-market neighbourhood of Souissi, in Rabat, within a 10 minute drive from the centre of the city and the Medina. Housed in a spacious facility and enclosed within its own tranquil garden, the school is an ideal place in which to learn Arabic and offers students a place for quiet study or reflection, away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Morocco. The school building combines both modern and historic architectural styles. Each room has it's own unique atmosphere, with Moroccan mosaics decorating the walls and ceilings throughout. There are 7 classrooms and a student lounge for homework and study use. Wifi runs throughout the building and the library and computer lab give students additional computer and the internet access.

Standard Course 20 lessons per week Class size: max 12 people. Ideal for all age groups (18yrs+) and language abilities. MSA and CMA programmes offered. Most student follow MSA courses; the language of the Arabic news media, written correspondence & documents, literature and formal speech. CMA is a local Moroccan dialect used in the street and for informal conversation.

Intensive Course As MSA Standard Course plus 10 small group classes per week. The additional classes review and practise morning work and discuss daily linguistic concerns.

Gap Year Course 12, 14 & 16 week duration 20 group lessons per week As Standard Course, but of longer duration to ensure greater mastery of the language.

Private Tuition 18yrs+ Any Monday by request MSAS & CMA offered. Tailored to meet your specific needs and interests.


Star Courses: Standard Courses (MSA & CMA), Gap Year Programmes (MSA) & Private Tuition & Private Tuition Course Prices

Arrive: Sunday PM Depart: Saturday AM NB: Accommodation is generally no more than 20 mins from the college. Option 1 Shared residence apartments with other students, single room, shared facilities, self-catering (shared rooms available for friends booking together). Shuttle bus to school Monday/Friday AM (free of charge) Option 2 Host family, single room, breakfast & evening meal. (allow 30 mins plus to college). Recommended for those who are willing to accept that the Moroccan norm is very different to our own and involves a limit to personal freedom which may seem strange. Option 3 Local Hotels. Please discuss with CESA.

In Moroccan Dhr (D.)

NB: Due to currency fluctuations prices are subject to alteration, please discuss with CESA CESA Fee : ÂŁ 45.00 Books & Materials: MSA deposit: 700 Dhr CMA deposit : 200 Dhr.

Registration fee: N/A Gap Year Course Standard Course Intensive Course Private Tuition (20)

12 wks 2 wks 2 wks 1 wks

D. 18000 14 wks D. 21000 16 wks D. 24000 D. 3000 3 wks D. 4500 4 wks D. 6000 5 wks D.7500 D. 4200 3 wks D. 6300 4 wks D. 8400 5 wks D. 10500 D. 4000 2 wks D. 8000 3 wks D. 12000 4 wks D. 16000

6 wks D. 9000 8 wks D. 12000 6 wks D.12600 8 wks D. 16800 12 wks D 25200

Accommodation Prices

For longer term accommodation prices, please contact CESA or see Course Finder on line Accommodation Fee: N/A Option 1 1 wk D. 1800 2 wks D. 3600 3 wks D. 5400 4 wks D. 7200 6 wks D. 10800 8 wks D. 14400 12 wks D. 21600 Option 2 1 wk D. 1300 2 wks D. 2600 3 wks D. 3900 4 wks D. 5200 6 wks D. 6500 8 wks D. 10400 12 wks D. 15600 Travel: Fly to Casablanca or to Rabat (AirMaroc) and make your own way or take the college transfer. Casablanca Transfer : D. 650 one way Rabat Transfer : D. 300 one way


t. 01209 211800 intl t. +44 1209 211800


Martina: Gap Year Course “The sights and sounds of Rabat were SO different to anything I’d imagined – it really was like entering another world – the noise, bustle and crowds in the medina, where everything from traditional lamps to modern day electronics were for sale was just intense, until you got used to it. So many contrasts; the endless Atlantic surf bounding on the beaches, the ruins & storks of Chellah and the wide streets in the French Ville Nouveau. Best of all for me was the support from the college staff, the excellent tuition from my teachers and the chance to meet so many other students who shared my passion for the Arabic language. Definitely an experience I’ll remember – thanks CESA, so glad I got to do this!” Brett: Intensive Course “I have met a variety of different people from all over the world. The students and staff are very friendly and hospitable. I spent the first week with a Moroccan family which was a great experience and they spoke both French and Arabic. The course was quite intensive with 6 hours of lessons a day, homework and exams at the end of the week. This came as a bit of a shock at 27, it’s been a while since my last exam. But this all ensures that you learn as much as possible. The class sizes were small so they could pay a lot of attention to your language development and everyone in the class got to know each other very well. There are school organized trips including a trip to the Saharan Dessert and excursions to the Souk and Palaces during the week. Overall it was a fantastic experience although the roads can be a bit precarious.”

CESA Plus Points:

Course Start Dates Private tuition: arranged any Monday subject to availability. Standard, Intensive & Gap Year Courses: * Tuesday start date Start dates offered every 2 weeks for all levels, but beginners can only start on dates shown in red. We recommend ALL students begin on set start dates shown in red whenever possible (start dates for 4 week course level cycle). month January March May July September November

dates 14 11 06 01 09 04

28 25 20 15 23 18


month February April June August October December

dates 11 08 03 12 07 02

25 22 17 26 21 16

Public Holidays: Please note lessons lost due to holidays will be made up. Dates affected are: 11 Jan, 24 Jan, 01 May, 30 July,8-9 Aug,14 Aug, 20-21 Aug,14-16 Oct, 26 Oct, 06 Nov, 18 Nov + open over Christmas Ramadan: 28 June to 27 July 2013 (30 days) If your course includes these dates, please discuss with CESA


Rabat: The second largest city after Casablanca, Rabat consists of the old mediaeval Arabic town and the modern Ville Nouvelle (built by the French in the 20th c.) ~ must sees include; the Hassan tower (50ft tall, but never finished), the Muhammed V mausoleum (built in the 1960’s), the Medina (for leather and copper goods and berber carpets etc), the Oudaïa gate & the Kasbah des Oudaïas (famous for it’s fabulous white & blue house facades and the great ocean views), the Chellah (beautiful gardens, Roman ruins and 13th & 14th c. Citadel ruins, now home to the local storks) ~ sip mint tea, stroll along to the platform in the old town to view the ocean or soak up the atmosphere in the French quarter with very European feeling cafes and boulevards. Rabat College: Excellent quality language courses to suit a range of personal & linguistic needs ~ ideal for Gappers, graduates and adults ~ great private tuition options ~ accommodation to suit all needs (Hotels offered on request).

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We hope you enjoyed reading through the CESA brochure and have found the perfect course option, on line at or from one of the College Profiles. Please feel free to contact CESA with any questions you may have, before making a final decision. We will be happy to help you consider the various colleges and programmes available. If you’ve selected your course, what’s the next step ? Enrolling on a language course 4 On line at 4 By phone: 01209 211800 or +1209 211800 (if not in the UK) 4 Complete the enrolment form at the back of this brochure and send it … by post:

CESA House, Pennance Rd, Lanner, Cornwall, TR16 5TQ

by fax:

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t. 01209 211800 intl.t. +44 1209 211800

A deposit of GBP 200.00, EUR 250.00 or USD 300.00

4 Ensure your passport is in date. 4 Are there any visa requirements? Visa requirements do not apply to Europeans travelling within the EU, but if you are not European or wish to go to Russia, Japan or China please consult CESA for advice and do allow time for the college to provide a Letter of Invitation for the relevant Consulate.

4 Work out a budget for your course; including tuition,

accommodation, CESA administration fee, transfer costs etc. and taking into account any additional costs that apply i.e. extra accommodation, any summer supplements, college registration fees etc. If you want to confirm you have priced everything correctly, please contact us and we will go through the costings with you. Or you can check the details on the “Course Finder” at

4 Do you want CESA to arrange a transfer?

Collection from the nearest airport/station is arranged by most colleges, (for a fee) please refer to College Profiles or on line for details.

4 Have you checked course availability with CESA staff?

This is particularly important during the busy summer months, but is recommended throughout the year.

4 Have you checked your best travel route?

CESA does not arrange travel, but we are always happy to offer advice, which can save a lot of wasted time and expense.

4 Is the course you want open to you?

Some courses have age or ability restrictions. It’s best to be clear from the word go, so if in doubt please talk to us.

is required for enrolments made more than 8 weeks before the course is due to start, for each student enrolling. The remaining fees are due not later than 8 weeks before the start of the course.

4 Are you within 8 weeks of the course start date?

Full payment is required at the time of enrolling for bookings made less than 8 weeks before the course is due to start.

4 Have you read through the CESA Terms & Conditions

All cheques made payable to “CESA Languages Abroad” For full payment options, please refer to or contact the CESA office.

If yes, remember that full fees will be required at the time of booking. at Please note: Whilst every effort is made in the brochure to ensure accuracy, CESA does not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions.

Office Hours

t: 01209 211800

The CESA office is open Monday/Friday, from 9.30am to 5.30pm. This number also operates as an emergency number out of office hours. Page 14

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Signature required I have read the Terms & Conditions ( and accept the terms of enrolment. I enclose fees due and note that travel is NOT included in the course fees.

All cheques payable to: ‘CESA Languages Abroad’

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Return to: CESA House, Pennance Rd, Lanner, Cornwall TR16 5TQ e. T. 01209 211800

Signature of parent/guardian of student if under 18yrs of age


For full information, up to the minute advice and a wealth of ideas on language courses abroad call CESA on

01209 211800 or go to In line with CESA Languages’ environmental policy this brochure is printed on Era Silk, which is made using 50% recycled waste and the balance of the raw material is also environmentally sound being fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and bearing the FSC logo.

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