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==== ==== Read about CALENDAR REFORM, Global Warming, Clean Energy Problems, and more. ==== ==== Getting Mummified Options Many of us reflect about curious and unusual notions during certain stages of our evolution. One idea we may muse about during our visit on this planet is how to preserve our body for the future, or how to go about getting mummified. Thinking along these lines made us realize that a lot of men and women would love to be able to preserve their body when they journey from this world to the next. One way to accomplish this dream is through the process of mummification. The rest of this article deals with ways of getting mummified for those who may desire preservation, and also for the curious minds who merely wish to know what the process entails. Getting mummified is a means to preserve the life like form of our human body while we travel between the physical and the spiritual world. It is a way to journey to the next world which we can plan for in advance so as to enjoy a smooth transition. As with any other method of travel, transport plans should be made early so we arrive with ticket in hand on the day of departure. Mummification is the process by which a body is preserved in extreme dry or extreme cold places or artificially dried using chemicals. MUMMY ART ORIGINS Turning a body into a mummy is an art that was first practiced in South America by the Chinchorro culture of Chile and Peru over 7000 years ago. The oldest recovered mummy from South America dates to 7020 BC. A recovered mummy of a Chinchorro child was Radiocarbon dated at 5050 BC. All of this shows that getting mummified was practiced on both sides of the Atlantic for thousands of years. About 2000 years later (3000 BC) mummy making was adopted by the ancient Egyptians when they reached a decision to build pyramids to protect their dead. In years past the bodies were interred in the desert where they were naturally mummified by the extreme dryness of the desert floor. The problem with this natural method was that the tombs were being broken into by animals and tomb robbers. Thus, getting mummified was started as a means to preserve a body inside the pyramids which were less dry than the desert. Because the Egyptians were firm believers in an afterlife they wanted to ensure their dead were well preserved for their journey to the afterlife. The Egyptian practice of getting mummified and stored in pyramids solved the problem of animals and tomb robbers disturbing the burial sites. GETTING MUMMIFIED TODAY Is getting mummified possible today? Getting mummified today is quite possible and can be arranged at any funeral home on Earth. If this peaks your interest be ready to pay a premium price

for the service as it is quite more involved than regular embalming. Expect to pay over $70,000 for the service. In addition to that a casket or Mummiform will cost anywhere from a few thousands to well over one hundred thousand dollars based on the options we choose. To be done correctly the entire procedure of getting mummified takes about 90 days. Following are some points to consider by anyone wishing to be preserved for years to come in mummy form. REASON FOR GETTING MUMMIFIED Since the procedure of getting mummified could be quite costly, a person should consider the reason why she would like to be preserved. We may have religious or personal reasons which make us wish to preserve our body. Or perhaps we are just hoping that some future archeologist will dig our remains in a few thousand years and marvel at how we lived. Some people truly believe they will someday be reborn and wish to be able to recover their body when they come back . Regardless of why getting mummified is desired we must plan the event early to ensure our wishes are carried out. FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS Once a decision for getting mummified is made the next step is to visit a funeral director and get help to prepare a funeral plan where we make our wishes known. Part of this process involves preparing a few documents to make sure our wishes are carried out when we transit to the afterlife. Before the process of getting mummified can be performed we need to prepare the following forms: 1. Spiritual Will 2. Last Will and Testament 3. Power of Attorney 4. Funeral Insurance Policy 5. Body Release The last form is needed to ensure family members wont dispute our plans for getting mummified after we are gone. The funeral director will be able to assist in the creation of these documents or tell us how and where to obtain them. BURIAL DETAILS It is vital to make sure our mummy will be kept someplace where it will not be ruined by unforeseen events in the future. Once all the arrangements for getting mummified are finalized we have the option of choosing a mausoleum or sanctuary to safeguard our body. Regular burial grounds can be closed when they become too full or if they go out of business. Years later a football stadium or a business park may be built upon our burial site. So it is important to choose a location that will last for the length of time we would like to be preserved. Preservation Methods After a decision is made for getting mummified a human body can be preserved in a deep freeze

environment or by use chemicals which dry out the body parts. If the freeze method is chosen we must be sure the freeze location is permanent. If the place were to get too warm due to natural or manmade events the mummy will decompose. A Mummiform can be made to keep the mummified body, sort of like the ones we see for Egyptian Pharaohs, and can be designed to look like its occupant. Also, a regular casket can be used for preserving the body after getting mummified. The mummified body can be preserved in either of these containers for as long as we choose. Conclusions Getting mummified is possible and can be arranged at any funeral home worldwide. A person who wishes to be preserved for posterity merely needs to make all funeral plans ahead of time. The documents needed to prevent problems during our transit stage must be in possession of the funeral director before we begin the final journey. This article does not explain in detail how a mummy is embalmed but we have included some excellent resources below for those who wish to find more details. Note: A company named Summum in Utah performs modern day mummification procedures like the ones we mention in this article. They have a waiting list of over 15,000 people lined up for getting mummified when they leave this world. The waiting list is made up mostly of movie stars, rock stars, and other celebrities who wish to be preserved for posterity. But the services for getting mummified are not reserved for celebrities. Anyone who wants to be preserved and has the means to cover the costs can apply. About the author: C. Echevarria is a retired military currently dedicated to blogging on several online sites. You can visit his primary site at Resources Mummification Transference Mummification Mummy CBS Mummification Video

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