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==== ==== Breakups are difficult; BREAKUP HEALING aims to help you rebuild your relationship. ==== ==== Breakup Healing Process If you ever watched the movie Kramer vs Kramer you know that some times a broken relationships cant be fixed. Mrs. Kramer would not accept her husband back in her life for any reason. Thank goodness not all breakups are that severe and a lot of the time you can get your loved one back if you play your cards just right. For the rest of this article we assume you want to start the breakup healing process and get your ex back. Move-On Plans As you already know the first rule to start breakup healing process is to accept that the break took place. Act as if nothing ever happened and show that you are ready to plan a life of your own without your ex. This reveals to your ex that you have confidence in yourself. A self-confident person gets more respect and attention than do those who appear weak and insecure. Do not let your inner pain and emotional turmoil get the best of you. It is very important not to let your ex see your pain. Put forth your best Oscar-winning act and show that you are going to win in life with or without your ex. If you ever want to succeed in the breakup healing process and get your ex back along the way, you dont want to appear weak in their view. Signs of weakness and insecurity alienate others. So put out the best face you can and act as if there is no problem in your life. This will put doubts in your exs mind about their choice to breakup and if they care for you they will be more willing to find a way to come back to you. Breach Communications The hardest part of the breakup healing process is where you have to go into what we call isolation mode. Even if you are dying to call your ex and express how sorry you are for what happened you must not do so. You have to breach all forms of communication with your ex. This means no web based mingling on social sites, phone calls, letters, or texting. This stage of the breakup healing process gives both parties time to think about the real reasons why they broke up are. If there is some care left both of you will be able to consider possible ways to resume the relationship. Decision Time After you both had time to think over the events and identify ways in which each can contribute to make repairs to the relationship you should arrange a meeting. During the meeting you will

discuss the best and worst points of your relationship and decide if it is wise to get back together or not. If the breakup healing process cannot bring success you must decide if going separate ways would be the best for both of you. Conclusions In order to be successful in your breakup healing attempt you must follow some proven and tested methods to avoid the mistakes that can cause irreparable damage to the relationship. Follow the methods discussed on this website and try to get your hands on T.W. Jacksons The Magic of Making UP relationship guidance e-book,, and you will be on your way to building long lasting relationships. About the author: C. Echevarria is a retired military currently dedicated to blogging on several online sites. You can visit his primary site at

==== ==== Breakups are difficult; BREAKUP HEALING aims to help you rebuild your relationship. ==== ====

Breakup Healing Process  

Breakups create a lot of emotional unrest on both members of the relationship. The breakup healing process must be undertaken with a lot of...