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==== ==== Read About the Latest MOBILE MARKETING News, Tips, and Resources Here. ==== ==== Attractive Web Design Good web site optimization and web design that grabs the attention of web users is the ultimate goal of every website publisher or owner. When a person arrives at your site from a web search you are lucky if they stay 30 seconds or more on your site. Chances are they ended up at your site by accident. This is where having an attractive page that cause a good impression on the web surfer can do its magic for your website. This article aims to arm you with ideas for attractive web design that will not only get attention from people but also from the search services. If your main goal is to raise your search engine ranking you just need to apply good white hat SEO design tactics and that will get you free web traffic. But once you get the extra traffic to your site, you must be able to convert those visitors to buyers or you will not have achieved much. If you follow the tips given here your site will start to get more traffic almost overnight. ELEMENTS OF ATTRACTIVE WEB DESIGN There are two things you must keep in mind to make attractive web design work on your sites. If you ignore any of these two elements your website may fail to become as popular as you would like it to. The elements are: 1.Visual Elements: This term refers to the layout of text and images on your pages and their purpose is to capture the interest of your readers. 2.SEO Elements (Search Engine Optimization): This element of the web design process is aimed at the search engines rather than to humans. VISUAL ELEMENTS All attractive web design must include a good layout of the information you are trying to convey to your audience with well-placed visual aids. The visual aids can be videos, images, tables, or charts that support your written material. You need to keep in mind that most people view your webpage in a certain order. They first look at your top left corner and follow across to your top right corner. Thus, if branding is important to you consider placing your company name and logo in these key positions. In addition to this, researchers have found that ads placed on the left side of your layout sell better than ads placed any place else on the display. When placing your written content avoid unnecessary distractions such as centering text or using too many fonts. Present your text in plain black on a white background. Background color has a tendency to diminish the meaning of your message. Have you ever noticed how when your browser opens a richly colored website you quickly look to see if what you are looking for is there or not and then you quickly exit the site? Thus, it is better not to use color. To achieve attractive

web design, align your content to the left and just keep things simple. Align your images to the left or right side and make sure they add some value to your post. Stay away from centering the images. Keep the number of images to the minimum needed to make your post meaningful. SEO ELEMENT The text and image elements of attractive web design are aimed to attract the attention of human visitors so they stay on your site longer. On the other hand, the SEO element of web design is primarily aimed at the online search services. Your site can be the most beautiful in the world but if no one knows about it and visits it will fail. When designing your pages make sure to center all your content around one or two good keywords. Many people recommend that you highlight your keywords and make them bold. I used to bold all my keywords but decided that it makes the content look ugly. So, I stopped using any type of font changes and it does not seem to make any difference. My webpages still receive anywhere from 1500 to 2000 visitors per day and they are visited by the search engines almost every day of the year. Therefore, what really matters is that as part of your attractive web design you use keywords that attract the search engines. When users search for your keywords the search engines will send visitors to your pages. In addition to good keywords part of the SEO portion of attractive web design includes proper labeling of the images you insert into your pages. Make sure you give every image a title and include an Alt tag. The title part is easy but the Alt attribute is required and is the part that identifies the image. It is a good idea to include a good keyword as part of the Alt Tag description. Conclusions Attractive web design is one of the most important elements of a good website. But keep in mind that if you take your design to extremes you may accomplish the opposite effect. Too much color or too many images that dont contribute to your content could make it hard for your visitors to know what your page is all about. Make your design pretty but keep it simple. When you visit some of the sites that get millions of visitors per day like Google or Facebook one of the things you find is that their pages are quite simple. They have very few fancy pictures or diagrams. If you want to take a look just visit and see for yourself. Good SEO will help you rank high in regards to search engines. However, it is great attractive web design that makes people want to stay at your site once they find you. I use the tips on this article when I make my pages and find that my posts begin to get 10 to 25 visits per day in a day or two. About the author: Carmelo Echevarria is a retired military currently dedicated to blogging on several online sites. You can visit his primary site at Resources: Elements of Great Website Design:

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==== ==== Read About the Latest MOBILE MARKETING News, Tips, and Resources Here. ==== ====

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Good web site optimization and attractive web design that grabs the attention of webpage visitors is the ultimate goal of every website p...