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Cisco 646-671 Advanced Wireless LAN for Account Managers 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 QUESTION 1 The Cisco Unified Wireless Network supports the industry's most comprehensive product line for enterprise WLANs. Look at the following descriptions of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network. Select the best one.

A. It uses a single network infrastructure for the transmission of data, voice, and video traffic, delivering the business benefits of a converged, wireless network to enterprise-level organizations. B. It is a powerful solution for enterprises that want to combine the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver scalable, manageable, and secure wireless LANs with a low total cost of ownership. C. It enables public sector agencies to deploy a secure, scalable, broadband network that integrates wired and wireless IP infrastructures, delivering network intelligence and applications for mobile users across a city. D. It is the only unified wired and wireless solution for service providers in the industry. It is cost-effective and addresses the WLAN security, deployment, management, and control issues facing service providers at present.

Answer: B Q: 2 QUESTION 10 You are working in P4S Company as a network engineer. A high-level executive of a large brokerage company asks you to design a more cost-effective network solution to achieve the company's financial success. Please select two stressed aspects of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution when you are Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


placing the return on investment (ROI). (Select two.)

A. The Cisco solution preserves the majority of your wired investment. B. The Cisco solution has a TCO for the system supplying a savings of up to $350 per wired location. C. The Cisco solution provides ROI by enabling better productivity for mobile workers. D. The Cisco solution provides tangible cost savings and ROI through investment in mobile applications.

Answer: C, D Q: 3 QUESTION 11 The wireless technology assessment plays a very important role in the entire wireless technology application. Look at the following activities. Which one is related to the wireless technology assessment service componentD

A. Perform Infrastructure Audit B. Develop Project Management Plan C. Develop Escalation Plan D. Execute Test Cases

Answer: A Q: 4 QUESTION 12 A Wireless Local Area Network, WLAN, is a network connection technology that is rapidly becoming

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common across the world. What are the advantages of WLANs? Choose two from the following descriptions. (Select two.)

A. WLAN client cards are contained by all laptop manufacturers, so you get it automatically. B. WLANs enable mobile users to connect to a LAN through a wireless radio connection. C. WLANs provide LAN access to users anywhere they travel. D. WLANs eliminate the need for cables to transport data.

Answer: B, D Q: 5 QUESTION 13 Cisco Lifecyde Services framework consists of six phases. Look at the following options. Which three service constitutes are contained in its design phaseD(5elect three

A. Staging Plan Development B. Detailed Design Customer Signoff C. Staff Training D. Migration Plan Development

Answer: A, B, D Q: 6 QUESTION 14 The framework of the Cisco Lifecycle Services contains six phases. WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

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is a network connection technology that is rapidly becoming common across the world. In order to evaluate the application of a WLAN system, some business case can help the customer a lot by offering both business and financial justification. This kind of business case is created by some specific wireless service component in the prepare phase. What is the component?

A. Business Case Development B. Account Planning C. Proposal Development D. Business Requirements Development

Answer: A Q: 7 QUESTION 15 Recently, you have been employed by a new star-rated hotel as an IT director. Your boss requires you to provide hotel guests and staff with wireless connectivity. If this task is finished by using a single wireless network, some problems may be caused. The internal network is used to transmit sensitive financial information, and its security will be threatened. The network is also easy to be attacked by the outside potential malicious attacks. In order to alleviate the above problems, which Cisco product or solution will you recommendD

A. The Cisco Wireless Services Module (WiSM) provides real-time communication between lightweight access points and other wireless LAN controllers to deliver a secure and unified wireless solution.

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B. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution with enhanced security and secure guest-access services enables security-threat protection and allows guests to access network resources without compromising the security of the internal network. C. The Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS) enables the security of enterprise networks through RF prediction, policy provisioning, user tracking, and security monitoring from a centralized location. D. Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers enable systemwide wireless LAN functions, including security policies, intrusion prevention, RF management, quality of service (QoS), and mobility.

Answer: B Q: 8 QUESTION 16 You are an IT director of a newly-born enterprise. With the rapid development of the company, your company has to expand its business scale and employ a large number of new employees. Then, the scalability of the current network should be noticed with the increase of the new network users. Look at the following options. Which two of them should be stressed when you are making comments on the Cisco wireless LAN solution? (Select two.)

A. Cisco wireless LAN solutions easily scale to accommodate thousands of users: you can add access points as needed to support increasing numbers of users. B. Customers who are content with the initial wireless LAN solution are more likely to consider implementing mobile applications. C. Cell sizes of access points can be decreased for high user-density environments to accommodate more users per access point.

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D. Customers can bring the equipment from the remote sites regardless of the manufacturer and add it to their existing wireless LAN solution.

Answer: A, C Q: 9 QUESTION 17 What is the difference between Cisco wireless LAN building-to-building products and its competition products?

A. plastic access points B. standard cell coverage C. Wi-Fi certification D. decreased throughput

Answer: C Q: 10 QUESTION 18 Here are some VVLAN service components and the framework of the Cisco Lifecyde Services consists of six phases. Please choose one whose components all occur in the prepare phase.

A. High-Level Design, Proof of Concept, Technology Strategy Development B. Proposal Development, Customer Education, Service Assurance C. System Requirements Validation, VVLAN Wired Network Integration Assessment, Operations Readiness Assessment D. Security Assessment, Security Administration, Staging Plan Development

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Answer: A

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