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Licence Optimisation A Certus Software Asset Management Solution

The procurement and management of software licences is a considerable investment for any business. Managing software is not as simple as ‘set and forget’. A holistic licence management approach not only protects and maximises your software investment, it ensures that your company is not at risk of breaching licensing terms and conditions. The Licensing Practice at Certus Solutions understands the intricacies of ongoing software management, and how your business can best protect its investment.

Using Licence Management to Optimise your Investment The use of applications within your organisation changes just as your business changes. You are potentially paying for licences which are not in use, or the wrong type of licences based on your usage profiles. With complete visibility into your licence agreements, you will have an understanding of your net IBM licensing position. Certus will assist you to forecast future software expenditure, help you shape your budget, understand your true total cost of ownership – and ensure your licence strategy matches the broader goals of your organisation. Certus Solutions can facilitate better pricing models for your business by understanding your future strategies and your intentions for specific applications. We can also help you control expenditure by avoiding under or over purchasing.


Using Licence Optimisation to Mitigate Risk In the world of virtualised environments with hundreds of applications running at any given time, it can be difficult to effectively monitor and limit usage. Implementation of new technologies, reconfiguration of existing systems and changes to licensing models potentially leave your organisation open to noncompliance that can result in significant financial penalties and audit fines. Implementing a Licence Management plan will help you manage and control your software assets, while giving you an understanding of the obligations linked to each IBM software product you have installed. This will not only ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities and entitlements, it will confirm you are compliant with terms and conditions when an audit is conducted. Certus Solutions helps you gain an accurate picture of your licensing entitlements by establishing an inventory of installed software and usage patterns to determine if your company is adequately licenced and ensuring you have only approved software on your network. We can also assist in updating policies, procedures and establishing an effective licence management function within your team.

Our Licence Optimisation Methodology Defined by your requirements, our engagement may involve: 1. Conducting a comprehensive discovery across your hardware, networks, applications, operating systems and databases to report on Licence deployment 2. Determining your net licensing position 3. Identifying underlying licensing risks as a result of virtualisation, software configuration, existing and pre-existing contracts, etc 4. Minimising your exposure to risk 5. Reducing overall licensing costs without compromising your contractual obligations or performance 6. Optimising your licensing strategy on the terms you require 7. Delivering a strategy for ongoing compliance 8. Assist you in developing ongoing licence management capability

Getting Started Certus Solutions offers a complete Licence Management service that provides you with the full picture when it comes to managing complex software licensing. Our goal is to assist you to reduce unnecessary licence fees while, maintaining compliance, and to maximise your IBM software investment. Certus can deliver a Preliminary licence Risk Assessment, conducted by one of our Licensing experts at your office or over the phone, to provide a view of your current licence exposure.


About Certus Solutions Our Licensing practice is dedicated to helping simplify IBM software licensing requirements. We understand how IBM software products are best deployed, and negotiate licence agreements that protect our customers’ software investment and minimise the risk of licensing non-compliance. A premier IBM business partner, Certus Solutions is the largest specialist IBM solutions and services company across Australia and New Zealand. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors with Certus PurePlay – our comprehensive IBM strategy that helps customers get the business outcomes they expect from their IBM technology investment. By combining a total focus on IBM software with supporting end to end services our solutions help customers improve business decision-making; control the growth of enterprise information; extend the lifespan of core assets, and better enable IT systems to work together. As the largest dedicated IBM partner in Australasia, we have a team of experts who understand the complexities of IBM licensing. We work with customers to extract the best value possible from their IBM software licensing and maintenance arrangements and provide ongoing assistance to finetune these arrangements as licensing obligations change.

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The Licensing Practice at Certus Solutions understands the intricacies of ongoing software management, and how your business can best protec...