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http://www.certschief.comCertification Preparation Material Question: 1. Which two programs can you use to add new software packages to your system after it is installed and running? A. scoadmin(1M) Application Installerand pkgtrans(1) B. scoadmin(1M) Application Installerand pkgadd(1M) C. scoadmin(1M) SCO ARCServe/Open Backup Managerand pkgtrans(1M) D. scoadmin(1M) SCO ARCServe/Open Backup Managerand pkgadd(1M)

Answer: B Question: 2. Which command line creates a character special device file with a major number=19 and a minor number=1? A. mknod /dev/devicename c 19 1 B. mknod /dev/devicename c 1 19 C. mkdev /dev/devicename c 19 1 D. mkdev /dev/devicename c 1 19

Answer: A Question: 3. Which command allows you to directly connect to a modem that is connected to COM1. A. cu -d /dev/term/00m B. cu -d /dev/term/01m C. cu -l /dev/term/00m D. cu -l /dev/term/01m

Answer: C Question: 4. Which command is used to assign users to an administrative role? A. adminuser(1M) B. adminrole(1M) C. useradd(1M) D. usermod(1M)

Answer: B Question: 5. Which command can you use to lock a user account in UnixWare 7? A. accton(1M) B. acct(1M) C. lock(2xnx) Page | 2

http://www.certschief.comCertification Preparation Material D. passwd(1)

Answer: D Question: 6. Which directory structure contains important system accounting and log files? A. /etc/acct B. /etc/security C. /var/adm D. /var/spool

Answer: C Question: 7. What is the maximum vxfs (VERITAS) filesystem size? A. 2 terabytes B. 1 terabyte C. 2 gigabytes D. 1 gigabyte

Answer: B Question: 8. Which answer best describes the bfs filesystem type? A. It is a special-purpose filesystem that contains all of the stand-alone programs and files for booting your system. B. It provides resource sharing between machines of different architectures and operating systems. C. It lets users boot DOS floppies. D. It uses intent logging and supports extent-based allocation.

Answer: A Question: 9. Which filesystem provides NetWare file services to a UnixWare 7 platform? A. cdfs B. dosfs C. nfs D. nucfs

Answer: D

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http://www.certschief.comCertification Preparation Material

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