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Question: 1 Which are the advantage of the hierarchical network design model? A. Easy to extend B. Easy for diagnosis and troubleshooting C. Easy for management D. Cost saving

Answer: ABCD Question: 2 A topology has to be chosen for a LAN or a WAN. Which topology has the smallest delay, the highest reliability but the most complicate management? A. Star B. Tree C. Ring D. Mesh

Answer: D Question: 3. Which of the following is the network operation system that Huawei has intellectual proprietary and it supports multiple equipments of Huawei? A. IOS B. DOS C. VRP D. Quidway

Answer: C Question: 4.

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All work stations can make full use of the bandwidth in the CSMA/CD network. A. True B. False

Answer: B Question: 5 Which of the following support data forwarding and path selection? A. S3026E B. S3526E D. Hubs

Answer: BC Question: 6 A frame relay network can be full-meshed. If there are 6 routers connected to the frame relay net ork, the required number of PVCs will be. A. 6 B. 5 C. 15 D. 30

Answer: C Question: 7. POS is a technology to bear IP and other packets over the SONET/SDH. Which layer is POS defined in the OSI model? A. Data link layer B. Physical layer C. Network layer D. Transport layer E. Application layer

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Answer: A Question: 8. To transmit IP voice, compression algorithm is adopted, such as the frequently used G.729. After compressed, what is the bandwidth seized by a channel of voice? A. 75Kbps B. 12Kbps C. 64Kbps D. 8Kbps

Answer: B Question: 9. Which of the following can be aggregated into one Route entry A. B. C. D.

Answer: AC Question: 10. The DR in the OSPF is to reduce the amount of broadcast and to decrease the Link State Database synchronization times between routers in the NBMA network. However, it is meaningless when there are less than 3 routers in the network. So it is unnecessary to elect the DR when there are only 2 routers in the broadcast and Ethernet network. A. True B. False

Answer: B

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Question: 11. To guarantee that backup is enabled while the network storm is prevented when designing LAN, the SPANNING TREE technology or TRUNK port aggregation technology can be adopted. A. True B. False

Answer: A Question: 12. Which of the following descriptions of the security of the leased line access method are true? A. As a traditional access mode, the leased line transmits data in the transparent channel mode in the physical layer. The semipermanent connection is performed between two points by the line providers, so the line is of high security. B. The secure access control and the authentication interworking are considered for this access method. C. Encryption can be adopted in the leased line for a higher security D. All the above descriptions are false

Answer: ABC Question: 13. Which of the following descriptions of the PQ queue strategy are true? A. PQ can provide different priorities to different service data packets, and can provide absolute priority to the high priority packet. B. PQ is used to guarantee the delay of the real-time application sensitive to the time like VOIP. C. As CQ, PQ needs to be configured, but its processing speed is faster. D. Because PQ cannot restrict the bandwidth of the high priority packet, the low priority packet may get no bandwidth.

Answer: ABD

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Question: 14. Which of the following items should be considered when making network plan? A. Equipment purchase B. Analysis of the physical locations and the requirements of the customers C. IP address planning D. Network equipment deployment E. Network topology designing

Answer: BCE Question: 15. Which of the following are needed to construct an Enterprise network? A. Operation system B. PCs C. Routers D. Ethernet switch

Answer: ABCD Question: 16. The life cycle of a network does not include the maintenance phase. A. True B. False

Answer: B Question: 17. Users vary in requirements for the network. Which of the following should not be included at the stage of requirement analysis?

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A. Understand the amount of the investment made by the user B. Have a clear idea of the current situation of the running network C. Understand what should be solved in the network D. Determine the network topology

Answer: D Question: 18 The first step for network analysis is to collect the requirement of the user, which of the following are right about the requirement source? A. The requirement source may be affected by the policy of country or industry. B. The idea of the decision maker has a great impact over the requiremenA. C. History data D. Communication with the technician from the side of user will help you get the information.

Answer: ABCD Question: 19. Which of the following will affect the scalability of the network? A. Personnel changes B. Requirement for remote office C. Requirement for mobile office D. Service changes

Answer: ABCD Question: 20. The network designer communicates with the user to get the requirement for the network. What should be paid attention at this stage? A. Understand the organization hierarchy of the user and find the appropriate person to consulA. B. Differentiate what requirement are to be fulfilled in practice by the user, what to be fulfilled in the design C. List the requirement for the network performance

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D. Obtain the investment details

Answer: ABCD Question: 21. There is a contradiction presented in most of the network design. A true understanding of it will help to improve the performance of the network under design. What is the ontradiction? A. Network security and real-timeness B. Cost and network performance C. Investment and network scalability D. Network reliability and response time

Answer: B Question: 22 Which of the following should be considered during your requirement collection for mainframe computer? A. Backups B. Security C. Usage rate D. Database

Answer: ABCD Question: 23. Different computer-Platform have different requirement for performance and functions. Which of the following can be used in making assessment to the performance of the computer-Platform? A. Performance of the processor B. Memory C. The Operating System D. Network configuration

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Answer: ABCD Question: 24. You need to know the protocol adopted for networking. In 1970s a network architecture developed by IBM was widely used in the financial network. What is it?? A. TCP/IP B. IPX C. SNA D. AppleTalk

Answer: C Question: 25. Security is vital for the network management, so it is necessary to implement the same security policy to any data stream in the network. A. True B. False

Answer: B Question: 26 Which of the following are the requirement for the network? A. Physical topology B. Protocols C. Security D. Network equipment E. WAN connection type

Answer: ABCDE

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Huawei GB0-360 Design Enterprise-level Networks Click the Link Below To Get Full Version TYPE


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