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Vendor: HP Exam Code: HP0-J59 Exam Name: StoreOnce Solutions Advanced Service and Support

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HP HP0-J59 Exam QUESTION NO: 1 You support a category with one central data center EMEA and 21 worldwide. A local D2D is planned in each remote site and one in the headquarters. All of the remote sales offices will back up replicate 100 GB of data to the central headquarter within a 12-hour window. Which system fits the customer requirements data center? A. D2D4312 B. D2D4112 C. D2D4106 D. D2D2504 Answer: A Reference: 8, first bulleted point)

QUESTION NO: 2 Which terms describe the deduplication technology used in an StoreOnce D2D2504i Backup System? (Select two) A. Appliance-based B. Source-based C. Object-level differencing D. Post-process E. Inline-process Answer: C,D

QUESTION NO: 3 Which statement describes the difference between deduplication technology used on an HP VLS9200 and an HP StoreOnce D2D4324 Backup System? A. The VLS9200 and D2D4324 use post-processing deduplication technology. B. VLS9200 uses HP post-processing deduplication: D2D4324 uses HP StoreOnce inline deduplication technology. C. VLS9200 uses HP Dynamic Deduplication: D2D4324 uses HP Accelerated Deduplication technology. D. VLS9200 uses HP StoreOnce Deduplication: D2D4324 uses HP Dynamic Deduplication technology. Answer: B Page 2 of 23

HP HP0-J59 Exam

QUESTION NO: 4 Your customer wants to purchase an HP StoreOnce Backup System solution that hold up to 9 TB of usable data today, but will be able to add additional capacity in future. Which HP StoreOnce solution can fulfill these demands? A. D2D4112 B. D2D2502i C. D2D2504i D. D2D4106fc Answer: A Reference: 3, Keep pace with data growth)

QUESTION NO: 5 A customer asks you to recommend an HP StoreOnce Backup System solution with these availability features: - Redundant fans - Redundant power supplies - Dual 8 GB Fibre Channel connections Which Hp StoreOnce Backup System model meets these requirements? A. D2D2502i G2 B. D2D4106fc C. D2D4306fc D. D2D4324 Answer: D Reference: page 23 and 24 - see technical specs for d2d4324, see page 18 HP D2D4324 capacity upgrade)

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