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It is always good to have a backup for anything, so that it helps you to continue that particular process without any interruption. Just similar to this if there is a need of using electric energy without any interruption you really need a backup source in case of power cuts. Such back up is now provided in solar energy homes. Solar energy homes are most efficient backup energy sources which use solar power to transmit enough electricity required for running homes.

MEET THE HEART OF SOLAR ENERGY HOMES For every function or a process there exists a significant component or in other words basic component, just like engines to run automobiles. Similarly solar energy homes do perform their defined function only if the system is provided with solar panels. As main function of solar energy homes is to retrieve sun heat and transfer that heat energy to a medium which converts it into electrical energy, this basic operation of absorbing sun heat is done by solar panels. Solar panel technically termed as photovoltaic systems, which, when exposed to sun in open surface they absorb sun light and heat and convert it into electric energy.Here each of the solar panel again consists of little solar cells which grab light and heat with high efficiency. To operate solar energy homes these solar panels are arranged in layers. However this layer arrangement has a polymer backing at bottom layer, then layered with few solar cells and finally with a top layer of clear and clean protective layer.

TURN ON TO SOLAR ENERGY HOMES WHEN SUN GOES DOWN Before thinking of having a solar energy home; you must remember that you are not using the old model solar panels which do not work properly when sun goes down. Usually during winter and rainy seasons solar panels won’t receive any sun light in high amount, and hence electric


energy production would be low during that time. Keeping such problems in mind companies have developed solar panels with much more efficient technology such that solar energy homes could have sufficient electric energy from solar panels even when less sunlight is available. In addition to this facility, the size of solar panel is also reduced such that the entire system would not consume much space on the roof. Recently developed solar energy home systems are not off- grid. They have the facility to use solar energy as well as traditional current supply. Solar energy homes also store energy while consuming traditional electric supply where the billing always remains constant. Finally with or without solar power, solar energy homes help you by lowering the current consumption without giving up using the sufficient energy needed.

SUN LIGHT EFFECT COULD AFFECT SOLAR ENEGRY HOMES If you need to analyze how much power could a solar energy can supply, then you must take a look solar energy homes in America. A typical American home uses more than average current needed to run home appliances. Here a solar energy home is perfectly capable to supply all that needed electricity for a typical American home. However that effective supply of energy from a solar energy home depends on the type of location you are at. Unless the solar panels of your solar energy home receive at least six hours of sunlight, you can not expect efficient electric supply through your solar energy home. So the effective functioning of solar energy homes depend on how much sun light your area receives.

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