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Training Course Objective The objective of a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment program along with other training packages is made for the student: •

To achieve a full certification which is nationally recognized

• To obtain training course depending on one or more expertise standards from a national qualification • To cultivate more skills in their specific field which are not always based on nationally recognized training A Training Program or a certified course may be used or adapted to fulfill a client’s needs depending on the following: •

An individual student hunting for a change of career

• Skill development or professional development for a person or group Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment students as well as learners of other teaching courses •

For an Apprenticeship or Traineeship

• To supply AQF(Australian Qualifications Framework) teaching or part of an AQF training for example, Certificate II or Certificate III qualification •

To adhere to polices or legal requirements

For assessment

RPL/RCC (Recognition or Prior Learning/Recognition of Current Competency)

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment  

The objective of a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment course along with other training courses is made for the learner:

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