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Section: 59 Questions

1. Which programming language is used in approximately 80 percent of legacy mainframe applications? A. Visual Basic B. C/C++ C. COBOL D. Java Answer: C

2. An enterprise customer's application development projects are often delayed because their production workload causes their System z servers to run at 100 percent utilization for extended periods of time. Which capability of the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development best meets this customer's needs? A. test mainframe applications on an x86 Linux server B. queue application testing to run during non-peak hours C. access IBM System z application test servers in the cloud D. fine tune server resources to find balance between development and production Answer: A

3. What is ISPF in z/OS? A. batch application type B. development environment C. programming language D. data storage system Answer: B

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4. Which feature of IBM Rational Developer for System z simplifies the development of SOA web services? A. embedded ISPF client B. WebSphere integration C. workstation syntax checking D. Enterprise Service Tools Answer: D

5. What is the fundamental mechanism in Rational Team Concert for tracking and coordinating development tasks? A. work items B. source configuration management C. links D. artifacts Answer: A

6. A customer wants to simplify the process of connecting their traditional mainframe applications with Web 2.0 front-ends. Which feature of IBM Rational Developer for System z best meets their needs? A. EGL B. CICS Service Flow C. Service Component Architecture D. Unit Test Answer: A

7. An organization currently uses a mainframe based SCM. They want to deploy the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development. What are two advantages of choosing SCM coexistence rather than Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,

replacement? (Choose two.) A. rapid deployment and ROI B. phased implementation C. reduced legacy software costs D. full traceability Answer: A,B

8. How does workstation syntax checking reduce host CPU usage? A. requires fewer program compiles on z/OS B. reduces the lines of code to be processed C. lowers skill requirements for development D. replicates z/OS on an x86 Linux server Answer: A

9. What are two drawbacks to ISPF green screen tools for mainframe application development? (Choose two.) A. They require constant connection to the mainframe. B. They are designed narrowly for cross-platform projects. C. They share mainframe resources with production. D. They are designed only for maintenance,not development. Answer: A,C

10. Which Rational Team Concert feature enables a simple way of sharing change sets among members of a team? A. dashboards Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,

B. streams C. parallels D. snapshots Answer: B

11. What is the purpose of the CICS Service Component Architecture capabilities of IBM Rational Developer for System z? A. to develop of a comprehensive web service that collects and processes data from multiple sources B. to offload development MIPS from the production server to a virtual z/OS environment on an x86 Linux server C. to manage application components that provide a common programming interface for service invocation D. to support multi-platform development with common tools for z/OS,Windows,UNIX,and Linux Answer: C

12. In addition to z/OS, what are two software requirements to run IBM Rational Asset Analyzer for System z? (Choose two.) A. DB2 B. COBOL compiler C. Java Runtime Environment D. WebSphere Application Server Answer: A,D

13. A customer is having trouble managing the development of an application with tiered releases on both System z and Power Systems. Which component of the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development provides an integrated infrastructure for managing cross-platform projects?

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A. IBM Rational Developer for System z B. IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z C. IBM Rational Quality Manager D. IBM Rational Team Concert Answer: D

14. What are two ways snapshots are used in Rational Team Concert? (Choose two.) A. to capture the current state of a project plan B. to preserve the source code used for a given build C. to provide atomic changes to sets of files D. to show the amount of source control activity that happened over a given time Answer: A,B

15. Which statement is true about logical partitions (LPARs) in z/OS? A. Each LPAR must have a dedicated processor. B. Multiple small machines are more cost effective than a single large machine with multiple LPARs. C. Each LPAR must have a dedicated disk device. D. Each LPAR runs its own operating system. Answer: D

16. What are two typical characteristics of batch applications in z/OS? (Choose two.) A. sub-second response time B. run at night C. limited data access Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,