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Cisco CODE: 650-027 Exam Name: Cisco Digital Media System for System and Field Engineers



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Question: 1 For video to be stored on a DVD or hard drive the video must first be converted to what? A. An electronic wave form B. A digital format C. A picture based flip file. D. A photo emulsion.

Answer: B Question: 2 Which of the following is not Digital Media System module? A. Enterprise TV Module B. Live concert Module C. Digital Signage Module D. Video Portal Module

Answer: B Question: 3 In the Digital Media Designer the RSS ticker object can only be assigned to one type of object. What is that object? A. Video Object Scroller B. Box Object C. Video Playlist D. Non-Video Playlist

Answer: B

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Question: 4 Which component of the DMS system sends SNMP traps to third party management systems? A. DME B. DMM C. DMP D. Video Portal

Answer: B Question: 5 What is the best method of QoS to implement for video quality on low bandwidth network? A. Over Provision B. IntServ C. None of the other alternatives apply D. DiffServ

Answer: D Question: 6 Interlacing is used to A. reduce the power consumption of a CRT monitor. B. Pull the strings on the back of the early Telivision tighter. C. Break the television up into two separate pictures with odd and even lines being scanned d D. Improve the picture quality of video without increasing the bandwidth consumption.

Answer: C

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Question: 7 Which is not a common analog video format? A. U-Matic B. Betacam C. Hi8 D. DVD

Answer: D Question: 8 The Cisco Enterprise TV module has all of the following accept? A. Unique RFID device recognition B. Skin selection and customizations C. Electronic Program Guide (EPG) provider configuration D. Channels mapping

Answer: A Question: 9 In the digital media designer there are 4 objects you drag onto the canvas to create a screen layout. Which of the following is not one of them? A. Non-Video Playlist B. Video Object Scroller C. Video Playlist D. Box Object

Answer: B

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Question: 10 Which is not a common analog television format? A. NTSC B. PAL C. NBC D. SECAM

Answer: C

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Cisco CODE: 650-027 Exam Name: Cisco Digital Media System for System and Field Engineers

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