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Cisco CODE: 644-337 Exam Name: SP Video Phase III Cable Headend & Hub



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Question: 1 What additional ROSA component can be purchased in order for a service provider to be able to create drivers for ROSA? A. GroupWise Equipment Manager B. SNHP Performance Management C. SNMP Profile Manager D. Settings Management Component

Answer: C Question: 2 Which receiver can receive an MPEGolP HD MPEG-4 program and convert it to HD-SDI? A. D9844 B. D9854 C. D9858 D. D9887

Answer: B Question: 3 What backup scheme results in the quickest switchover to backup encoder? A. ROSA DHB B. Keep a standby encoder in the closet C. ROSA setting management component D. ROSA EM

Answer: A

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Question: 4 Which information is required in order to tune a satellite receiver? A. frequency, symbol rate, FEC rate B. source type, video resolution, video standard C. frequency, video resolution, type D. video standard, frequency, GOP

Answer: B Question: 5 What method of FR combining will result in the greatest loss of signal power/ A. virtual B. active C. passive D. aggressive

Answer: D Question: 6 How many ports are on the DCM Gbe card and how many of them must be backup ports? A. 4 ports, 0 backup B. 2 ports. 0 backup C. 4 ports. 2 backup D. 10 ports, 5 backup

Answer: C

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Question: 7 What is the most appropriate IRD for a DVB-S2 PowerVu encrypted MPEG-4 program trans-coded to MPEG-2? A. D9844 B. D9850 C. D9854 D. D9858

Answer: C Question: 8 What tool is used to set the address on equipment like the DCM and ROSA EM? A. Serial cable B. IP configuration tool C. Initial setup tool D. MAC address tool

Answer: C Question: 9 When would a ROSA EM NOT be required to be co located with the equipment it is managing? A. When the equipment is managed via a serial interface B. When the equipment is managed via SNMP only C. When the equipment is monitored via contact closures D. When the temperature is required to be monitored at the site

Answer: B

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Question: 10 What is the major difference for the RFGW- W-10? A. high availability features B. Highest density C. Lowest power per QAM D. 1 GHz frequency

Answer: C

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Cisco CODE: 644-337 Exam Name: SP Video Phase III Cable Headend & Hub

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