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IBM CODE: 000-669 Exam Name: IBM SOA Fundamentals (2008)



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Question: 1 Which need drives a project to use an SOA approach? A. Business flexibility B. Resource virtualization C. Application integration D. Improved systems management

Answer: A Question: 2 Which role does WS-Security play in an SOA? A. It provides security interchange for RESTful Web services. B. It enforces authentication and authorization within an SOA. C. It provides an end-to-end security context among Web services. D. It provides a security implementation for Enterprise Service Buses (ESB).

Answer: C Question: 3 What is a role of Web services in building an SOA? A. To provide interoperability using XML-based messages B. To provide an interface for human interaction using task lists C. To provide loose coupling via remote method invocations using JAX-RPC D. To implement the service functionality through interfaces defined in the applications' BPEL

Answer: A Question: 4

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Which initiative helps achieve business agility in SOA? A. Pairing up the appropriate service consumers and providers. B. Buying prefabricated objects to quickly implement business functions. C. Choreographing a business process to efficiently implement the desired business functions. D. Designing and developing a new business process model rather than adapting an existing one.

Answer: C Question: 5 In applying SOA, which principle can reduce overall cost? A. Reuse services across lines of business. B. Build services for only the most important business functions. C. Build general services that can perform a variety of business tasks. D. Reimplement all services on a consistent hardware and software platform.

Answer: A Question: 6 Which business driver would cause a company in the healthcare industry to consider SOA? A. Government regulations for communication and interoperability between companies continue to change. B. The cost of healthcare is increasing extremely fast and SOA will bring the costs back under control. C. Since doctors and other medical practitioners do not understand IT, SOA can shield these roles from the underlying technology implementation. D. Medical providers at smaller companies that use .Net can communicate to larger parent companies that use Java through Web services interoperability.

Answer: A

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Question: 7 Which is a driving business need for SOA? A. Automate and optimize processes B. Security, governance and infrastructure C. Governance, infrastructure and connectivity D. Interoperability, standards and application integration E. High availability of hardware, operational systems and services

Answer: A Question: 8 When is an SOA implementation most appropriate? A. Real-time performance is critical. B. An immediate Return on Investment (ROI) is required. C. The application interfaces require a high degree of customization. D. Business functionality is required by many parts of the organization.

Answer: D

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IBM CODE: 000-669 Exam Name: IBM SOA Fundamentals (2008)

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