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IBM CODE: 000-371 Exam Name: Web Services Development for IBM WebSphere App Server V7.0



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Question: 1. Refer to the message in the exhibit.

Replace the ??? in the message with the appropriate namespace. A. B. C. D.

Answer: A Question: 2. A company has a high business value JAX-WS provider Web Service and cannot afford to lose any messages. What kind of quality of service should be used in conjunction with WS-ReliableMessaging? A. Managed persistent B. Managed non-persistent C. Unmanaged non-persistent D. Managed persistent and Transaction (enableTransactionalOneWay) E. Managed non-persistent and Transaction (enableTransactionalOneWay) F. Unmanaged non-persistent and Transaction (enableTransactionalOneWay)

Answer: D

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Question: 3. The TCP/IP Monitor can be used to check the following: A. SOAP/JMS B. HTTP Header C. WSDL document D. SOAP messages E. WS-I Compliance

Answer: BDE Question: 4. A developer used wsimport to generate the skeleton code for a Web service implementation. What is the purpose of the generated ObjectFactory class? A. The ObjectFactory class is the generated Service Endpoint Interface class B. The ObjectFactory class is the generated service provider class that is used by the JAX-WS client. C. The ObjectFactory class takes the targetNamespace value and creates the directory structure. D. The ObjectFactory class allows you to programatically construct new instances of the Java representation for XML content.

Answer: D Question: 5. Which of the following is used to invoke a Web service from an unmanaged client? A. JAX-WS dispatch API B. Deployment descriptor C. @Resource annotation D. @WebServiceRef annotation E. Service and Interface classes

Answer: AE

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IBM CODE: 000-371 Exam Name: Web Services Development for IBM WebSphere App Server V7.0

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