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Scopia速 Solution for Video Communications Exam

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QUESTION NO: 1 If a call from an H.323 endpoint to a Scopia速 Desktop Client fails, which two logs are required to determine the root cause? (Choose two.) A. iVIEW logs B. IBM LDAP logs C. Pathfinder logs D. Scopia速 Desktop Server logs Answer: A,D Reference: df

QUESTION NO: 2 What are two indicators that connectivity to the MCU is lost? (Choose two) A. iVIEW will automatically put the MCU offline. B. The MCU will automatically put itself in link down mode and disable meeting scheduling. C. During the scheduling of <t moot inn .m error message that the MCU is not available will be displayed. D. If configured, the NMS will send an email notification to alert administrators or specified users. Answer: A,B

QUESTION NO: 3 Which two tools can be used to troubleshoot call failures? (Choose two) A. configuration manager tool B. network traces C. MCU registration table D. component logs Answer: B,D Reference: range-of-dedicated-pre-and-post-sale-256.htm (see the 6th bullet on the page)

QUESTION NO: 4 How can you limit the default call bandwidth for a specific user in a deployment that includes the iVIEW Management Suite? A. Limiting the bandwidth can be done only through the end-points. B. The default call bandwidth can be limited as part of the terminal configuration set. C. After the call is connected, limit the bandwidth through the meeting control screen. D. Limiting the bandwidth cannot be done for a specific user. Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 5 Does the MCU support mixing H-323 and SIP terminals in the same conference? A. Yes, for all conferences. B. Yes, but only after SIP Support is disabled in the MCU. C. Mixing will be supported in the next release. D. No, mixing is not supported. Answer: A

QUESTION NO: 6 What role must a user have to change PathFinder server configuration from the web interface? A. Client User B. Administrator C. Regular User D. Collaborator Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 7 How can you dial to the video IVR/Auto Attendant? (Choose two.) A. Conference ID number B. IP address of Gatekeeper C. Auto Attendant number of iVIEW D. Dialing the auto-route number

Answer: A,C Reference:

QUESTION NO: 8 Which statement regarding Telepresence is correct? A. Telepresence requires iVIEW Management Suite as part of the deployment. B. Telepresence does not require a specific MCU license in a multi-point call. C. Telepresence is currently only interoperable with Tandberg. D. Telepresence is supported for SIP endpoints. Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 9 Which two statements regarding the use of UDP port and Tunneling options by the ScopiaÂŽDesktop Client are correct? (Choose two.) A. When inside the company, the client will use UDP open ports. B. When outside the company's firewall, the client will use a tunneling mode. C. When inside the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the client will use a tunneling mode. D. When outside the company's firewall, the client will use the UDP open ports. Answer: B,C

QUESTION NO: 10 Which statement is correct when the MCU service is set Strong Encryption Required mode? A. Any endpoint will be able to loin the conference whether or not it supports encryption. B. Only endpoints that support either DES or AES encryption will be able to join the conference. C. Only endpoints that support AES encryption will be able to join the conference. D. Only endpoints that support DES encryption will ho able to join the conference. Answer: C Reference: (page 41, third bullet)

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