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Exam Number/Code:000-855

Exam Name:i5 iSeries Domino Technical Solutions V5R3

Version: Demo

QUESTION NO: 1 A customer has purchased Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) to back up their Domino for iSeries data, using the iSeries as host. Which of the following is required? A. BRMS (Backup Recovery and Media Services) B. PASE (Portable Application Solutions Environment) C. Media and Storage Extensions D. Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 2 A customer with Microsoft Outlook 2000 users has decided to migrate to IBM Lotus Domino for iSeries 6.5 and IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 clients for security and other reasons. Which of the following will NOT be migrated from Exchange to Domino when only using Lotus Domino Upgrade Services? A. Calendar items B. Public folders C. Sent folder D. Task items Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 3 An OS/400 V5R2 customer using IBM Lotus Domino 6 is considering Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI). Their planned Domino applications will require access to DB2 data on their iSeries as well as access to Oracle data on a pSeries server. Which of the following should be discussed with this customer? A. LEI 3.6 supports Oracle and requires a minimum of Domino 6.0.1 for iSeries. B. Domino Enterprise Connection Services for iSeries can be used to access the Oracle data with any Domino 6 release. C. LEI 6.5 supports Oracle and requires a minimum of Domino Release 6.0.3 for iSeries. D. Oracle database access is not supported with LEI for iSeries. Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 4 What is the Domino console command to obtain the iSeries statistics?

A. show stat platform B. show stat 0S400 C. show stat iSeries D. show stat hw400 Answer: A

QUESTION NO: 5 After installing and configuring the first server in a Domino domain, which .id files can safely be moved from the data directory to enhance system security? A. and B. only the C. and D. and Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 6 A model 270 customer running OS/400 V5R1 and Domino 5.0.7 is planning to upgrade their operating system to V5R3 and wants to add IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing 6.5.1 to their environment. What is the earliest Domino release that can be used in this situation? A. Domino 6.5.2 B. Domino 6.5.1 C. Domino 6.0.3 D. Domino 6.0.1 Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 7 A customer is evaluating Lotus Instant Messaging (LIM). An analysis of the customer's environment indicates a need for ten LIM servers. Which of the following is a unique advantage of running Lotus Instant Messaging on the iSeries? A. Lotus Instant Messaging on iSeries has enhanced chat capture capabilities. B. Lotus Instant Messaging SIP Gateway and Connector support allows for fewer LIM servers on iSeries than other systems. C. Lotus Instant Messaging Enterprise Meeting Server runs natively on an iSeries. D. Multiple Lotus Instant Messaging servers can run on a single iSeries or LPAR.

Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 8 On an iSeries Domino server used for mail, when should the OS/400 SAVSYS and SAVLIB *ALL commands be run? A. After initial system installation and daily intervals thereafter B. After a new Domino or OS/400 release is installed or any Lotus or Java group PTF is installed C. After a new release, a Domino maintenance update, or OS/400 Cumulative package or PTFs are installed D. During a Domino maintenance update and during an OS/400 Cumulative package installation Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 9 An eServer i5 520 Standard Edition uni-processor customer would like to run two Domino 6 partitions and WAS - Express. Each environment has approximately the same processing requirements. Management would like to minimize ongoing costs. Which of the following configurations would satisfy these requirements? A. Run one i5/OS partition with both Domino partitions and WAS - Express. B. Run three i5/OS partitions: one for each Domino partition and the other for WAS Express. Assign .3 processor to each i5/OS partition. C. Run four i5/OS partitions: one managing partition with .1 processor; one for each Domino partition with .3 processor and the other for WAS - Express with .3 processor. D. Run two i5/OS partitions: one for both Domino partitions with .6 processor; the other with WAS - Express and .3 of a processor. Answer: A

QUESTION NO: 10 A customer with IBM Lotus Domino running on iSeries is having trouble backing up Domino e-mail changes. Their users need 24 by 7 availability. Which of the following satisfies their requirement to back up changes with no downtime? A. Option 23 on the Save menu B. BRMS C. Domino for iSeries Navigator plug-in

D. Save active parameter with the SAVCHGOBJ command Answer: B

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