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Exam Number/Code:000-817

Exam Name:IBM Certified for On Demand Business -Solution Design V2

Version: Demo

QUESTION NO: 1 A tax preparation company has decided to expand its operations worldwide due to the new demands from the emerging economies and global trends. The Solution Designer has been asked to extend and change the existing application's tax computation algorithm so that it can now calculate taxes in accordance with the tax laws of the governing country. The growing demands warrant an immediate need to expand the operations worldwide. What is the best design pattern to use in the given circumstance? A. State B. Template method C. Singleton & Factory D. Mediator Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 2 The mayor of a medium-sized city is convinced of the benefits that the city and its citizens can get from e-government and digital inclusion. In order to improve the quality of the services that city hall provides, they want to offer all the information and services that the citizen needs through a single web site. This web site will allow the citizens to interact with the city, being an online extension of the city offices. Which of the following business patterns is most suitable for these business requirements? A. Extended Enterprise B. Self-service C. Information Aggregation D. Collaboration Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 3 A bank wants to provide online, integrated user access to its customers so they can use instant messaging for financial transactions and banking services. Which IBM On Demand solution should the Solution Designer consider as a possible option? A. WebSphere Portal Enable B. WebSphere Application Server C. WebSphere Portal Extend D. Domino Application Server Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 4 During a meeting with a custom and border control agency, the customer representatives describe their key problems as: time consuming patch management and distribution, configuration changes becoming more error-prone due to complex dependencies, and automation of end-to-end infrastructure changes not possible due to lack of integrated tools. Which On Demand Operating Environment capability should be discussed as the answer to these customer problems? A. Transformation of IT process B. Provisioning C. Application and information integration D. Business performance management Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 5 A multi-national company wants to implement the most cost-effective business continuity solutions in case of a disaster. Which of the following approaches should the Solution Designer recommend in this scenario? A. Develop multiple business survival strategies and failover-only processes that are critical for the company. B. Establish a remote, redundant site for all operations. C. At least once a year, conduct a mock disaster, walking through the plan and being sure it is still valid. D. Streamline business processes, engaging an outside firm to take over some or all operations. Answer: A

QUESTION NO: 6 Given an established company with poorly integrated applications, what is the best way to identify the components to develop an On Demand Solution? A. Establish an end users based solution context and identify all the people components who fulfill the business requirement. B. Establish an operations-based solution context and identify all the infrastructure components that fulfill the business requirement. C. Establish a business process based solution context and identify the people and IT application components that fulfill the business requirement.

D. Establish an Enterprise model based solution context and identify all IT application components that fulfill the business requirement. Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 7 A financial services company is running Microsoft Exchange V5.5 as their enterprise-wide e-mail infrastructure. The customer wants to implement an alternative e-mail strategy and start a phased migration. The main customer concern is the migration to a new environment. What is the best way for the On Demand Solution Designer to address the customer's concern? A. Deliver a presentation that highlights Lotus Domino over Microsoft Exchange 2003. B. Visit a customer with a similar e-mail solution already implemented. C. Implement a pilot of the new Lotus Domino environment in a key department. D. Demonstrate the feature/functions of Lotus Domino in a lab setting. Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 8 An automotive company is interested in transforming their iSeries application to an e-business solution without the cost of re-writing the entire application in Java. The company also wants the benefits of ease-of-use and learning associated with a browser interface. The Solution Designer is presenting to the Chief Technology Officer of this company. What should be the appropriate point of entry for this presentation? A. Service Oriented Architecture B. WebFacing environments C. IBM Lotus Workplace Solution D. Business modeling Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 9 A Solution Designer is starting an On Demand project with a major toy retailer and has received business objectives from the CEO. The company has a dominant market presence in North America and is planning to expand globally. The CEO's goal is to double the stock price within two years. The CEO believes the company has the infrastructure to support its current customers, but the infrastructure may not be adequate to support global initiatives. To help meet its business objectives, the company is willing to

consider outsourcing a part of its infrastructure and using utility computing. Which of the following would be the key business goal that the Solution Designer should focus on? A. Utility computing B. Doubling the stock price C. Expanding globally D. Outsourcing part of the infrastructure Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 10 What is the basis for selecting a relevant design pattern for an On Demand Solution? A. Requirements to automate a given business process B. The existing architecture framework within the enterprise C. The method chosen to model business processes D. Interaction between the business process and IT application Answer: D

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