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SAP C_SASEAA_15 Exam QUESTION NO: 1 During the installation, which of the following databases are created on the master device? (Choose two.) A. dbccdb B. model C. sybsecurity D. sybsystemprocs E. tempdb Answer: B,E

QUESTION NO: 2 When using ASE device mirroring, what does the administrator have the ability to perform? A. Copy a database to several different devices B. Copy a database from several devices to a single device C. Copy an entire device from one location to another D. Copy only system tables from one device to another Answer: C

QUESTION NO: 3 How is a deadlock victim determined? A. By the users permission settings B. By the largest spid number of the processes involved C. By the amount of elapsed time since the task was submitted D. By the amount of the CPU time spent on the task Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 4 What is the system stored procedure used to display metadata cache usage statistics? A. sp_configure B. sp_helpconfig C. sp_cacheconfig D. sp_monitorconfig Answer: D Page 2 of 19


QUESTION NO: 5 Which of the following is TRUE regarding the execution of dbcc checkstorage? A. Named cache must be configured B. Large buffer pool must be configured C. Workspace segments must be configured D. Number of worker processes must be configured greater than 2 Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 6 Which environment variable will be used if a server name is not provided in the runserver file? A. $SYBASE B. $SYBASE_ASE C. $DSQUERY D. $DSLISTEN Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 7 Which system table contains a row for every transaction log fragment? A. sysdatabases B. sysusages C. sysdevices D. syslogs Answer: B

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SAP C_SASEAA_15 Certification Preparation - Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 Administrator Associate  

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