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2014 Guide to Cerner Malaysia Benefits

Simplicity, choice and flexibility in addressing your health care, life, time and financial needs Our Approach Cerner offers a comprehensive set of benefits to address your physical, financial and emotional health. At Cerner, we believe the foundation for a successful career starts with a variety of health, time, finance and life options that meet your needs while supporting a healthy lifestyle. You are eligible to enroll in Cerner Benefits on your first day of employment.

Your health coverage begins on your first day of employment and is available to you and eligible dependents. Through AIA participating clinics, you’ll receive top -notch, hassle-free health care.

Wellness In order to promote healthy lifestyles, Cerner offers a variety of wellness benefits including: 

Flu Shot Reimbursement


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Eligibility for Cerner Benefits will vary by benefit. Generally, most associates will be eligible for Benefits. If a benefit provides coverage for a dependent the eligible dependents will generally include your spouse and eligible children.

Wellness classes

These wellness programs offer a variety of incentives to encourage you and your family to achieve optimal health goals. To track your progress and create a personal health record log into Cerner Health.

Health Club Reimbursement Cerner encourages healthy lifestyles and offers a health club reimbursement program for athletic club membership dues at approved facilities. Associates may be reimbursed for 50% of monthly fees up to a maximum of MYR 1056 per year.

Associate Assistance Program The associate assistance program (EAP) provides pre-paid counseling services for the associate or the associate’s family. Free confidential counseling sessions are included to help associates and their family members resolve personal problems which may affect their health, personal well-being or job performance..

Health Your health and wellness play an important role in your everyday life, and it is important to be able to receive quality and timely medical care, no matter when– or where, you need it. The AIA health plan provides you access to care in the event of a routine or emergency medical situation.

Dental Reimbursement Cerner’s provides associates with a Dental Reimbursement to assist with costs related to preventative dental care such as oral examinations, cleaning and x-rays. Basic care treatments are also eligible for reimbursement including fillings, composites and sealants. Annual reimbursements may be submitted for the associate and immediate family members up to MYR 400 per year.

This is a brief overview of Cerner’s benefit plans. For complete Plan details including eligibility requirements, see the Plan Documents on the HR Service Center Knowledge Base. To review HR Policies (Time Off, Reimbursement, Absence and Leaves, etc) please see the Policies and Procedures section of the Knowledge Base.

About Healthe Living at Cerner As a purchaser of health care you have the right to information, quality care, expedited reimbursement and increased convenience. You and your family should feel empowered and have the tools to actively manage all aspects of your health.

Cerner is setting new standards for consumer-driven health care. By accessing the tools and services Cerner offers you will create and enhance the connections you need to make the best health care choices for you and your family.

Time, Life and Finance Time Off Annual leave time at the rate of 15 days per year will be available to each associate on date of hire. An increase of five days will occur once an associate reach five years of continuous service. Annual leave allows for time off from work for rest, relaxation, vacation, personal holidays, illnesses and other personal time with pay. Vacation days are accrued on a weekly basis.

Malaysia Holidays New Years Day Chinese New Year Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Labour Day Agong’s Birthday Aidil Fitri Aidil Fitri National Day Malaysia Day Hari Raya Haji Hari Raya Qurban Deepavali Awal Muharram (Maal Hijrah) Christmas

Cerner recognizes 13 public holidays per year when the offices will officially be closed.

Leaves Cerner’s success is a result of the full commitment each associate makes to our vision. Occasionally associates experience situations that require them to be away from their work. Cerner provides a comprehensive set of absence policies to allow associates the ability to balance personal and work needs– including illness, funeral and bereavement time, office closing, personal leave and other time away from work. Cerner’s sick leave policy allows eligible associates to be absent from work while maintaining continuity of service during periods of sick leave. Paid sick leave is provided to you by Cerner when you are absent from work due to your own personal illness or injury. Cerner’s Paid Sick Leave is inclusive of any statutory wage to which you may be entitled, and is not in addition to statutorily required wages or any other illness policy. Please notify your manager of your sickness at a minimum within one hour of your normal scheduled work day on the first day of incapacity. Upon your fourth day out of the

office, you are required to submit a medical certificate, in the form of the Extended Medical Leave of Absence Authorization Form from your attending physician. Travel Life & Emergency Medical Insurance 

Premium paid by Cerner

Emergency Medical services while traveling for Cerner business

Coverage for all associates when traveling outside of country of employment

This is in addition to your primary health or national health insurance

Life Insurance The Life Insurance scheme provided by AIA aims to provide a lump sum life assurance benefit to the family and/or estate in the event of an associate’s death. Cerner pays the entire premium for your coverage which is equal to your annual base salary. Additional Benefits 

Long Term Service Award

Personal Leave of Absence

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Cerner Malaysia Benefits Brochure  
Cerner Malaysia Benefits Brochure  

An overview of the benefits Cerner offers in Malaysia.