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2014 Guide to Cerner Ireland Benefits Appendix II

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Simplicity, choice and flexibility in addressing your healthcare, life time and financial needs Our Approach Cerner offers a comprehensive set of benefits to address your physical, financial and emotional health. At Cerner, we believe the foundation for a successful career starts with a variety of health, time, finance and life options that meet your needs while supporting a healthy lifestyle. You are eligible to enroll in Cerner Benefits on your first day of employment. Eligibility Eligibility for Cerner Benefits will vary by benefit. Generally, most associates will be eligible for Benefits. If a benefit provides coverage for a dependent the eligible dependents will generally include your spouse, same sex partner and eligible children.

cover, mother and child cover, recuperation care and cover outside of Ireland. See plan documents for annual excess rates and visit limits. Members also have access to the NurseLine 24/7 for confidential phone support service staffed by qualified nurses who supply information on a wide range of medical conditions and queries. Cerner pays 100% of the premium for associates and coverage begins on your first day of employment. Additional cost applies for associates who choose to cover dependents. Wellness In order to promote healthy lifestyles, Cerner offers a variety of wellness benefits including:


Weight loss challenge

Cerner associates have access to a company plan that provides comprehensive cover for public hospitals and most private hospitals with additional full cover for a list of major cardiac procedures and specialized procedures in Beacon Hospital, Blackrock Clinic, Galway Clinic, Hermitage Medical Clinic and Mater Private Hospital. It also provides excellent cover for day-to-day expenses with a €1 excess.

Wellness classes

Flu Shots

Steps challenge

The company plan hospital cover includes direct payment to hospitals and access to over 2,800 consultants. The plan also includes stress related

These wellness programs offer a variety of incentives to encourage you and your family to achieve your optimal health goals. To track your progress log into the Health at Cerner Portal.

is there to help you resolve personal concerns which may affect your health personal well-being or job performance.

Health Club Reimbursement Cerner encourages healthy lifestyles and offers a health club reimbursement program for athletic club membership dues at approved facilities. Associates may be reimbursed for 50% of monthly fees up to an annual maximum of €330 per year. Travel Emergency Medical , Life and AD&D Insurance 

Premium paid by Cerner

Emergency Medical services while traveling for Cerner business

Coverage for all associates when traveling outside of country of employment

This is in addition to your primary health or national health insurance

Employee Assistance Program The employee assistance program (EAP) provides free, confidential, professional counseling and consultation by local providers for Cerner associates and their families. It

Cerner Ireland Ltd. / Newenham House, Northern Cross Business Park Fourth Level / Malahide Road / Dublin 17/ +353 1 2563105 / This is a brief overview of Cerner’s benefit plans. For complete Plan details including eligibility requirements, see the Plan Documents on the HR Service Center Knowledge Base. To review HR Policies (Time Off, Reimbursement, Absence and Leaves, etc) please see the Policies and Procedures section of the Knowledge Base.


About Healthe Living at Cerner As a purchaser of healthcare, you have the right to information, quality care, expedited reimbursement and increased convenience. You and your family should feel empowered and have the tools to actively manage all aspects of your health. Cerner is setting new standards for consumer-driven healthcare. By accessing the tools and services Cerner offers you will create and enhance the connections you need to make the best healthcare choices for you and your family.

Time, Life and Finance Time Off


Life Insurance

Annual leave time at the rate of 25 days per year will be available to each associate on date of hire. Annual leave allows for time off from work for rest, relaxation, vacation, personal holidays, and other personal time with pay. Your time is accrued on a weekly basis beginning on your date of joining.

Time off for illness is based on your personal needs; if you are sick you should stay home from work until you are well enough to return to work. In the event of illness time lasting longer than 4 days, you may be eligible for an extended leave.

The life insurance scheme provided by Zurich aims to provide a lump sum life assurance benefit to the family and/or estate in the event of an associate’s death. Cerner pays the entire premium for the associate’s coverage. Your life insurance coverage is equal to two times your annual base salary.

Cerner recognizes 9 public holidays per year when the offices will officially be closed.

Ireland Holidays

Leaves Cerner provides a comprehensive set of absence policies to allow associates the ability to balance personal and work needs. 

New Year’s Day St. Patrick’s Day

Easter Monday May Holiday

June Holiday August Holiday

St. Stephen’s Day

An additional unpaid 16 weeks may be added with written request

Paternity leave is available for up to 3 working days

Parental leave is available for up to 14 weeks

Adoption leave is available for up to 24 weeks

October Holiday Christmas Day

Maternity leave is available for up to 26 weeks

Group Income Provides income protection in the event you are not able to work due to illness or injury. Coverage begins after 26 weeks of disability and will be paid out at 75% of your scheme salary less the state social welfare disability benefit. Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) The Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) is a low cost, easy access personal retirement account, which is designed to make saving for your retirement as easy and flexible as possible. Your savings in your PRSA will be invested for you and, when you retire, they will be used to provide for 2

you and your family. You make the contributions that you can afford– you can change, stop and restart these contributions as you choose. Your contributions are invested in the fund or investment funds of your choice and your savings will grow tax free until you retire.

reimbursement is €1,200. Associates must carry a CIE photo card when using all tickets. After submitting your application payroll will deduct the cost of the TaxSaver Commuter Ticket loan from your salary in ten equal monthly installments commencing with the salary payment after reimbursement.

A standard PRSA is one where the charges are limited to no more than 5% of contributions and 1% to the fund. There are no charge restrictions on a non-standard PRSA. Additional benefits will be available, such as a wider choice of investment funds. If you do not wish to make your investment choice, Canada Life will implement the Default Investment Strategy for you.


Tax Saver Commuter Tickets Cerner offers all active associates one interest-free Annual TaxSaver Commuter Ticket to help cover annual train or bus costs for travel to and from their Cerner place of work. As the associate you will need to contact Dublin Bus or your local mainline station to find the cost of the appropriate Tax Saver Commuter Ticket. Maximum allowable annual

The Bikes4work scheme gives you the opportunity to avail of the government Tax break on bicycles and safety equipment and choose from the widest choice of bikes and equipment across Ireland. Dublinbikes In order to further promote our health and wellness strategy and encourage active lifestyles, Cerner offers reimbursement for the dublinbikes self service bike rental system Associates who use the cycle to work scheme for making trips to and from work will be reimbursed for the cost of a long term hire card. For €10, enjoy all the benefits of dublinbikes at the swipe of a card to rent a bike all year round. The first half

hour is free, after that a service charge applies. You can register online for a long term hire card, just complete the online registration form and pay by credit card or direct debit. After purchasing your long term hire card you can submit your receipt for reimbursement, please note you will only be reimbursed for the purchase of a one year long term hire card, not for the service charge. Taste Card Cerner has negotiated an exclusive deal with tastecard, the nation’s largest dining club, to give all associates a discounted membership. Being a member of tastecard entitles you to 50% OFF the total food bill (or 2 for 1 across all courses) at over 6500+ fabulous restaurants nationwide. Additional Benefits 

Long Term Service Award

Personal Leave of Absence

Professional Affiliation Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement 2

Contact a Ireland Benefits Partner Plan Associate Assistance Plan

Partner New Directions

Contact Information 1800-551-519 Password: Cerner

Cycle to Work


1850 777 070


01 8708 181

Health Plan


1850 44 44 44

Life Insurance and Income Protection

Zurich Life Assurance

01 799 2711 Zurich House Frascati Road, Dublin

Meal Program


Personal Retirement Savings Account

Canada Life

01 210 2000

Tax Saver Commuter Tickets

Dublin Bus 59 Upper O’Connell Street Send form and receipts to HR Service Center

Travel Life Accident

ACE American Insurance Group


Appendix I

2014 Ireland Price Tags

2014 Medical Price Tags (February 1st, 2014- January 31st, 2015) Benefit Plans & Coverage Levels Associate Only Associate Plus One Child Associate Plus One Student Associate Plus One Adult

Associate Plus Multiple dependents


Annual Plan Cost €1,107.25 €1,476.93 €1,493.35 €2,214.50 1,107.25 x Associate and total of adult dependents + 369.68 x total of child dependents or 386.10 x total of student dependents

Annual Cerner Credits

Associate Annual Cost

Monthly Associate Cost

€1,107.25 €1,107.25 €1,107.25 €1,107.25

€0.00 €0.00 €369.68 €30.81 €386.10 €32.18 €1,107.25 €92.27 1,107.25 x total 92.27 x total of adult adult dependents + dependents + 30.81 369.68 x total of x total of child dechild dependents or pendents or 32.18 x 386.10 x total of total of student dependents €1,107.25 student dependents

Employer Paid Benefit Covered at 2x your annual base salary

Income Protection

Employer Paid Benefit You are eligible for 75%* of your annual base salary if you experience a qualifying event. *After 26 week elimination period. Benefit is 75% of salary less the social welfare deduction.

Bike to Work

Personal Retirement Savings Account

Loan Program for Bicycle and Accessories tax free every 5 years up to €1,000

Maximum allowable contributions for tax relief purposes are as follows: Age Under 30 years 30-39 years 40-49 years 50-54 years 55-59 years 60 and over

Percentage (%) of earnings* 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%

*In the case of employees, "earnings" means gross pay for tax purposes.

Cerner Ireland Ltd. / Newenham House, Northern Cross Business Park Fourth Level / Malahide Road / Dublin 17/ +353 1 2563105 / C e r n e r C o n fi d e n ti a l - I n t e r n a l U s e O n l y

Human Resources

Document Type: LIT / Document ID: 1108741796 / Version: 3 Š Cerner Corporation. All rights reserved. This document contains confidential and/or proprietary information belonging to Cerner Corporation and/or its related affiliates which may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the express written consent of Cerner.

2014 Cerner Ireland Benefits Brochure  

An overview of the benefits Cerner offers in Ireland.

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