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Is this how a classroom should be?

Leading Republicans say that class size doesn’t matter. At both the state and federal level, Republicans have voted against class size reduction. Republicans have:

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Opposed class size reduction initiatives. (Washington Post 11/12/99, Houston Chronicle 11/11/99)

Opposed the Democrats plan for 100,000 new teachers. (Washington Post 11/12/99,

Houston Chronicle 11/11/99)

Opposed the U.S. Department of Education.* One state Republican leader even proposed eliminating the state Superintendent of Public Instruction, replacing her with a political appointee.**

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* Texas State Republican Platform, 2000, Washington State Republican Platform, 2000 ** Washington Institute 1991

Opposed keeping public funds in public schools by giving it to private or religious institutions. (Washington State Republican

Platform, 2000)

Opposed giving teachers cost of living increases. (John Carlson, 9/28/00 Assoc. of WA Business Meeting)

On November 7, tell the Republicans, class size matters.

Vote Democratic.

Teachers, Parents and Democrats know — smaller class size does make a difference. Smaller class size allows for more individualized attention, increases academic achievement and helps kids learn more.

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Fortunately, Democrats: Support hiring 100,000 new, qualified teachers for our nation’s schools. Support keeping the U.S. Department of Education and a strong, independent state Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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Support keeping our public tax money in our public schools. Support good wages for teachers so we can attract qualified professionals. Support class size reduction initiatives.

89% of Washington voters agree with the Democrats — class size does make a difference.* *Lake, Snell Perry Poll 9/21/00

Support public education — vote Democrat.

Why is class size an important issue?

Washington state has the third highest class size, on average, in the nation, and only 19% of Washington fourth graders met all four academic standards on the state standardized tests.

No wonder Washington parents and families support candidates who support smaller class sizes. (Source: National Center for Educational Statistics).

Paid for by: Washington State Democratic Central Committee Paul Berendt, Chair P.O. Box 4027 Seattle, WA 98104

Washington WOMEN VOTE!

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Washington State Democratic Central Committee

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Is this how a classroom should be? Political mailing on classroom crowding and education urging voters to support Democrats

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