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Republicans want insurance company accountants and bureaucrats deciding. The Republican Plan: • Does NOT put patents and physicians in charge. • LEAVES OUT 135,000,000 Americans. • Applies to ONLY 2% of health insurance plans. • FAILS to guarantee access to health care specialists and clinical tests. • FAILS to give patients the right to hold plans accountable when they make a harmful mistake. • Is SUPPORTED by the very same HMOs and Insurance Companies we need to regulate.

Democrats say decisions must be made by doctors and families, not accountants and bureaucrats. The Democrats Plan: • is to PASS the Patients’ Bill of Rights that would take medical decisions from insurance companies and HMOs and give them back to patients and doctors. • GUARANTEES everyone universal access while preserving access to specialists and clinical trials. • includes ENFORCEMENT mechanisms to ensure recourse for patients who have been harmed as a result of a health plan’s decision. • provides PROTECTIONS from financial sanctions for patients accessing emergency room care. • is ENDORSED by the American Nurses Association and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

On November 7, affirm two basic rights: • The right to vote. • The Right to Patient Protection by voting Democratic.

Medical Decisions  
Medical Decisions  

Political mailing promoting voting Democrat because of the Democrat position on healthcare.