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BIENNIAL REPORT October 1, 2010 — September 30, 2012


Working together to keep artists working

ABOVE Clockwise from top: Dan Bollock, Ann Brauer, Amy Sabrina, Craig Nutt and Hope Rovelto

COVER (left to right) Top Row: Sandra Matasick, “Saxifrage,” 18kt gold, sterling silver, Sphene (photo by Hap Sakwa); Michael Amis, “Colorfield Switched Axis Vase,” blown glass; Scott Schoenherr, “Still Life with Woodpecker,” cast metal with whiteware 2nd Row: Dona Dalton, “Stacking Crescent Moonboats,” painted carved poplar with gold leaf; Jack Larimore, “Frilly Crusto Table,” mahogany, poplar, milkpaint; Cristina Salusti, “LUX Bowls,” clay (earthenware) and 22kt gold 3rd Row: David Rasmussen’s fire damaged studio, Craig McCullen’s flooded home, Mira Hatland’s fire damaged studio 4th Row: Adar O’Hare’s flooded home and studio, Angel Brame’s tornado damaged home, Michael Dunton’s fire damaged home

Dear Friends, We pride ourselves on being a small, national arts service organization making a big difference in the lives of professional artists. So, during these last two challenging years marked by a combination of the lingering recession and unprecedented extreme weather events, we are especially proud that we have been able both to expand our program offerings and dramatically increase the number of artists we served.

We attribute our resilience and growth to two core tenets: mutuality, the charitable ethic of a community taking care of its own; and connectivity, building networks and partnerships that extend our reach and achieve strength in numbers. The creativity and commitment of a broad spectrum of stakeholders — artists, faculty, collectors, arts advocates, arts businesses, arts presenters, non-profit organizations and public agencies, and private foundations — has facilitated our efforts, whether for longstanding or new endeavors. Cultivation of new collegial relationships with state, regional, and national emergency relief providers has also proved beneficial in the recovery process Judy Gordon, Chair Craft Advocate

after several recent natural disasters.

Staying attuned to general trends within the craft field and to the specific needs of our constituents has been another principle guiding our organizational and program development. From conversations with hundreds of artists and organizations about the impact of our work over our first 25 years and their vision for CERF+ in the future, CERF+ board and staff crafted a new strategic plan which we put into action in 2011. Its objectives, which include increasing our emergency assistance package, have shaped program direction and the allocation of resources during this biennium. In addition, in 2012 with the help of CERF+ trustees and friends, we organized a series of focus groups across the country to lay the groundwork for a 2013 national study about the current status of craft artists (a repeat of a research project we did in 2004).

Thus, “working together to keep artists working” is the theme of this biennial report covering Fiscal Years 2011– 12. Highlighted in the report are information, stories, and testimonials that yield a composite picture of our multiple roles as one of the nation’s few full-time “arts responders”— providing emergency assistance programs for craft artists, educational resources and training opportunities to help all artists be more disaster ready and resilient, and leadership to improve the disaster safety net for artists and the organizations that serve them.

Your support and involvement give us great hope for our future — that we will continue to be effective in our response to artists facing setbacks due to disasters and in our educational campaign to help artists better safeguard their careers. In turn, we hope reading this report will reinforce pride in your affiliation with CERF+ and inspire renewed dedication to our work.

Cornelia Carey Executive Director


Judy Gordon

Cornelia Carey


EMERGENCY RELIEF Programs and Services Assisting Craft Artists with Short and Long Term Recovery

Mr. Imagination, a CERF+ beneficiary, with CERF+ board member Eddie Bernard in Tuscaloosa, AL

Due to an increase in the number of significant natural disasters, these past two years have been the second busiest for CERF+’s emergency relief assistance since its inception in 1985. Forty-two percent of the artists CERF+ assisted suffered losses in natural disasters. These included:

✚ Devastating floods in Laguna Beach, CA in December 2010

✚ Massive tornadoes in Joplin, MO and Tuscaloosa, AL in the Spring of 2011

✚ Hurricane Irene along the eastern seaboard in August 2011

✚ Wildfires in Texas and Colorado, Summer 2011 and 2012

Duncan Johnson’s Vermont home and studio was devastated by Tropical Storm Irene.

To meet these weather-related challenges, CERF+ expanded its assistance by: increasing its pre- and post-disaster outreach, raising the maximum grant amount from $2,500 to $3,000; restructuring our loan program so that more artists can access the maximum loan of $8,000; and adopting a case management approach to providing services to artists.

In FY 2011–12, CERF+ provided emergency grants, loans, and brokered assistance totaling $281,128. This assistance included:

✚ Grants totaling $161,967 to 88 artists

✚ No-interest loans totaling $73,600 to 23 artists

✚ Brokered assistance totaling $45,561 to 33 artists

CERF+’s monthly e-newsletter and social media also provided more than 12,000 artists and organizations with information about its disaster relief assistance, as well as tips and links to relevant preparedness and recovery resources. Artists and organizations, in turn, helped us get the word out by subscribing to and circulating CERF+’s e-communications, sharing mailing lists, “Liking” CERF+ on Facebook, and following and re-tweeting CERF+’s Twitter messages.

Jane Deschner and her Billings, MT home after it was destroyed by a boulder. 2

Businesses helping Beneficiaries When Hurricane Irene toppled a tree and put a 10’ by 8’ hole in Kim Eubank and Will Armstrong’s roof, they thought they were covered by a rider in their insurance policy. Little did they know that their insurance company had changed the policy, excluding the craft business they ran from their home in Richmond, VA, and leaving Kim and Will ineligible to collect. Thanks to a generous booth fee waiver from the American Craft Council, as well as a grant and loan from CERF+, Kim and Will were able to exhibit at ACC’s February 2012 Baltimore show. Says Kim, “We are overwhelmed with the support that CERF+ and ACC granted. It really makes us feel supported by the greater craft community. We will certainly ‘pay it forward’ when we are able.”

In-kind donations brokered by CERF+ from a variety of businesses are another important component of its relief and recovery services to its beneficiaries. Replacement equipment and supplies help accelerate an artist’s ability to return to work, while a booth fee waiver can bring in much-needed income as an exhibitor at a show. Examples of booth fee waivers from FY 2011–12:

✚ American Craft Council and CraftBoston provided waivers to artists affected by Hurricane Irene

✚ Buyers Market of American Craft, Contemporary Crafts Market, the Denver Gift Show, and provided

waivers to artists affected by illness and accident

✚ Festival International de Louisiane provided a waiver to an artist affected by a home and studio fire

The Impact of CERF+’s Support RED WELDON SANDLIN: Our hands are the most valuable tools 2011 CERF+ ASSISTANCE We never think we will be the ones that may have to ask for help when an unfortunate accident happens that takes us out of our studio and our way of making a living. A broken wrist and then not sure if my hand would ever move again after surgery was pretty scary going. Our hands are the most valuable tools. My gallery rep, Leslie Ferrin, suggested, “Call CERF+. You help them with artwork for auctions.” The staff could not have been more helpful in the grant process. That grant helped me immensely at Red Weldon Sandlin, “Wisdom from a TEAny Star,” ceramic

a most difficult time, including being able to ship artwork to a show.

OLIVIA BATCHELDER: A big thank you 2011 CERF+ ASSISTANCE A big thank you for your generous assistance with a grant and a no-interest loan. Flood insurance, volunteer workers, and donations from local organizations helped as well, but you were there immediately with a compassionate ear, very little red tape, and a check. I’ve been through a lot, am wiser for it, and things are better than ever! I couldn’t have gotten back to work without you.


EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH Services Expanding Artist Career Protection Resources

CERF+ introduced important new educational resources to our collection of information tools and training opportunities to help artists at all career stages be more disaster-ready and disasterresilient. These complement and enrich CERF+’s Studio Protector toolkit, a comprehensive reference guide (print and online) about emergency planning, response, and recovery. By enrolling craft-focused organizations, regional and national artist service organizations, local and state arts councils, and other arts funders as CERF+’s conduits to their members and constituents, plus recruitment of arts professionals as its field ambassadors, CERF+’s artist preparedness initiative built momentum. CERF+ staff and board met with the American Craft Council and Northern Clay Center during a 2012 trip to the Twin Cities.

Business Insurance A recent CERF+ survey revealed the sobering fact that 70% of craft artists are not properly insured for business losses, and that nearly 25% mistakenly believe that their homeowner’s insurance automatically covers losses to a home-based studio. In response, CERF+ updated its listing of insurance plans for artists (located on the Studio Protector website) and also produced and disseminated three “myth-busting” pieces:

✚ Two humorous computer animations “Do I Need Property Insurance for My Art


2,200 distributed by end of FY20


Studio?” and “Do I Need Liability Insurance for My Art Studio?” were released

in 2011. These media shorts have been actively used by CERF+ staff in

workshop presentations (and are featured on the Studio Protector website)

Videos on business insurance, contracts, and how to work with an attorney,

featuring interviews with the director of Nashville’s Volunteer Lawyers for

the Arts and personnel from the Nashville Public Arts program, which were

released in 2012

The Business Insurance Guidebook for Artists in 2012, a 12-page pocket-sized

booklet outlining the basics of business insurance and how to get coverage

Artist Readiness Training Programs CERF+ collaborated on three half-day emergency preparedness boot camps for more than 50 artists and arts professionals in partnership with local sponsors in:

✚ San Diego (San Diego Foundation and Synergy)

✚ Nashville (Nashville Metro Arts Commission, Volunteer Lawyers

for the Arts, and Tennessee Arts and Crafts Association)

✚ Minneapolis/St. Paul (Springboard for the Arts)

Potter Will Swanson and CERF+’s Craig Nutt discuss insurance during CERF+’s 2012 trip to the Twin Cities.

One of the most effective ways for CERF+ to reach large numbers of artists throughout the country is to teach arts professionals how to blend vital information about emergency preparedness into their professional development and professional practice curricula. CERF+ organized a number of distance learning and live sessions in 2011–12:

✚ 36 arts business consultants, program administrators, and teaching artists participated in one of four free “Train the Trainer”

webinars, a tutorial to familiarize them with the Studio Protector as a disaster planning tool

It’s a lot easier to be an advocate when you have a direction to move in and something to work from. The information provided by CERF+ regarding disaster planning is vital information that all artists should get their hands on and include as part of their professional work model. The webinar was great and got me charged up. — Megan Burke (Florida Department of Cultural Affairs)

✚ Four faculty from Maryland Institute College of Art, College of Visual Arts, (St. Paul, MN), Haywood Community College

(Hendersonville, NC), and Memphis College of Art, attended an intensive weekend training with CERF+ staff in

Nashville, September 2012, for teaching CERF+’s pilot program on career protection to art students

Electronic and Print Media Outreach CERF+, through expanded use of traditional and new media, stepped up its messaging about the value of a proactive approach to emergencies and about its resources to help artists navigate disasters, large and small:

✚ A Studio Protector “tip of the month” became an ongoing feature in its monthly e-news (sent to 10,000+ individuals

and organizations)

✚ CERF+ produced a set of public service ads featuring “before and after” images provided by artists who have been through

disasters. These emergency preparedness awareness ads are prominently displayed on the CERF+ website and on a

promotional handout card distributed at events, conferences, and workshops (by both CERF+ staff and its field ambassadors),

and in trade publications and newsletters

✚ Rapid targeted outreach through emails and social media about vital information and resources available through CERF+ and

the Studio Protector website to artists and arts organizations affected by the extreme weather events of 2011–12 resulted in

increased site traffic


FUNDRAISING Building a Network of Supporters

CERF+’s effectiveness as a national arts responder is made possible by the solidarity of a growing fellowship of supporters. To build on its annual fundraising activities, CERF+ also launched two new longer-term giving programs:

✚ Securing grant funding and subsequent renewed funding totaling $275,000 for

CERF+’s preparedness initiatives and leadership in the National Coalition for

Preparedness and Emergency Response from the Nathan Cummings Foundation,

Joan Mitchell Foundation, and the Windgate Charitable Trust

✚ The Campaign for CERF+’s Future, CERF+’s first major gifts campaign with a goal of

raising $1.6 million to: expand CERF+’s artists’ services, create a disaster-ready fund

for CERF+, and to build an operating reserve

✚ The CERF+ Legacy Circle to celebrate the financial commitments of artists, show

producers, collectors, gallery owners, and other friends who are including CERF+

in their estate planning

ACC booth fee winner Juanita Girardin celebrates with CERF+’s Carrie Cleveland

Fundraising activities in FY11— FY12 include: ✚ Adding 619 new donors to CERF+’s list

of supporters and advocates, increasing

the total number of CERF+ supporters

to 7,507 individuals, businesses, non-

profit organizations and foundations

✚ Raising $448,683 in annual fund

contributions from 1,220 donors

✚ Meeting a $100,000 challenge grant

from the Windgate Charitable

Foundation to raise $200,000 in new

and increased giving

✚ Enrolling 56 galleries, as well as

numerous individual artists, schools,

and online retailers throughout the

U.S. to host 155 events raising $83,104

for CERF+ through A Season for CERF+

and other independent fundraisers CERF+ was the beneficiary of CraftNewYork, a new juried show by Artrider Productions featuring 100 of the finest craft artists in America, which contributed $36,336 for CERF+ programs and services


A Sampling of Creative Fundraising Activities The Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show (PIFS), held annually in the beautiful 23rd Street Armory, donated the proceeds of a silent auction held during its preview party to CERF+ in both FY11 and FY12. Says PIFS director Joshua Markel, “Over the 19 years we have been putting together our show of furniture and furnishings makers, we have gotten a close-in picture of the trials and tribulations faced by our exhibitors. Many of them have businesses that are just scraping by and any misfortune can push them over the edge and out of the field altogether. In such times, there is no organization other than CERF+ there to help them. More than a few of our exhibitors have been beneficiaries and we, as they, are grateful for the role CERF+ plays in keeping the craft world whole.”

Swannanoa, North Carolina’s Black Mountain Studios hosted “Fine American Handmade Craft for Clinkers” as part of their 2011 participation in both A Season for CERF+ and American Craft Week. Visitors to their studio bearing an old mug and a $10 donation to CERF+ traded in for a new artist-made mug. The old mugs were donated to the Veterans Association. “But wait,” says owner/artist Maud Boleman, “it gets better.” To top it off, a photograph of the donor holding both their old and their new mug was taken (a new twist on “mug shots”) and the pictures were posted to Facebook where visitors could vote for their favorite photo.

The Buyers Market of American Craft and the American Craft Council’s donations make it possible for CERF+ to hold fundraisers at their shows. Art in Motion’s freight transportation donation makes it possible for CERF+ to get to them.

“Why I Support CERF+”:

Jonathan Simons

With about a dozen people on staff at his specialty woodcraft business, Jonathan’s Spoons in Kempton, Pennsylvania, Jonathan Simons isn’t living on the edge anymore — but he remembers those days. That’s why he has been a regular contributor and major donor to CERF+ since 1996 and why he’s given up to $10,000 to the organization annually.

In deciding to increase his gift Jonathan said he was inspired by a fellow craft artist’s generosity. He was also motivated by reading an article about CERF+’s support to a craft artist who had been devastated by one of the 2004 hurricanes in Florida. “I’m providing support to people who are one-person shops — just as I might have needed when I was a one-person shop.”


RESEARCH and Advocacy Multiplying Resources through Collaboration

Through research and advocacy, CERF+ is able to amplify its services to the field. Ongoing documentation of trends and needs of artists and creative communities help ensure that CERF+’s own programs remain relevant. Information-gathering efforts also help identify gaps in support systems for artists in the U.S. and to craft a larger action agenda, both within the arts sector and outside of it — to emergency management agencies and business service providers. Like so much of what CERF+ does, collegial outreach and collective activism are critical to building awareness of problems that artists face in the wake of disasters and to providing access to new or

Theodore S. Berger (Joan Mitchell Foundation) and Barbara Davis (The Actors Fund), as well as Ken Curtin (FEMA), joined the CERF+ board at an April 2012 meeting.

expanded resources for those we serve.

Highlights of CERF+’s Research and Advocacy Agenda

✚ Inauguration of a national research project on the current status and needs of craft

artists through a series of focus group gatherings with craft artists around the country

✚ Launch of the Southern California Arts Responder Network in FY12, a demonstration

project in collaboration with the San Diego Foundation (SDF), to organize and train the

first network of community-based “arts responders”

✚ Conference presentations on artists’ needs and roles in disaster recovery to:

FEMA Voluntary Agency Liaisons during the National VOAD (Voluntary

Agencies Active in Disaster) meeting in Kansas City in May 2011;

Public Art Network pre-conference during the annual Americans for the Arts (AFTA) conference in San Antonio, TX in June 2012; Emerging Leaders Network in collaboration with South Arts at the June 2012 AFTA conference in San Antonio, TX

✚ Continuing work with the insurance

industry to make new business insurance

plans available to artists and to increase

the visibility of their offerings;

David Hurwitz, Holly Walker, and Jerilyn Virden participated in a CERF+ focus group in Calais, VT.

✚ Annual participation as a national co-sponsor of Arts Advocacy Day

in Washington, DC, and enrollment in the Arts Action Fund (organized

by Americans for the Arts) to increase citizen involvement in arts-related

Congressional legislation

✚ Presentations (formal and informal) to funders, policy-makers, arts

CERF+’s Craig Nutt and FEMA VALs take shelter in a garage during a tornado warning while attending the 2012 National VOAD meeting. 8

leaders, and others on behalf of the needs of working artists before,

during, and after disasters through the National Coalition for Artists’

Preparedness and Emergency Response

Thank you to the following individuals, businesses, and organizations who made cash contributions between 10/1/2010 and 9/30/2012. Friends at A Mano Galleries, New Hope, PA Aardvark Clay & Supplies James Aarons Alicia Abad & Andrew Tappe Ellen & Ralph Abele Jackie Abrams Karin Abromaitis Lee Akins Alabama Clay Conference Alaska Metal Arts Guild Nan Alderson Cynthia Aldrich Mandy Allen Polly Allen Robert E Allen Sandra Allen The Allen Family Allied Craftsmen of San Diego Allstate Giving Campaign Margaret Almon Peggy Alonas Kodl John & Sharon Amdall The American Craft Exposition American Visions Contemporary Crafts Margery Ames Sandy Amison Anchorage Clay Arts Guild Becky Anderson Lisa & Dudley Anderson Lois & Dr. Edward Anderson Kristin Anderson Anderson Ranch Arts Center Andora Gallery Annie’s Anonymous (305) Jorge Arango Amber Archer Tim Arnold Lisa Aronson Art of Fire Glassblowing Studio The Artful Corner Artisan Center The Artisans Artisans Gallery, PA The Artisans’ Hand Artitudes, Inc. Artrider Productions, Inc. Arts & Artisans Charlotte Arvelle As Kindred Spirits Carolyn Kay Ashby Aaron Ashcraft & Kristy Cottrell Reed & Jeff Asher Asparagus Valley Potters Guild Association of Clay & Glass Artists of California Mary Lou Atkins – MLA Productions Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show Joan and Jon Auritts Ice Axe Terry Bachman Barbara Schaffer Bacon Posey Bacopoulos Julie Hunter Bagish/Jul’s Pottery Baharal-Gnida Bailey Pottery Equipment Corp. Dave & Sandy Baird Ann Baker Steve Baldwin Boris Bally & Lynn Taylor Laura Balombini Maureen and Michael Banner Alexis G. Barbeau Laura Baring-Gould Wendy M. Baring-Gould Barking Lizards Art / Design Gallery Carol Breitinger Barnes Dorothy Gill Barnes Michael W. Barnes Drs Penny & Robert Baron Mary Anna Barratt-Dimes Bob and Harriet Barrett Jim & Sharon Barrett Mary Barringer Susan Barth Billie Barthelemy Claire Bateman Dale & Brin Baucum Connie Baugh Lorrene Baum-Davis Hayne Bayless Lisa Bayne The Bead Society of Los Angeles Beads Just For You, LLC Janet Bealer The Beall Tool Co. Sheila Beatty Joan Beaver Constance Beck Marie & Charles Beeching Beth & Larry Beede Jessica Beels

Meredith A. Beers Linda Behar Alan Belzer & Susan Martin Fred Bendheim Barbara Benisch & Jacque Allen J.D. Benjamin Elaine Bennett Curtis Benzle & Wendy Wilson Paulus Berensohn Theodore S. Berger Kathryn Bergeron Barbara & Arnold Berlin Eddie & Angela Bernard Nicholas Bernard Karen Bernthal Douglas & Diana Berthiaume Denise Betesh Melanie Bieder Michael E. Bielski James & Terry Binnion Jacqueline Bisbee Bittersweet Herb Farm BKB & Company Black Mountain Studios Vernon Blackadar Sandra J. Blain Dale and Dave Bland Bonnie Blandford/Garage Sale Art Fair Ettagale Blauer Nancy Bloomer Blue Heron Gallery BNSF Foundation Meb’s Kitchenwares Danielle & Norman Bodine Peter Boerger Bogan Pottery Elyse Bogart Jane Bohan, Inc. Jacqueline Boltz Flora Book Klara Borbas & Philip Weber Marina Borker Anne Bossert and Michael Allison Ron Boszko Mande & William Boublitz Boulder Arts and Crafts Biff Bourne Paula Bowers-Hotvedt Karen & Bill Boyd Cynthia Boyer C. Michael Bradley Mike Bradley Susan Bradley Jeanne Whitfield Brady Susan Haas Bralove Joseph Brandom Ellen, Steven, & Adam Branfman Brasstown Woodturners Guild Ann Brauer Ed Breed Stuart Breidenstein Kathleen Brennan Tobey & Thomas Brennan Lindsay Brenner Fleur Bresler Brenda & Carl Brickhouse Hulda & Kenneth Bridgeman Stephani Briggs Cynthia Bringle Dale Broholm Andrew Brott and Kellie Grengs Paul & Carol Brott Robert Brou Jeanne Broussard Gail M. & Robert A. Brown Karen Brown Virginia Brown Daniel Handler and Lisa Brown Sharon Brown Sharon and Raymond Bruce Barbara and Joe Bruno Bucks Woodturners Bucktown Arts Fest Valerie Bunnell Michael & Shelley Buonaiuto Christian Burchard Leonard & Frances Burka Katrina Burks David Burling Fine Furniture, LLC Connie & Jenepher Burnell Lee Burningham Terry Bush Deborah Bushinski Chris Butler Robert Alan Byrd Teri Byrd C. B. Fleet Company, Inc. Karen & Geoff Caldwell Cambridge Artists Cooperative Gallery Carol Camiener & Jim Herrington Elissa & Christopher Campbell / Blue Roof Designs Molly Cantor

Matthew Cantu The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation Leslie Capizzi Bill Capshaw Ed & Janet Cardoza Laura Cardwell Christopher & Lucinda Carey Cornelia Carey & Paul Hannan John Carey and Jane Hopkins Carey Dudley Carlson Robert & Mary Carlson Carlyn Galerie Kit Carson Alicia & Robert Carver Vincent Casalaina Brad and Darlene Cassella Sherri Casterline The Center for Art In Wood Central Federal Savings and Loan Ceramic League of the Palm Beaches The Ceres Foundation Jonathan & Rosanne Cerf Aurore Chabot Rebecca Chadwell Evan Chambers Marjorie Chan Christopher Chaney Change Round-Up Trista Chapman David Charak II Robert Chatelain Simona & Jerome Chazen Galina Chehirian The Cheshire Cat Theresa Childress Lisa Christensen Christie & Associates Chuck Brome Barbara Church Coffelt and Jayme Church Tim Cianciola Holly & Pierre Cintas Linda & Bart Cirker City of Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Christopher Clark & Katherine Cleaver Donald Clark Jill Nordfors Clark Marna Clark Nancy Clark Handweaver Joan Clark Hugh A. Clark Jr. Petra Class Clay Artists of San Diego Susan Cline John Coburn Elaine & Larry Cocco, Melissa & Phil and Ellaina Joslin, and Meredith & Charli Braccille Coda Gallery John Cogswell & Barbara E. Chapman Rebecca Cohen Bonita Cohn Charles Cohn and Catherine Smith Matt Cohn Liz Cohoe Collar City Clay Guild College of Visual Arts Cathleen Collins Dorothy & Clyde Collins Margaret & Daniel Collins Columbia Art League Community Systems, Inc. The Compton Foundation Julie Hammet Cone Connecticut Clay Artists Catherine Conolly Contemporary Crafts Market Camille Cook Paula Cooperrider Alice Corning Alice Corning / Springcreek Foundation Cory Glass Works Mary Len Costa Peter & Lynette Courtney Bill & Romayne Cox Solveig & Wendell Cox Louise Fischer Cozzi Nancy H. Craemer William Craemer Craft Artists of Southern Tennessee Craftproducers Craftsman House Gallery The Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi Elenor Chipman / Creative Hand Paul Cremo Eileen Cressman-Reeder Winfield Crigler Beverly Crist Fran Croll Christopher Wright Cronin Emily & Bob Cronin

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Carol & Shelton Gorelick Danielle Gori-Montanelli Dick & Greta Gourley Kathleen Govotski Dennis Gozenski / Jeanne Petrosky Laura Grabbe Joseph & Barbara Graham Carolyn Edlund The Grand Hand Gallery Grand Isle Art Works Barbara & Sam Granett Grannis Gallery Andrew & Judy Green Robert K. Green Mary Green Green Mountain Coffee Roasters P.A. Greenberg Janet Greene Jon & Suzanne Greene, Cape Kaleidoscopes Greenleaf Gallery Harvey Greenwald Gail A. Grice Jane & Jim Griffin William Griffith Suzanne Grinnan Cindy Grisdela Ed Grossman & Rochelle Stanfield Sharon Grossman and Patrick Crago Grovewood Gallery Kathleen Olson Grumich Jeffrey Guido Valerie Guignon THE GUILD Rob Matthews and Leslie Guinan Susan Gutt Heidi Guttmann Greg Gwilt Neil and Rowena Haas Carrie Haddican Bill Haefling Starr Hagenbring Bruce Haims & Judy Jackson Marilee Hall Ramsey Hall Helen Hamada Hamilton/Roberts Designs Susan & Gib Hammond Audrey Handler & John Martner Peter Handler HandMade in America Handworks Gallery Signe Hanson Hanson Galleries Harmony Weavers Guild Susie Harper Gordon Maas & Maureen Harrington Deborah M. Harris Phyllis Harrison / The Art Stop Gail Harrison-Roman Elisabeth Hartley Diane Harty Harvest Gold Jewelry Haymarket People’s Fund Peggy Hays Heart of the Home Valerie Hector Erica Heilman Bruce and Eleanor Heister Beth Heit Helga Winter Heller Gallery Bonnie Hellman Amy Hemingway Ileen Henderson Kathleen Hendig Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Henken Laurie & Dan Hennig Lloyd E. Herman Tom Herman & Susan Decker-Herman Marcia Herson Jane Herzenberg Catharine Hiersoux Highlight Gallery Highwater Clays, Inc Pat Hill Celestine I. Hill Dorothy Hines Will Hines His Glassworks, Inc. Robert Hitzig Barbara L. Hobbs Leni Hoch Dorothy Hodges Tom Hodgson Tom & Connie Hodson Marcia Hoexter Marilyn Hoexter Therese Schuler Hoffman & Sam Hoffman Karen Hohler Dwight M. Holland Leah Hollenberger Bill Hollinshead Tony & Debbie Holman Brandon Holschuh Maria Holt Michelle & David Holzapfel Phil Homes Hoover & Strong


Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hopkins Jan Hopkins Lonni R. Hopkins John & Robyn Horn Shaari Horowitz and Alistair Jones Paul Housberg & Sheila Haggerty Elizabeth Hoyle Michele & Jean Hudelot Martha Hueter Mark & Leslie Hughes Judith Hummell Sherri Warner Hunter William & Marianne Hunter Jill Hurant HYART Gallery Marcia Hyatt Imagine Joy Imai Integrity Shows Robert Iovino Carol Ireland Thea Izzi Jack Forté Foundation Marion Jacobs Richard Jacobus Jan Jacque Sandra & David Jaffe JAK Designs Annette James and Wanda Clayton James James Renwick Alliance W. John Jameson III Jamieson Insurance Jane Sauer Gallery Marc Jenesel & Karen Pierce Hugh Jenkins Eric Jensen Paul Jensen Julie Jerman-Melka Jesse Woodworks Jewelry and Metals Guild of Millersville University Janet Jindela Joan & Milton Baxt Foundation Joan Mitchell Foundation Nicholas Joerling Barbara Johnson Jacqueline Johnson Brad & Kristin Johnson-Hoefling Sharon Johnston Ronni Jolles Jonathan’s Spoons Bridgett Jones Edna Robinson Jones Ray Jones Sally Jones Shelley Jones Michele Jordan Richard Judd Elisabeth Kaestner Bruce & Marina Kaiser Kaleidoscope Pottery David Kalish Carol Kaminsky Laura Kandel Rhonda Kap Metal Sculptor Debbie Kaplan Selma Karaca Deb Karash June Karger The Karma Foundation Karen Karnes & Ann Stannard Peggy Karr Glass Reena Kashyap Lisa Kaslow Bernard Katz Jan W. Katz Lori Ehrlich Katz Glen Kaufman Judith Kaufman Craig Kaviar Phillippa Kay Lack Linda Kaye-Moses & Evan J. Soldinger Katharine Kazan Nayer Kazemi Kathy Kearns Vickie Keasler Jeff Kell Martha Keller Jane Kelley Tom Kelly Jean Sousa & Jim Kelso Jerry & Deborah Kermode Debra Keshishian Gretchen Keyworth Ewa Kielczewska Sylvia Kihara & Roger Neill Sallye Killebrew Tom Killion Liz Kinder Marie King Michelle & Al King Pamela Kingfisher Judith Kinghorn Susan Kingsley Uli Kirchler Peggy and Steven Kittelson Lisa Klakulak Dan Klein Marla Klein

Marilyn Ulen Kleinhans Glenda Kleinsaser Maren Kloppmann & Mark Wheat John & Arlene Knaak Candace Knapp Kip and Celine Kniep Sabrina Knowles & Jenny Pohlman Barbara Knutson Pottery Karen Koblitz Lewis Koch Leslie A. Koehler Nancy Koenigsberg Mark Koons Silas Kopf Kristin Korn Lee Kosow Phyllis Koster David Kotary Sherley & Bernard Koteen Rosemary Kowalski Berri Kramer Barbara Krapf Ebba Krarup Krestensen LLC Karen F. Krieger & David Montgomery Elizabeth Krome Elizabeth Kubie/Crafts America LLC Pete Kuentzel Kuhl Designs Nancy Kula Donna Kurit Bill Underwood and Barbara Kurland Ruth Kuroda :L:M:N:O: Arts Lacoste Gallery Sara Sally LaGrand Ellie & Mark Lainer Mollie Lakin-Hayes Beth Lamb Michael Lancaster and Barbara Harnack Susan Lances Georgia Landau Lynn Landor Linda Lane Millicent Langford Dale Larson Gay Lasher Mr. & Mrs. Baird Lashley Alida & Christopher Latham Lynn Latimer Laurie Breitkopf and Greg Mancuso Jo Lauria Tesair Lauve & John Grady League of NH Craftsmen, Inc. Deb LeAir Charlene & Christopher Leary Laurie Lee Gayla Lee Hannah Lee Emily & Jack Lees Clarissa L. Lega Bill & Beverlee Lehr Fund #2 of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities Lisa LeMair Julie Leonard Laurie Leonard Nick Leonoff Mark Levin A.R. Levine Beth Levine Deborah Levy Rick Levy and Rhea Wilson Bette Ann Libby Jon Lickerman & Diane Ives Sara & David Lieberman Gay & Chuck Liebert Lightwing Designs Chong & Judy Lim Joan & David Lincoln Naomi Lindenfeld Terri Lipman Micki Lippe This Little Gallery John Littleton & Kate Vogel Rose Reed Littrell Maria J. Litwinowicz Ken Loeber & Dona Look Jim & Linda Loesch Tom Loeser & Bird Ross Susan Lomuto Aryana Londir Long Island Woodturners Betty Helen Longhi Ana Lopez and Keith K. Annis Lotts’ Arts & Things John & Sue Louchheim Louisiana Crafts Guild Joan Luly Joan Lunney & William W. Idler Joan R. Lustig Mary L. Lynch Robert Lynch and Dianne Brace Sydney Lynch Elizabeth MacDonald Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick Patricia MacGillivray Mackerel Sky Gallery of Contemporary Craft Lauri Macklin

Kathryn Maes Gwen Magee Mickey & Larry Magid Susan Mahlstedt Maine Crafts Association Anne Majusiak Leonard & Robbie Malkin Laura Mall John Manikowski Melinda A. Mann Cynthia & Jeffrey Manocherian Dale Lee Marhanka Paula Sibrack Marian Marie H Ankeny Charitable Lead Trust MP Marion Alan Markowitz & Cathy Pollard Louise and Gordon Marshall Steve and Anne Martin Liz Marx Mary Etheart & Jane Malloy Mary Lou Zeek Gallery Takeshi Masashi Steve & Julia Maslach Jane & Arthur Mason Grant Massey Studio Art Mathewson & Nancy Martin-Mathewson Danielle Mattoon Michael Maxey Phil & Terri Mayhew Swede McBroom Bill McCamish MIchael McCoy Randy McCurdy Gary McDole Mike McGahan Roxanne McGlashan Jeanelle & Mike McGuire Tess McGuire Michael W. McKay Joan McKee Judy K. McKie Jean McLaughlin & Tom Spleth Betty & Mark McMahon Reed J. McMillan Catherine McMurray Sharon & Thomas McPherron Nancee Meeker Tianna Meilinger Alan R. Meisel MeKo Designs Hilda Melchior Audrey Meles Amy Meltzer Joseph Mendel Jenny Mendes Alice C. Merritt Richard Messina and Anne Landfield Martin & Joan Messinger Metal Motives Doug Meyer Ron & Hester Meyers Lisa Micheels Midlands Clay Arts Society Libby Mijanovich Margy Milewski Gregory R. Miller Marlin Miller, Jr. and Ginger Miller Sandy Miller Louise C. Millikan Claudia Mills Elizabeth Minear Minnesota Potters of the Upper St. Croix River Valley Joan Mintz & Robinson Markel Mission Fish Keiko Mita Donnabeth Mitchell Valerie Mitchell Patricia Mitchell Studio Tabula Rasa Hideaki Miyamura Michael Mode Modern Artisans Seymour Mondshein & Lisa Martin Clemmer & David Montague Rose Monzyk Pat Moody Ann K. Morales Lois Moran Terri Moreland Sara S. Morgan Brenda Morrison Merrill Morrison Robert Mortenson Cathleen Moses Riki Moss Ralph Mossman & Mary Mullaney Judy Motzkin Mt. Mansfield Creamery Mt. Philo Fund, Vermont Community Foundation Mona Muhammad Judy & Dan Mulford Dick & Dianne Muller P. Murphy Marilyn Murphy Rene Murray The Muse Rebecca Myers

Ragnar Naess The Nathan Cummings Foundation National Basketry Organization, Inc. Susan Neal / Stephen Thurmond The Neel Foundation Dale Neese Neiman Marcus Group Maija Neimanis Scott Nelles Sue Nelson Zoe Nelson Margaret Nettles New Milford High School Art Department Amy Nguyen Robert Nickels Judith Nicolaidis Mr. Robert M. Nied Kimberley Niles Richard Notkin/Phoebe Toland Beth Novak Carrie Nunes Craig & Linda Nutt Lisa Oakley Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation Harold O’Connor Jeff Oestreich Hele Mall Oja Daniel Oliver Raymond Olson Annette Ondre-Wysocki Oregon Potters Association Caroline Orgain James Orr Kevin Osborn Bob & Inge Osborne Meg Ostrum Margaret Othrow Lucius and Freida Outlaw Terry Ow-Wing Pat Oyama Marilyn Palsha Patricia Palson Paradise City Arts Festival Sharron Parker Terry L. Parker Elmerina & Paul Parkman Mary Partlan Patina Gallery Cynthia Patton Jerome and Gwen Paulson Sophie Pearlstein Rosella Harrison Peck Laura Peebles and Ellen Fingerman Andrew Pekarik Penland Gallery / Penland School of Crafts Perimeter Gallery The Claudia and Steven Perles Family Foundation Debra Perry / Jeff Baldwin Peters Valley Craft Center Carl H. Pforzheimer III Carl & Betty Pforzheimer Philadelphia Invitational Furniture Show Ruth W. Philipon Frank Philipps Pottery Ken Pick Ann C. Pifer Nelle Fastman Pingree PISMO Galleries Susan & Peter Pitzele Jules Polk Ralph L. and Winifred E. Polk Foundation The Polo Club of Boca Raton Barbara Pontecorvo Dahlia Popovits & Marc Levine Isabelle & Leo Posillico Potters Guild of New Jersey The Potter’s House Gallery & Studio Boo Poulin Heide & Arnold Praver Bari Precious Paula Prekowitz Beverly Prevost Sean McGrath Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation Pritam & Eames Carol Pritcher Rob Pulleyn David & Cheryl Purvis Teri & Tony Pyle Quail Hollow Events Nancy Quickert Joan Radven Tom & Sue Rakow Bets Ramsey David & Becky Ramsey Jessica Randall Helen Ranta Anderson Jim Rantala Tom Raredon and Harriet Brickman The Real Mother Goose Margaret Realica Red Hot Metal, Inc. Red Sky Plating Fran Redmon

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Jan & Vic Schachter Anthony Schaller Susan Koblin Schear/ARTISIN, LLC Christopher Schelling Deidre Scherer Mildred S. Schiff Susan and Tim Schiff Stephen Schiffer Esta Jo Schifter Quita Schillhammer Laine Barbanell Schipper and Joel Schipper Jude Schlotzhauer Schmidt-Rhea Glass D. Ann Schneider Coco Schoenberg Steven Schramek James Schriber Rima Schulkind Mary Schultz Frieder Schulz Evelyn Schuster Susan & Gene Schwach Linda Schwartz Hannah Scott Jay T. Scott & Nikki McClure Joyce Scott Sam & Dianne Scott Jessica Seaton Seattle Weavers’ Guild Barbara Sebastian The Secunda Family Sedoni Gallery Dorothy Segal Kay Sekimachi Selo/Shevel Gallery Nancy & Steve Selvin Dana and Guy Semmes Bobbie Seril The Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation Sarene Shanus & Harold Treiber Dolph & Barbara Shapiro Jeff & Hinako Shapiro Robert Shapiro Manya Shapiro Alf and Kathy Sharp Felicia Shaw Julie Shaw Kaete Brittin Shaw Tibetha Shaw Doug Sheafor Shearwater Pottery Raymond and Lois Sheen Shenandoah Potters Guild Marianne Shepardson David Sheppard & Celeste Hill Jayne Sheridan and Stevie Spaulding Rosalie Sherman Sherwood Forest Design Kristin Shiga Carol Shinn Jon & Mary Shirley Foundation Shop Talk Magazine Shaya Shub Durbin Dianne & John Shullenberger Sierra by Sonoma Art Works Toni Sikes/Bill Kraus Madhulika Sikka and Jim Millward Amy Silberkleit Robert Silberman Laura Sillerman Carol & Al Sils Drs. Norman & Arlene Silvers Barbara Silverstein Susan Silvy Marjorie Simon Michael Simon Ellen Simons Josh Simpson Sue Klavans Simring

Jon Singer Singerman & Post Steve & Anne Sinner Brent Skidmore and Cheryl Hemmer Susan Skinner / Fibula Studio JoAnn Slater Kiff Slemmons David & Nikole Smith Gay Smith/Gertrude Graham Smith Vicky Smith & Jon Polonsky Society for Midwest Metalsmiths Society of Arts and Crafts Socrates Sule Sokoni Soldner Clay Mixers by Muddy Elbow Mfg Michael Solomon Lisa Sorrell South Arts, Inc. Southern Highland Craft Guild The Southwest School of Art Gallery Shop Sharon Bottle Souva Gail Spane Aldo & Frances Sparzani Lynn Spencer Kaye Spilker Steve & Lauren Spilman Frank Sprague Mary Stackhouse Anthony Staggs Laura Stamper Alyson B. Stanfield of Sam Stang & Kaeko Maehata Reen Stanhouse and Chris Adair Agnes Gordon Stark Ellen Starr and Geoff Fitzgerald Gary Starr/Starr Decoys Chuck and Kathy Stecker Marion MacKenzie Stegner Brenda Stein Francine Stein Susan Steinhauser & Daniel Greenberg Carol & Stelios Paraskevas, STELIOS Linda Sten Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Stept Rebecca A.T. Stevens Genie Stewart Gale and Jay Stienon Bernadette Stillo Michael Stipek Persis Stoenner Tom Stoenner David F. Stone Judy Stone Gregory Story Stowe Craft Gallery & Design Center Jessica Straus Meta Strick Rebekah Strickland Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas Sara Stuart Studio 40 STUDIO Gallery Studio Maureen & The Next Door Gallery Submarine Paperworks Mark Sullivan Prudence Sullivan Surface Design Association Lyn Swan Nora Swanson Sylvercroft Studio Syma Timur Tabi Beverly Tadeu Angela Tangredi Frannie & Richard Taylor Freeman Taylor Victoria Templeton Char TerBeest-Kudla

Myra Terry Kathleen Tesnakis Texas Pottery & Sculpture Guild Quigley / Hiltner Fund Harold Thomas William Thomas Heidi Thompson Leslie Thompson Robert and Nancy Thompson Brantley Thompson Janice Threlkeld, JT Enterprises Tom & Kelley Throop Tile Heritage Foundation Ursula Tilker Tilney-Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation Lidija & Slobodan Tkalcevic Barbara Tober K. Tonguis Wendy Tonsits Topeo Gallery Valerie Topp Holly Tornheim Susan Tornheim Emily M. Townes Judith Trager Trax Gallery Sarah Treeson Linda Tripp Dennis Trombatore Jeanie Tromblay Neville Deborah S. Troner Penny Truitt Patricia Tschetter Ann Tsubota Ann & Bruce Tubbs Michele & Bob Tuegel Harriet Turkanis Jim Turnbull James Turnbull, Ceramic Supply Jana Tuschman Two Sisters Contemporary Gift Gallery Two Spruce Pottery Anthony Ulinski Connie Ulrich UncommonGoods Elaine Unzicker Uroboros Glass Studios Myung Urso Peter M. Vale/Vale Craft Gallery Ilene Van Duyne Ann Van Every Deborah Van Ness Ursula Vann Brett Varney Michael Vatalaro Jane Veale Vee Corporation Veleska Jewelry Velvet Da Vinci The Velvet Hammer LTD John Venekamp Ventura County Potters’ Guild Ram Verma Vermont State Craft Center at Frog Hollow Kerry Vesper Village Artisans Gallery The Villager Anne Vincent Gregory A. Vineyard Vickie Vipperman VMware Foundation Alisha Volotzky Glass Artist Elizabeth Vonalt Bren and Fred Walden Barbara Waldman & Dennis Winger Mary Carolyn Walker Ruth Walker Martin Wall James Wallace

Wallingford Potters Guild William Walmsley Jr. Gloriah Walsh Joan Walton Patti Warashina Yolanda Wardlaw Elaine Ware Pat & Dick Warner Warren Wilson College Art Department Nancy Wasserman Mai Watts & Peter Lacoux Virginia & Patrick Webb Tom & Kathy Wegman Doris Weinbaum Dr. Bernard D. Weintraub William & Dina Weisberger Londa Weisman Jeffrey Weiss Mary Weiss Barbara & Sam Wells Martha Wells Paulette Werger Wayne Louis Werner West Coast Weather Vanes Janis and William Westman C.E. Weston and R.E. Berger Kathleen White Chuck Whitehouse Sherry Whitney John Whitt, Inc. Debi Wichman WICKWIRE Fine Art/Folk Art Carol & Don Wiiken James & Susanne Wilkinson Kimberly Willcox & Kevin Nordhausen Eric Williams John Wesley Williams Larry Williams Susanne Williams Julie Gordon Willis FO Wilson Lana Wilson William Wilson Robert Winchester Windgate Charitable Foundation Carol Windsor Leah Wingfield & Steve Clements Sharon M. Winn Fannon Marvin & Karen Winograde Suzanne & Sandy Wismer Edward Wohl & Ann Wolfe Frank & Lisa Wohl Judith Wolkovitch Anne & Harry Wollman Michael Wolski Larry Wood Lynn Wood Malcolm Wright David Wright Paddy Wrob Xiem Clay Center Edie Yamasaki & Bob Snapka Sue Yamins Esther Yanow Lynn Yarrington Amy Yenyo Carol Yorke & Gerard Conn Holly Young Muffy Young Patricia Young Adrienne Yurick Z Folio Gallery Mikhail Zakhalov Nicholas & Thalia Zervas ZIG ZAG Gallery Christina & Philip Zimbardo Donna Zimmer Trudy Zimmerman

Thank you to the following donors who made in-kind contributions between 10/1/2010 and 9/30/2012. Jackie Abrams Mary Admasian Mandy Allen American Art Clay Co., Inc. American Craft Council American Visionary Art Museum Americans for the Arts Anonymous Anonymous Angelo Arnold Art In Motion / Watch That Van Go Posey Bacopoulos Bailey Pottery Equipment Corp. Boris Bally & Lynn Taylor The Bell Group Nicholas Bernard Ricky Bernstein & Elizabeth Cary Bullseye Glass Co. Eva Cahill Cornelia Carey Ceramics Monthly

The Cheshire Cat Contemporary Crafts Market Louise Fischer Cozzi Craft Supplies USA / The Woodturners Catalog Craft Boston The Crafts Report Eileen Cressman-Reeder CRMfusion, Inc. Anne Davis Jill Henrietta Davis John & Robin Davis Denver Gift Show Chris DesJardins Gabrielle Dietzel Cornelia Emlen Expressions of Culture, Inc. Festival International de Louisiane Festival Network Online Frog Hollow Gallery Harry Georgakolis

Isabelle Giammusso Kim Glynn Ron Goldman – Woodworker West Marilee Hall Judy Harden Susan Hayward Helmand Restaurant Karen Henderson Mark and Meredith Heywood Robert Hitzig Hyatt Regency Baltimore Iridesco, Inc. Mary Jacobsen Jean Sousa & Jim Kelso Kentucky Crafted: The Market Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen Lake Champlain Chocolates Laura Zindel Ceramics Ken Leslie Jorge Lovato Lowe’s

Janet MacLeod Marianne’s Sol Mate Socks, Inc. George McCauley Microsoft Corporation Minnesota Lapidary Supply Mozy, Inc. Beth Mueller NCECA New England Crafts Connoisseur Old Algiers RiverFest Ornament Magazine Meg Ostrum Peter Pugger Mfg. Ruth Pope Chris Pratt R & S Associates R.J. Knoepfler Company Hope Rapaport Mr. Rob Richert Delia Robinson Cara Romano

Wendy Rosen / The Rosen Group Foundation Alex Saunders Julie Shaw Skutt Ceramic Products Nisa Smiley Lochlin Smith Society of North American Goldsmiths Stanley Black & Decker Corporation Axel Stohlberg Janet Van Fleet The Velvet Hammer LTD Vermont Ceramic Supply Susi Wahlrab Marianne Wakerlin, Inc. Lana Wilson Valerie Zeman




Cornelia Carey Executive Director

Polly Allen, Treasurer Craft Advocate Chicago, IL

Christine O. Robb Interior Designer Winnetka, IL

Eddie Bernard Artist/Business Owner Star, NC

Jane Sauer Owner/Director, Jane Sauer Gallery Santa Fe, NM

Donald Clark Found Object Artist, Author Springfield, MA

Carol Sauvion Executive Director, Craft in America Los Angeles, CA

Julie Gordon Dalgleish, Vice Chair President, Arts Development Associates Minneapolis, MN

Felicia Shaw Director, Arts & Culture Analysis & Strategy, The San Diego Foundation San Diego, CA

Carrie Cleveland Development and Events Associate Craig Nutt Director of Programs Jayne Sheridan Director of Administration Les Snow Program Manager Robin Spitzer Bookkeeper/ Office Manager Project Consultants and Advisors Robert W. Curry, General Counsel Meg Ostrum Amy Schwartzman

Also on Staff in FY11 & FY12 Jason Buss Technology Manager (FY11) Nel Emlen – Part-time Events Coordinator Christine Kesler Bookkeeper/Office Manager (FY12)

Carol Eckert, Secretary Fiber Artist Tempe, AZ

Toni Sikes Co-CEO, Artist Relations The Art Commission Madison, WI

Gini Garcia Glass Artist, Garcia Glass Art, Inc. San Antonio, TX Judy Gordon, Chair Craft Advocate Austin, TX Jan W. Katz Curator Emerita and Founder, The Center for Southern Craft and Design, Ogden Museum of Southern Art New Orleans, LA Pamela J. Kingfisher Principal, Shining Waters Consulting Moodys, OK Robert L. Lynch President and CEO Americans for the Arts Washington, DC

Brent Skidmore Assistant Professor of Art Director, Craft Studies UNC Asheville Asheville, NC John Venekamp Senior Vice President/Managing Director, Brown Harris Stevens Residential Sales LLC James A. Wilkinson Past Chair President & CEO Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Pittsburgh, PA

Financial Report In this biennial report, we are pleased to present CERF+’s Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Activities for the last two fiscal years, covering October 1, 2010 — September 30, 2012. These statements demonstrate that CERF+ remains a strong and viable artists’ service organization capable of meeting its mission.

✚ CERF+’s artists’ services emergency response program had

capacity and administrative efficiency; revenue also increased

a significant increase (almost double the previous biennial

due to higher income from CERF+’s annual and first major

reporting period) in both the number and dollar amount for

gifts campaign (the Campaign for CERF+s Future).

both grants and loans.

✚ Net assets increased in both years as a result of the launch of

✚ CERF+ met all eligible requests for direct financial support

the Campaign for CERF+’s Future

and raised significant foundation funding to support its

✚ Earned income increased in FY12 due largely to an increase

emergency preparedness agenda.

in investment income.

✚ Expenses increased due to staff reorganization and the


addition of two new positions to improve and expand

CERF+’s complete audited financial statements through September

delivery of artists’ services and to strengthen fundraising

30, 2012 are available at and

CERF+ STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION ASSETS 9/30/2011 Cash and Cash Equivalents 39,419  Invested Reserves (including restricted funds) 645,793  Loans Receivable less Allowance for Bad Debt 73,994    Other Receivables (including grants and pledges) 126,735  Prepaid Expenses and Security Deposit 28,719  Inventory 18,631  Property and Equipment, Net of Accumulated Depreciation       4,900  TOTAL ASSETS   938,191  LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS  Liabilities Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenue Total Liabilities Net Assets  Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Total Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS

SOURCES OF FUNDS – FY11 Total Income $805,995 Earned Income $14,601 2%

Foundations/ Grants $405,983 50%

52,637          0  52,637 

48,224          0  48,224 

516,077    369,477    885,554    938,191 

550,596    368,076    918,672    966,896 

SOURCES OF FUNDS – FY12 Total Income $809,543 Earned Income $126,113 16%

Individuals and Businesses $385,411 48%

USES OF FUNDS – FY11 Total Expenses $760,270 Fundraising $84,730 11% General & Administrative $117,729 16%

9/30/2012 22,436  706,002  71,477  124,124  28,381  10,801      3,675    966,896 

Foundations/ Grants $344,100 42%

Individuals and Businesses $339,330 42%

USES OF FUNDS – FY12 Total Expenses $776,425 Fundraising $95,001 12%

Program Services $557,811 73%

General & Administrative $127,450 17%

Program Services $553,974 71%

CERF+ board and staff at their Spring 2011 board meeting, held at the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans.


to learn more and to order your Studio Protector


for information about CERF+ and our emergency assistance and programs for craft artists

PO Box 838 • Montpelier, VT 05601-0838 • (802) 229-2306 •

CERF+’s mission is to safeguard and sustain the careers of craft artists and provide emergency resources that benefit all artists. CERF+ is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

CERF+ Biennial Report, October 1, 2010 – September 30, 2012  
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