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Ceren Özcan

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Everything has it’s story. I like to find, explore and understand these stories. For me design is storytelling.


Education 2014 - Now

Middle East Technical University Bachelor of Industrial Design High Honour Student CGPA: 3,54

2017 2013 - 2014 2009 - 2013

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Tietgen Handelsgymnassium


Exchange year in Denmark with AFS


TED Ankara College Highschool

Freehand Sketching

Languages AFS Volunteers Assosiation Hosting and Sending Commitees

Pasabahce Glass Industry and Trade Inc. Intern (2 Months)


Indesign Rhinoceros




Exchange semester

IB Alumni

2014 - 2017


Bolbro Kindergarden, Denmark Intern (1 Month)









Extra Curricular Activities


Contemporary Dance Club (ÇDT), METU, 2017

Video Production

Music Club (MT), METU, 2016

Intercultural Communication

Table Tennis Club, METU, 2015

Children’s Literature

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contents product design pebble Home based e-health system for the elderly

clover Habit forming washbasin and accesories for children

states of matter Ice aerophone design for Speak Percussion

seffaf Room divider for multipurpose interiors

trihold Attractive chocolate stand for small kiosks

ikigĂśzĂźm Protective packaging for glasses in pairs

other work video production drawings & illustrations

pebble A diagnostic data tracker device for high risk heart disease patients.

user research What creates this distrust? Not trusting medical devices for data tracking

Measurement results causing stress and obsessive behaviour

Confusing interface for the elderly that are unfamiliar with technology

Who sees the data? How is the patient informed?

How can technology be used to eliminate buttons?


of the elderly with depression is diagnosed. People with chronic disease have higher risk of depression

Reduced motivation due to obligatory daily measurements

What kind of experience would increase patient’s motivation?

Intimidating look

How might we change this perception?

Redefining the ĘťscaryĘź perception of medical devices by creating a meditative experience

Initial Idea


Measures Heart Rate, ECG, Stress Level



Mindful breathing exercise after measurement Exhale time is twice of the inhale time

Form developped from required posture

Alternative sensor placement & usage scenarios

Form for mobility

Decoration like form not intimidating look Attachment Details

Fitting cork part to the body lower attachment to the body

working on sections

product details ABS Injection Molding Hall device ECG lead wifi chip battery screw ABS Injection Molding Rubber Injection Molding

Cork Composite (+ polyurethane binder)

Magnetic Resonance Charging Chip

ABS Injection Molding

ABS & Silicone Double Injection Molding

ECG lead Electroplates Reflectance detector

Battery Wifi chip UV light source

usage scenario

The smart phone with the pebble app is situated on the stand. The app is started.

Measurement for blood pressure, ECG and H-FABP density start when wrists are situated over sensors. User’s part in measurement taking is minimized and so is the fear of doing something wrong.

Begin My Data pebble

Home Screen

Guiding with an explanatory video when wrists are not placed properly over the sensors

All measurements are within accepted range

Breath In

Green is associated with healing

Breath Out

Magenta is associated with releasing

Mindful breathing exercise guided with color and sound.

Blood pressure and ECG are off acceptable range

High density H-FABP in blood

Breath In

Breath Out

Set a date for check up Measurement Complete

Plain colors and visuals are used in the interface to keep the user calm in any usage scenario

Related information is sent to health clinic doctor. User is directed to MHRS portal for appointment

Measurement results are not shown to the user

Related information and patients location is sent to parademics.

Breathing exercise is continued as it decreases anxiety and prevents worsening of heart attack

clover Washbasin and accessories design for primary school students that encourages hand and oral hygiene.

Group Members: Beste Bozbag, Serkan Ă–zkan, Kagan Kurtoglu, Abdullah Javaid

in collaboration with

user research Ergonomics Height of the washbasin may cause discomfort

Easy to clean Primary school toilets are cleaned couple of times everyday

Children tend to use products outside of their intended purpose Washbasins and accesories are not items that are bought frequently

How to enhance the maintenance process?

What should and should not be accessible to children?

Encouraging children to build habits together through giving them the chance to personalize their experience

co-design workshop Idea generation with children

Ice breaker & warm-up activities

Brainstorming with playdough Playful and fun design proposals

Playdough mockups by participants

prototyping & modelling Initial idea with the possibility of different layout according to toilet size Too many attachment points on floor

Creating groups for collective experience

Styrofoam, clay and cardboard prototyping for form and dimension

Final design

product details

Attaching washbasin to the structure body

Assembly of boards on structural body Connecting covers

Exploded view of soap dispenser Differentiation from others is important for creating a personal experience that will lead to building hygiene habits.

Personalizable kit

Exploded view for hanger Rounded edges for safety

Janitor friendly Not easily accesible by children

Removal of parts

Easy access to drain

Possible renewal/upgrade for enhanced maintenance

usage scenario

Personal belongings on hanger/ shelf

Placement of personal kit on board

Collective soap consumption

Users see eachother while brushing teeth

states of matter Experimental ice aerophone design for internationally renowned percussion group ‘Speak Percussion’

Group Members: Jed Kelly, Todd Ward, Dion Pangkey, Chelsy Chen

inspiration & scene

Aesthetics of ice, water and scientific settlement in antartica

Sea organ in Crotia creates sound by the waves crashing to the stairs

Records made in Antartica by Phillip Samartzis

Dramatic atmosphere

Use of light

Creating a performance by the exploration of sounds generated by the interaction of ice, water and air


Ways to generate sound

Form Explorations

Playing the instrument


Molding ice

Prototype with ice

Exploring ways to create sounds

Prototypes for testing airways

product details

fipple corrugated tube plastic tube ice

Sound changes as ice melts because there is increased space for air

Water inside the corrugation creates a slide flute effect

As the water pushes the air inside the tubes, a sound is generated in the fipple

The instrument is activated by the interaction of ice with water and air.


Watch the video here:

Ĺ&#x;effaf A build it yourself room divider that creates space

product details color options

EB flute cardboard

layout possibilities

attached by plastic ratchet rivets

unit dimensions 60.49 %$#)*

24.40 !)#)$

51.14 "&#&)

49.61 )*#%&






25 3 4.46


unit: cm


trihold An easy to build stand that shares the formal language of the chocolate bar it showcases.

usage scenario

First the back is slid in to eachother

The sides are tucked

Pre-build, flat state of the stand

Products are easily placed giving the stand its pyramidical form

ikigĂśzĂźm Protective packaging for glass that enables the buyer to see the product through the open slits.

usage scenario

Open form of the packaging

Closed packaging with glasses Folded surface creates potential for graphic applications

Folding the packaging to its volumetric form

other works

video production

acele çişe şeytan karışır An interactive short comedy about the decisions to be made when there are minutes left for the new years eve. In collaboration with: Idil Aydogdu

Link to movie:

yaprakların rengi A stop motion animation about the leaf that’s been left out. In collaboration with: Aycan Yildiz, Yildiz Saganak

Link to movie:

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Ceren Özcan +90 538 288 64 25

Ceren Ozcan Design Portfolio  
Ceren Ozcan Design Portfolio