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24 Carrots: Made with Love

Cool Eats:


24 Carrots’ philosophy on food is that it must always be fresh, well prepared, stylish, and made with love. Then again it’s a family business that began 11 years ago by Swiss-born chef Norm Bennett who decided after working in both restaurant and catering that he could top what had become the standard in off-site catering. He did not believe in hot boxing food and letting it sit for hours before serving it to guests. Instead Norm thought preparing fresh food with local ingredients directly onsite was the way to go. In 2004 he took a gamble and opened 24 Carrots Catering & Events. It started small, just him and his wife Sherri, and a modest operation that quickly gained notoriety through referrals and people giving them a shot to prove how different a small company could be. Norm’s brother-in-law, Jon Brown, joined the crusade, coming from a position in senior management at Xerox, and with his business and managerial expertise, they took 24 Carrots to the next level. Today 24 Carrots is one of the largest, most sought after catering companies in Southern California. They continue to stay true to their roots and provide fresh, cooked-onsite food, with unprecedented service that best represent their clients. Because family is at the heart and soul of what they do, they take great pride in getting to know their couples and invest in their journey. While 24 Carrots has their food story, they want to help you tell yours. FOODIE FACT ABOUT 24 CARROTS: The entire office staff sits down for “family lunch” every Friday.


Small Plates The traditional sit down is being transformed into multiple course small plates. This allows for a variety of favorites to be served in smaller portions. It is also a great way to serve “dinner” with a cocktail party feel. All small plates are designed to be eaten with just one utensil. Ice Cream This isn’t your typical vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Unique ice cream flavors are becoming a must-have, like Lucky Charms or the requested, Speculoos (beet and goat cheese). Liquid Nitrogren Ice Cream stations are also hot as guests select their toppings and flavor base while we mix it with liquid nitrogen to make instant ice cream in just 90 seconds. It is a fun, interactive way to make a unique dessert.

Haute Plates:

Compressed Salad of Baby Arugula A beautiful compressed salad that looks like a delicate birds nest consists of baby arugula, manchego cheese, sliced gala apples, sundried cranberries, caramelized pecans, and an aged balsamic vinaigrette. Coconut Shrimp Lollipops Otherwise know as “the very best coconut shrimp pops” these large shrimp are battered in a secret coconut recipe, deep-fried to be golden brown, and drizzled with a house-made orange plum sauce. Grilled Filet Mignon An extremely classic dish that remains one of the most popular; a seasoned and grilled filet mignon topped with a house-made café de Paris butter and an aged balsamic reduction, most often accompanied by haricot vert and potato gratin dauphinoise.


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