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Each of the spreads in this magazine will have information about a nice place to visit, and a nice burger place that isn’t too far away from said place. The map is also for loocks and not function, most people have a phone these days anyway. Enjoy the magazine.



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Spokane History Spokane developed because Spokane Falls and its surroundings were a gathering place for numerous cultures for thousands of years. The area’s indigenous people settled there due to the fertile hunting grounds and abundance of salmon in the Spokane River. The first foreign settlers, squatters J.J. Downing, with his wife, stepdaughter, and S.R. Scranton, built a cabin and established a claim at Spokane Falls in 1871. They realized the development potential and bought the claims of 160 acres (0.65 km2) and the sawmill from Downing and Scranton for $4,000 total, though it would not be recognized as a city for another 10 years.

The Spokane Tribe of Indians’ ancestors were the Spokan, a plateau people that shared numerous cultural traits with

Bacon Double


Zip’s Drive-In

their neighbors. The Spokanes’ original tongue is a member of the Salish language family, and they are often categorized as a Salishan tribe

Zip’s is a staple for anyone living in or visiting Spokane Washington. Because of the locallity of the chain I deemed it worthy of a spot in the listing of local food places. It’s locally owned and was started in washington.



Northern Quest

Northern Quest Resort & Casino has great amenities for the individual looking to relax after a long day/ month/year of working the daily grind. As a guest to the hotel portion of Northern Quest you will have state of the art bedding, nice views of the dessert that is Airway Heights, and as many pillows as you want to call for. On the ground floor you will have access to the resort portion of Northern Quest. Choose from a selection of high class spa treatments and products to help alleviate the stress of your daily grind. Once you’re done relaxing you can anjoy a game of poker and build all that stress right back up again. Poker not your thing? you can enjoy one of the many other table games or slot machines throughout the casino. If you’re not really there to gamble, you can go to the fireside lounge and enjoy a nice cigar in the executive lounge. Clip

Bison Burger

After you’re done with all that you get to come back to the wonderful beds that the hotel has been well known for. Needless to say, however, all of this is not cheap by any measurable means, so get ready to spend a nice hunk of savings on this one.

The Bison Burger at the Rusty Moose is an amazing burger packed with signature seasoning and some great fresh ingredients: bacon, pepperjack, carmelized onions, and the house sauce. all these flavours combine to create a truly unique burger, and how often can you say you have eaten Bison? This fine establishment also offers another great burger, I won’t go too in depth about this one, but just know that there is an elk burger, and it was difficult choosing which to focus on for this place

Rusty Moose

some buds or sample some of the fine whiskey and wines offered in the lounge.




The Bing Theatre After its first decade, The Clemmer was scooped up in a campaign by movie studios to own the theaters where their films were shown. Paulsen and Clemmer sold their interests to Carl Leammle’s Universal Studios in 1925. The new manager, Roy Boomer, decided to try to generate interest by hiring live acts to perform between movies. One of the performers he hired was a local jazz drummer and sometime singer by the name of Harry Crosby. In 1929, Universal sold the theater to a new Spokane owner who renamed it the Audian. Two years later the theater changed hands again and became the State Theater. Operating under that name for the next half century, it became a fixture of Spokane’s night life until it closed as a movie theater in 1985. The building was purchased by the Metropolitan Mortgage Company and completely renovated before reopening in 1988. Its stage was enlarged and it began a new life as a theater for live shows under the name of

PB & J Burger

When its sponsor, the Metropolitan Mortgage Company, went out of business in 2004, the theater was purchased by Spokane businessman Mitch Silver and continued its roll as a venue for touring shows and for local organizations that use it as their home stage. In 2006, a citizens group received Silver’s permission to rename the theater and raised money to build a new marquee. It has been The Bing Crosby Theater ever since.

Peanut butter and Jelly on a burger might sound strange, but sweet and savory things go great together so I’m here to defend the thing. The thick patty can be a bit much, but just add cheese and once you get past that and really let it mix with the jalapeno jam it’s fantastic. The sweet/spiciness of the jam compliments the savory cheese in a great way. Sweet, salty, spicy, it’s a burger you won’t want to miss.


Metropolitan Theater of Performing Arts, ‘The Met.’




AMC Theater

The AMC Theatre is a great place to go when you are looking for a relaxing movie watching experience. Relaxing fully depends on the movie you choose, but there is a whole theatre full of giant comfy reclining seats. You could even go as a couble and raise the seperator on the couples seats. The theater also offers some great snack choices: basically any candy bar, amazing popcorn (free refills on the large), and icees. They even have giant pretzels available in case you are feeling particularily hungry or just feel like buying a giant pretzel. The theatre offers tickets for shows in one of three different types of theatres: Dolby Surround, IMAX, and RealD 3D. Dolby Surround offers the regular movie-going experience with the added luxury of those huge recliner seats.

Ramen Burger



IMAX offers the seats, the great surround sound, and crystal clear image on the silver screen. There are even subwoofers in the seats which allow you to not only hear the sound, but also feel it. RealD 3D does away with the super comfy seats, but the surround sound and clear picture stay. You also get 3D, which is pretty awesome especially with all the improvements since the first 3D movies.

The Nudo Ramen Burger is definitely something strange. Not trying to downplay the weirdness of the PB&J, but this is a burger that combines great beef with the signature teriyaki sauce of the Nudo noodle house. Because the buns are actually partially dehydrated ramen noodles, the burger can be a little difficult to eat without making a mess, so make sure you have napkins. You might also want to eat the remains of this one with a knife and fork.



Riverfront Park Riverfront square also happens to be fairly close to the AMC theater in tn the downtown shopping mall. This park is where many of the local events take place. The lantern festival is always a beautiful sight to see. paper lanterns and lights all going up in a fantastic array of colors. It is surely something that cannot be missed when one is in town for the event. Another great event that is hosted at the Riverfront Square Park is Pig Out In the Park. It’s a food and music festival for local food business and bands to come together and create a fun atmosphere for anyone present. It’s always free admission, and there are multiple stages going on at once, so there is always something cool to listen to. There are also beer gardens. During the winter there is an icerink that opens up, and it’s always great to see families and friends bonding or competing in a friendly manner. The snow, coupled with a pair of rental skates, make for a great excuse to cuddle up with that special someone. Believe it or not, this park is also great for just being a park. Bring some friends and just hang out.

Royal Red Robin

Red Robin

The Royal Red Robin Burger is one of my favorite burgers. It’s the first burger i ever ate that wasn’t completely dry, and the first burger to allow me to really appreciate what a good burger is. Sunny side up egg on top of grade-A beef, american cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato; simply amazing, and I mean that it manages to be amazing yet simple.




Ben Burr Trail The Ben Burr Trail has gotten a recent facelift. It’s definitely not meant to be a nature hike; the trail has been paved over and is more of a lesure biking or walking trail versus the old nature trail. There is still a lot of nature to be seen on this trail, however, woods and dirt mostly. There are bugs and other small animals wandering around these woods. Don’t hesitate to bring some friends and go for a nice walk, or if you are all rich, go on a collective bike ride. You could bring your dog, fur babies, puppers, pups, doggos, woofers, and whatever else you call your canine companion. Let them tag along for some much needed sunlight and stretchihng. Hiking is also good for family bonding, team bonding, any kind of group of individuals bonding really. Make sure to bring lots of water and trail mix

Wisconsin Burger

The Spokane Riverside Centennial Trail is another great trail to go on. It’s also got a bridge, but this is more for the connecting to nature-types. There are no paved trails, and a lot of improvized trails.

The ground beef found in the Wisconsinburger is fresh ground every day for all the burgers. The sharp cheddar adds the saltiness that can very easily be countered by the sweetness of the caramalized onions. The crunchy lettuce and fresh firm tomatoes add a nice texture to the whole of the burger. In all, hike so you can eat this thing without any of the normally attatched guilt.


as well as a sandwich or two for the lunch break. there is another trail that you might also want to visit, but it’s completely across Spokane.


Northtown Mall



Northtown Mall has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and shopping venues. There are clothes, technology, comic, shoe, and miscelenious stores. You can get a makeover and head right on down to the next door candy shop to stay as unhealthy as you want to be. There is even a movie theater on the second floor. While you are taking a break from the shopping you can enjoya menl from any of the different eateries located

BBQ Burger

while many wouldn’t think of a mall as a place to go for entertainment and activities, this mall has included a few of these options. There is a tramploline park, a bunjee jump, and of course the theater. Enjoy the time you spend here. Hand-formed burgers, freshly cut fries, home-made icecream. All these statements ring true of the local family owned restaurant that is Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle. Because of this, there is a homey and friendly vibe about everything here, and it is no more apparent than in the food. Literally everything is home and hand made right down to the potato salad you might order as a side.

The Milk Bottle

primarily on the second floor of the mall. There are still a few other places to eat or get snacks from as well, but these are more for snacks than they are for food. Nonetheless this mall has many foods to offer.




Valley Mall

The Valley Mall is another great place to spend your hard (or not-so-hard) earned cash. The atrium ceiling and all the clear glass panels that make it up create a great source of natural light. Although the light is great, the tiling is also another great feature of this place. This mall is fully equipped with all the stores anyone would expect to see: Forever 21, H&M, Aeropostal, American Eagle, Buckle, Zumiez, Justice, and that’s not including the big boys. The big boys consisting of names like: Macey’s, JC Penny, etc. there are obviously going to be some of those gimmicky stores and kiosks laying around, but that’s all normal. The Spokane Valley Mall is spotless, you wouldn’t expect for that to be a perk, but it’s usually pretty dirty or messy outside. Not only was it clean, it is also extremely well designed. The layout of the place is less confusing than the NorthTown mall.

Sack of Burgers

This mall has 2 Dicks’ nearby, one is a sports good store and the other is a drive up burger joint, I’ll let the yellow box sum that one up for you

Just walk up and order a bagfull of Dick’s, you might not completely enjoy what you find in side, but it’s pretty good for the price. It’s not that they’re bad, they just don’t live up the the ones I mentioned throughout this booklet. You do get more than what you paid for. A vintage fast food place that has not changed since the 60’s, you’ll love these cheap Dick’s

Dick’s Hamburgers

Not only are there good places in the mall to shop at, there are also great stores surrounding the building, but let’s focus on the food. There are non-burger places, but unless you skipped to this page you already know we’re here for the burger.



20 The locals here are extremely nice, but here is a list of things to never say to them: Wow that’s cool, it’s like seattle.

There is nothing to do here.

This place is so boring.

Spokane sucks.

Seattle is better.

What’s a huckleberry?

I’ve never shot a gun before.

(Anything political)




Spokane In Burgers  

A City guide to Spokane, Washington with an emphasis on burgers.

Spokane In Burgers  

A City guide to Spokane, Washington with an emphasis on burgers.