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Clay Festival 2015 Ceramics Southern Africa Gauteng Region


Programme & Booking Information 7th & 8th March 2015 Berario Recreation Centre Cnr Dolores Ave & King Str, Berario, Jhb

P O Box 2900 North Riding 2162, Tel: 074 703 4399, Fax: 086 664 0958, e-mail: ceramicssa@icon.co.za


To book for any of the workshops or talks please do payment by EFT and send your proof of payment to ceramicssa@icon.co.za using your name and the numbers of the workshops you wish to attend as your reference.

Please study the workshops carefully and avoid overlapping when making your choices. Clay Festival 2015 will be booked per workshop and runs over a week end only. All workshops cost R350.00 for members and R400.00 for non-members Member’s Special: book for 4 workshops for R1200.00 Lunchtime Talks open to members only, R50.00 each Workshops on offer will be Demonstrating, Participating (in some instances PowerPoint presentation/ demonstrating/participating) and an illustrated talk. There is an interesting line up of presenters, 3 of whom are from the Cape and the rest from Gauteng. A firing service (without liability) will be available to those artists who would like work made in participating workshops fired. Rose Hobson can be contacted on 084 436 4312. .

Get to know your workshop presenters on the CSA website, Facebook and blog sites, as well as their personal web sites http://www.ceramicssa.org/ http://ceramicssouthernafrica.blogspot.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ceramics-Southern-Africa/344223788683 Demonstrations in the Trade Hall will be organised by Gauteng Teaching Studios and there is no charge for watching these amazing artists at work. An excellent line up of artists will be doing demonstrations of decorating and forming techniques in the trade hall throughout the week end. In addition, artists will be demonstrating wheelwork and an ongoing sculpture building exercise over the 2 day period to further complement the line-up. Many of the artists will have examples of their work on sale.

Flavours Deli & Bistro Will be offering a delicious array of homemade goodies, salads, and refreshments. Their superb bottled products will also be on sale. A lovely cafĂŠ area in the trade hall near the demonstrations will be available where you can watch, eat and relax.

Summary of Workshops Saturday Morning 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 1 The Poem, The Person and the Pot

Think Creatively, Laterally and not Literally


Decorative Carving

Ralph Johnson (Western Cape) Assisted by Ros Jaff

Madoda Fani

A Practical Workshop


Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Carol Cauldwell Hamman


Raku with a twist

Evette Kruger

A Ceramic Sculpture Workshop Alternative firing

Saturday Lunchtime Talk 12:30 - 1:30 pm 5 Studio Pottery Culture of New England

Ronnie Watt

Saturday Afternoon 2:00 – 5:00 pm 6 The Poem, The Person and the Pot

Ralph Johnson (Western Cape)

Internship at the Studio Potter Journal

Think Creatively, Laterally and not Literally

Assisted by Ros Jaff


Decorating the Fired Surface

John Shirley


Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Carol Cauldwell Hamman


Raku with a twist

Evette Kruger

A Variety of treatments on the glazed surface A Ceramic Sculpture Workshop Alternative firing

Sunday Morning 9:00am – 12:00 pm 10 Traditional Coiling Techniques

An introduction to Zulu & Venda methods

Michelle Legg and Nic Sithole

11 The Secret Lives of Others

Lydia Holmes (Eastern Cape)

12 The Self Sufficient Potter

Chris Patton

Sculpting the human figure Making your own…..

13 Raku with a twist Alternative firing

Sunday Lunchtime Talk 12:30 - 1:30 pm 14 The 2014 Taiwan Ceramic Biennale

Evette Kruger Eugene Hön

An overview

Sunday Afternoon 2:00 – 5:00 pm 15 Traditional Coiling Techniques

An introduction to Zulu & Venda methods

Michelle Legg and Nic Sithole

16 Decorating with Slip

Sandra Goercke

17 Creative Skills Development Masterclass

Eugene Hön

18 Raku with a twist

Evette Kruger

Exploring a number of techniques For advanced and aspiring ceramists Alternative firing

All workshops are hands-on participation workshops except for the Lunchtime Talks and the Creative Skills Masterclass. Please refer to the individual information sheets for each workshop to see what you are required to bring to the workshops you are attending.


THE POEM, THE PERSON AND THE POT Ralph Johnson Assisted by Ros Jaff Ralph was born in Johannesburg and matriculated from Athlone Boys High School in 1961. He obtained his B.D.S.: University of the Witwatersrand in 1967. In 1984 he received an honours degree in ceramics from the University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) cum laude. In 1992 he attained his Master’s degree in Ceramic Design from the Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, England. The concept of the workshop is to encourage the participants to think creatively, laterally and not literally. They will each be given a poem and will see the obvious, then develop a sense of the spirit of the poem in terms of emotion, colour and music. They will then have to extract elements from the poem which can be used to create a “Memory Tile / Block or Pot” There are hidden forms, textures, rhythms, images beyond the obvious which they will be encouraged to visualise and use in their memory object using extruders (hand held and sprigs which they will make in the workshop using small blocks of plaster of Paris and slip trailers. For this workshop you will need to bring slip trailers, wooden tools, metal tools to carve into the plaster and a bat on which to make your tile.

DECORATIVE CARVING Madoda Fani Madoda was born in Cape Town and grew up in Gugulethu. The name means ‘our pride’ in Xhosa and Madoda is a living embodiment of that sentiment. Madoda counts himself lucky to have been exposed to art from a very young age. After 10 years working at The Potters Workshop, Madoda found his own, very different, visual style. It started by reconnecting with nature, especially the insect world. The intricate patterning revealed by close up photography further intrigued him and he started paying closer attention to the beautiful creatures all around him.

Madoda will demonstrate his carving techniques that have made his work so unique. Participants should bring sharp carving tools, a wooden bat for working on and box/plastic for transporting finished work home.

BEYOND YOUR COMFORT ZONE Carol Hamman Carol acquired a diploma in ceramics from Wits Technikon where she excelled in Sculpture. Upon completing her diploma, she began a Pottery Studio in Magaliesburg and due to its growing success, this soon became a thriving factory in Modderfontien supplying local chainstores, which was eventually hand painting up to 4000 units per day. As part of a journey of selfdiscovery and healing, Carol turned to Iconography and painted numerous icons and two Orthodox Churches fully clad with stylized patterns and iconography. Throughout this time she yearned to do 3D work. For her 40th birthday she attended a Wood Turning course and enjoyed turning a few pieces, but found wood very static and sterile, hankering for the fluidity of clay. 2011 finally brought the fulfilment of a lifelong dream as she started sculpting in wax and bronze casting. Carol has found enormous joy in this creative process.

In this workshop, I am hoping to stretch you beyond your comfort zone and hopefully help you to become a little more creative by digging deep into your own imagination and spontaneity. Please come to the lecture with a sculpture in mind that you would like to do. It would be highly advisable to spend some time either sketching what you have in mind, making a little Marquette or having some printed reference off the internet.

RAKU WITH A TWIST Evette Kruger Evette Kruger is a ceramic artist and teacher. She studied in Pretoria to obtain a National diploma in ceramic design which she completed in 1990. She has exhibited on both regional and national level with CSA. Evette has two teaching studios, one in Pretoria and one in Johannesburg offering Evette teaches wheelwork, hand building and sculpture in different mediums, and drawing and painting in different mediums. ‘I aim to instil a love and appreciation for all things clay in my students, helping them find their own direction and style.’ At the Clay Festival, Evette will present 2 ‘Raku with a Twist’ workshops Raku is one of Evette’s specialties and the workshop is a must for anyone interested in alternate firing techniques

The workshop will allow the participants to explore different methods of glaze application, (pouring, dipping, dabbing), with a choice of 4 different glazes and a variety of bright colours. They will also have an opportunity to try different resist techniques and oxide decoration. The workshop will end with a beer firing with a twist!

LUNCHTIME TALKS Eugene HÓ§n Is a ceramic artist with a passion for drawing. His ceramic statements are a creative response to the evocative quality of literary sources he engages with. He has work in all major art galleries in South Africa, including numerous corporate and private collections. He completed a master in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town specialising in Ceramic sculpture - graduating in 1986. He is presently employed as an academic lecturer and director of the FADA gallery at the University of Johannesburg, Gauteng. His presentation will showcase the 2014 Taiwan Ceramic Biennale, from the perspective of a participating artist aimed at developing and aspiring ceramic artists. http://eugenehon.blogspot.com/

Ronnie Watt Is a journalist and television programme producer with extensive experience at the level of news editor and creative director. He is also a published author of non-fiction works and academic essays, as well as a studio pottery and ceramics researcher-writer. His ceramic interests include being a specialist collector of studio pottery with attention to the South African studio potters working in the tradition of the Anglo-Oriental/Modernist school. He is known for his research and writing about South African studio pottery and ceramics for the Art At Work Today on-line project: www.artatworktoday.com International press representative and conference speaker at the 2014 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, presented by the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum. Ronnie’s presentation The studio Pottery culture of New England will focus on his recent internship at The Studio Potter Journal (USA) in 2014.

DECORATING THE FIRED SURFACE John Shirley I have been working with ceramics for forty five years, both in the areas of making and teaching. I was programme coordinator in Ceramic Design at the University of Johannesburg until 2010. I am still very involved with the teaching of ceramics, both in the formal and informal sector. I run a number of one off workshops on a number of ceramic techniques and processes on a regular basis. My own work has recently been with bone china and porcelain with a number of surface treatments specializing in soluble salts which create a water colour effect on the translucent body. I am a Fellow of Ceramics Southern Africa and a member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

My workshop will consist of a number of methods of decorating the fired ceramic surface, including on-glaze, in-glaze, decals and lustre. Application methods and firing schedules will be covered as well as ways of building up layers of colour for added intensity. Participants should bring a selection of brushes, a sharp pointed metal tool a small sponge and a soft rubber kidney

TRADITIONAL COILING TECHNIQUES Michelle Legg Strong forms and good proportion have always been the most important element of my work. Whether I am hand building, casting or throwing I am always looking for symmetry and clean profile lines. Constantly searching for balance but trying to push the boundaries. I received the Glazecor Premier Award on the 2011 Ceramics Southern Africa Regional Exhibition

Nic Sithole With almost 30 years of experience, a significant turning point came about after Nic attended a workshop by Michelle Legg on ‘Traditional African Pots'. For the first time Nic started making work that he felt was a natural expression of who he was and what he believed in. He had found a voice to express his creativity. Nic has work in the Corobrick Collection in Pretoria and the Nelson Mandela Art Gallery in Port Elizabeth.

The workshop will include an introduction to Zulu and Venda traditional coiling methods. Participants will practice these techniques with the assistance of Michelle and Nic. Burnishing and terra sigillata application will be demonstrated on pre made pots. The 2 workshops are stand-alone but should enthusiastic coilers wish, they may sign up for both and continue on pots started during the first session. Participants should bring a wooden bat, basic tool kit, apron and plastic to cover work for transporting home.

THE SECRET LIVES OF OTHERS Lydia Holmes My recent work has focused on hidden societies – places where no outsider is allowed in. What materializes behind these closed doors? Who are the people who populate these places? Who are the characters who dwell here? What are their sexual preferences? What do they do for fun? Do they have ambitions, dreams or desires? No one is allowed behind the gates of the Abbey, the Papal Palace, or the Priory. What do the men do for fun? How do they socialize? My characters are based on religious figures mostly painted by Peter Paul Rubens, Diego Velazquez, Pompeo Batoni, Pietro Facchetti and others. The outward calm and pretentious dignity of these figures must surely hide some inner mischief or after hour delinquencies? Considering that these closed societies are so hidden from our world, I have created an imaginary world of characters and events for the residents of these closed communities. Where might they go on holiday? Which small vices do they indulge in? Even though they live in isolation in a state of restraint, devotion and celibacy, are they so different from those who live outside of these closed communities? My present series – Dressing for the Bishop’s Ball, depict ecclesiastical figures, out of their comfort zones, dressed up in their version of “the little black dress”. They are rather staid men, robbed of their dignity, ceremonial dress and clerical status, having to “go with the flow” in dress up for the Bishop’s Ball.

The workshop will consist of a slide presentation of Lydia’s work. A talk about the figure, proportions, measurements, etc. and a demonstration of Lydia’s way of working Participants will do some work of their own with time for a crit at the end of the session.


Chris graduated from the Belfast College of art and the Ulster college of Art and design before potting and teaching in Ireland England France and Norway. Opened his first pottery in1967 in the National Trust property of Castleward in Ireland. Five years he moved his studio to Hillsborough in co. Down where he made all types of stoneware, building ceramic murals and teaching. Relocated to South Africa in 1982 and established his studio on a smallholding in Muldersdrift where he works to this day. ‘I work in stoneware mostly, some terracotta and in other temperatures when needed. Working mostly to order producing decorative and functional ware of all types. There is always a stock of work at the studio. I will consider any ceramic project from teapots to murals. In recent times decorated wash basins have taken a lot of my production. My style tends to be in the Anglo- Japanese tradition using free brushwork and feldspathic glazes.’

In this workshop Chris will show methods he uses to make his own stuff for the studio. Looking fleetingly at Kilns, wheels, workshop furniture and basic workshop gear, and in more depth creating your own hand tools, throwing tools, turning tools. Creating stamps and brushes from nothing making your workshop personal at little cost and considerable satisfaction.

DECORATING TECHNIQUES WITH SLIP Sandra Goercke Trained as a commercial artist at Johannesburg Art School, I started potting in 1974 realizing that this is my passion. For many years I went to Digby Hoets where I acquired a good grounding. I work from my studio in Benoni running pottery classes several times a week. I gravitate towards hand work which gives me greater freedom of expression. In later years, I’ve been inspired by the colours and texture of India. I have won many awards. One of my pieces was acquired for the Corobrik collection.

The workshop will cover slip inlay, mocha technique (which gives a fern or tree like pattern), feathering, dot patterning and combing – For this workshop you will need a craft knife or any incising tool, paint brush, metal kidney or blades and a slip trailer

CREATIVE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT MASTER CLASS Eugene Hӧn Are you realizing your ideas and concepts in terms of contemporary ceramic trends, techniques and processes? This Ceramics Master Class is aimed at ceramic designers, craftspeople and artists with the need/desire to take their work to the next level – or to explore new territories and or creative options available to them. They will be required, on registration for the workshop, to submit images of their latest work and a short explication/statement defining their creative intent (plus minus a 200 words). The facilitator/s will act as mentors in a seminar environment to unleash the creative individual potential of participants; addressing ideas and concepts in terms of various ceramic techniques and methods. Innovative and creative ceramic options will tabled and discussed with input from all participants (collective intelligence) http://eugenehon.blogspot.com/ honugene@gmail.com

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