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Colored gemstones also called colored stones, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, crystal and other members of the family are multicolored. With multicolored identification detection is also improving, as the international gold market in the doldrums, multicolored become mainstream jewelry market investment, more and more people started to invest in multicolored, colored gemstones has become a hot investment market upstart.

In recent years, the domestic jewelry investment matures, many investors are turning to jewelry, in 2010, Christie's Hong Kong on a sapphire diamond bracelet on to 53.86 million Hong Kong dollars of the price being shot away, 2012 Christie's Hong Kong autumn auction , a natural pigeon blood Burmese ruby necklace with 39.86 million dollar deal. According to statistics, in 2010, the domestic jewelry market sales reached 250 billion yuan, an increase of 14%, in 2011 the domestic jewelry industry sales of more than 3,000 billion yuan, an increase of 20 percent, experts estimate that China will in 2020 to more than 500 billion yuan sales volume to become the world's largest jewelry consumer market.

With the domestic jewelry market becomes hot, more and more international brands will also be in focus on the Chinese market, Cartier, Paris Mercure other big fashion design concepts into the colored gemstone jewelry design, making jewelry has become more fashion, charismatic, popular domestic consumers. It is reported that the French royal custom brand Mercure Paris also plans to hold a national arts jewelry auction, the auction will come up with several precious European royalty have been custom colored jewelry collectors who will not only be able to watch more of these rarities have the opportunity to be held at a later auction will fancy jewelry auction home. Mercure Paris in charge of the Asia-Pacific region, said: China's Cai Bao market is currently very popular, many investors are beginning to realize the value of color treasure so special colored gemstone jewelry will be the jewelry industry upstart, Paris Mercure always pay attention to the jewelry design art, and it is this concept before extraordinary artistic achievements of the Mercure Paris jewelry unique position today. We hope that China's jewelry lovers can understand the

intrinsic artistic value of these jewels, like these unique treasures. Just getting started with jewelry for the investors, our suggested that they start from entry-level jewelry, such as sapphire jewelry, one karat sapphire ruby price is only one-third of the same level but very have a very good appreciation of space selection. The information is from

The domestic jewelry market is becoming more and more hot  

These handmade necklaces also use the Swarovski rhinestone, which makes it more fashionable and attractive.