Ceramicarte Catalogo

Page 228

Do not cry my absence, consider me near you and continue to talk to me. I will love you from the heavens just as I did on earth.

Jesus said:” I am the resurrection and the life. If you have faith in me even though you die you will live again”.

“All good people’s souls are in the arms of God”.

“Be consoled with me, all of you who were so dear to me. I leave a world of pain in exchange for a kingdom of peace” (St. Catherine of Siena) 29




“Those who we love are never lost, that we may love them in him that we cannot lose”. 27

The one we cry for is not absent but only invisible, his eyes radiant with glory are fixed in ours that are full of tears (St. Augustine). 30

Your death so rapid and unexpected leaves a great vacuum among all those who loved you. The memory of you will always be in their hears.

“We have not los him. He dwells ahead of us in the light of God” Condescend, o Lord, not to He rests in the peace of the separate in the heavens those just, he lives again in the light of whom you had united on earth. God.

Don’t cry for my absence I am blessed in God and I pray for you.

Give him/her everlasting peace, o Lord, and may your light shine on him endlessly. Rest in peace. Amen.



From the kingdom of peace and serenity the Lord has called. Watch over your loved ones who always think of you. 37

Do not cry, I will always be our family’s angel. God will not deny me anything when I pray for you (St. Augustine). 40



Honesty was his ideal, work his life, the family his love. May his loved ones keep the memory of him in their hearts. 38

“A tear for the defunct evaporates, a flower on a grave dies. A prayer for their soul God will receive” (St. Augustine). 41

“His death leaves in our hears a deep wound. We begged of you Lord, that you may prolong his days. You gave her the eternal rest. Blessed be your 43 holy name….”

May each day’s dawn bring mum and dad’s smile.

Family and friends this image to remind you of sweet memories and to bring to your lips a mystic prayer.

I am not passed away, I am starting a new life and all the things I cannot tell you in this life, I will make you understand from Heaven above.






Good, honest, and hardworking, loved and esteemed by all leaves on this earth the shining footsteps of his elect virtues. 36

To all those who knew him/ her and loved him/her that the memory of him may continue. 39

She quietly fell asleep in the Lord after a long life entirely dedicated to the family and his work. Exemplary wife and mother leaves to her husband and children an inheritance of 42 faith and love. So that his image survive in the memory of those who loved him and his recollection to be lift, by the prayers of the good ones, in heaven reached by leaving in grief all his beloved ones. 45 Pray for us, you who art in heaven , and guide us with your strength with your will and with your love like when you were among us. 48