Spain introduction: BirdLife International: Seabird bycatch

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BirdLife International: Seabird bycatch

15 of 22 species now globally threatened

Marguerite Tarzia, BirdLife Europe

Image: Guy Shorrock

The Status of Seabirds is Deteriorating • 359 seabird species • 104 are globally threatened (28%) • Population declines • 17 species critically endangered • Seabirds most threatened group of birds

Image: Pep Arcos

Threats At-Sea and On-Land

Global estimate: ~300,000 seabirds, including up to 100,000 albatrosses killed annually in longline and trawl fleets

Albatross life history •


Delayed sexual maturity

Slow breeding

Small populations

15 of 22 species globally threatened

3 critically endangered

BirdLife Marine Programme • Many species are highly migratory • Many threats occur at sea & on high seas • Need a global approach to try to reverse seabird declines • BirdLife working to identify and tackle threats to seabirds • Collaborative approach with fishing industry