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Dynamic singer/songwriter, Rona Sentinar has a strong undercurrent of raw energy, passion and magnetism on stage; she delivers melodic tuneful songs that are infectious. They combine well with her lyrics that paint pictures in the listener’s mind. Rona’s distinct voice and sound lyrics are refreshing and beautiful. She has found three talented musicians through the streets of London and the Science Museum (she literally asked strangers she bumped into if they knew a drummer, a guitarist and a bassist). They accompany her to her gigs

Last year, Rona and her talented band played a series of gigs in various London venues including, the Betsey Trotwood, Bullet Bar, Wilmington Arms, Hope & Anchor, T-Birds Bar, Metra Club, 12 Bar Club, The Comedy, Worlds End, Duck N’ Dive in ULU, Leonards, Strong Room, The Miller, Fiddler’s Elbow, Dirty South, Tommy Flynn’s

Rona has played at Llandudno Festival, North Wales, OXJAM in ULU, and Hobbs Music Festival in Yapton, West Sussex and this year at Clapham Festival at the Clapham Common Grounds in London. Playing in these festivals has given her confidence and an appetite for performing to a large audience

This year she aims to increase her profile and generate a big fan base.

She is working on her album to release next year.

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