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by Patricia Lenkov, Founder & President, Agility Executive Search, LLC

The need to hire varies from company to company. Maybe your organisation is just starting out, and you’re at that exciting point where you are building your dream team. Perhaps you’re expanding, and you’ve recognised that the demand for your product and services is now greater than the output of your current workforce. Or have you just lost a valuable member of your team and now need to fill the position that was recently vacated?


hatever the reason why you are currently hiring, you may already know how challenging it can get finding the right person to fill the role. You want someone who not only meets the requirements but also fits into your company culture. And you certainly want to find the right candidate in the quickest time possible without having to interview hundreds of applicants and waste time on unqualified leads. To get the attention of the best talents, you need to streamline your hiring process. Hiring the right recruiter is always an option (the best in my humble opinion!). However if this is not possible for any reason, here are some tips to guarantee that the perfect person for the job finds you and signs that job offer:

Attracting the Right Applicants with a Great Job Advertisement Once you’ve defined the role that needs to be filled, it’s crucial to write a specific yet unique job description that will attract the right applicant. Avoid too much industry jargon but do speak the language of your company’s culture. A candidate who is the right fit for your team will be able to relate to your style and tone. A great job ad should speak directly to the right candidate while filtering out the unqualified ones.

Reaching the Right People by Posting in the Right Place If hiring from within is not an option or your preference is to hire externally to gain someone who can contribute their best practices to your team, you will need to promote your job opening across other networks. Cast the widest net by posting your job ad online. Paid job board ad platforms may get you more serious job applicants than free job boards. If your company has social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to post your job there as you will attract people who are already interested and involved followers of your organisation. For specific skills, look for job niche boards where specific industries gather and engage. For example, those seeking job opportunities in the technology sector will most likely search on while job

seekers in the finance industry will be looking for jobs on Other job niche boards include for those in the healthcare sector and is for job postings in advertising, social media, TV, and radio.

Save Time by Refining Your Screening Process Know exactly what you are looking for. Set up a screening process that doesn’t waste your time or the candidate’s. If the position is more technical in nature, have applicants take an online exam proving their declared skills before having them come in for a face-to-face interview. If the role requires a lot of engagement with customers, set up a video conference call instead of having them wait in your company lobby with dozens of other applicants only to realise they are unfit for the role. Know what your red flags are, move resumes that contain those into a separate ‘pile’ and proceed to the next. Recognise your ‘green lights’ and organise to meet with those candidates first.

Ask the Right Questions Every job seeker has already perfectly rehearsed what they are going to say when asked what their biggest strengths and greatest weaknesses are. Instead of asking the questions that have appeared in every article ever written about how to prepare for a job interview, ask the specific questions that will showcase the candidate’s personality, skills, and if they will fit into your company.

Hit the Target by Making the Right Offer You’ve found the perfect candidate! But don’t exhale and start celebrating just yet. One of the deciding factors why you chose this candidate may have been their eagerness to join the team. But present them with a job offer that is less than attractive than what they were expecting and that fire will die down very quickly. The job offer is about compensation, benefits, and the pride that comes with being part of your company. Be clear but be enthusiastic. Practice how to deliver the offer so that the candidate will look forward to working for you, with you and will feel that they will be a valuable member of the team.



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