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Blessing A

to a Generation

by Andrew Ngozo

In an industry where men outnumber women, the tech scene in Ghana has seen some tremendous growth over the years. From software development, training, influencing, blogging, engineering, to leadership roles with top global information technology giants, women in this sector are blazing the trail for women in this space in Ghana. They are influencers and role models, not just for young women aspiring for a career and impact in the tech space but any young person aspiring to reach the skies in tech in Ghana. One such pioneer is Ethel Cofie, the chief executive officer and founder of EDEL Technology Consulting, an IT Consulting Company in West Africa and Europe (I.T Consulting Firm of the Year-Ghana Telecoms and IT Awards) and founder of Women in Tech Africa (Africa’s Largest Tech Group) with members in over 30 African countries and in the diaspora and growing. Ethel has been named as one of the top five women impacting IT in Africa.


thel also created the Women in Tech Week, a global event which started in 2016 and impacts over 10 000 women globally. She’s been featured on BBC and has had her opinion pieces published on CNN on topics of technology in emerging markets, and women leadership. When Ethel is not running EDEL or Women in Tech Africa, she advises and consults on technology growth in emerging markets. She sits on a number of boards across the continent. Former U.S first lady, Michelle Obama believes that: “Ethel is a blessing to her generation.” Not only is she making waves with the innovation she creates for the business community through her EDEL Technology Consulting, she is helping propel more women in tech to succeed. It is this that puts her on the map as a catalyst in the African tech space. Ethel says that her journey in the industry started when she in love with the computer. “I fell in love with the computer the first time I saw it growing up. I was interested in understanding how it works and what makes it tick. I guess that’s where it all started,” she says. Ethel has gone on to start her own software company after her Bachelors and her Masters in Distribution Systems in the United Kingdom (UK). “I took a rather audacious move to return to Ghana after my education in the UK. I packed my bag and baggage left my well- paying job and headed for Ghana to start my own company. How naive I was!” she states. Ethel saw opportunities in the tech space back home and decided to come take them. Little did she know the surprise that awaited her! “My first business failed. I did not have clients and I had little experience. My



first business failed miserably.” Looking back at those days, she recounts, with much humour now, what the feeling was like. “It’s a funny feeling waking up to a zero balance in your account. That was rock- bottom for me. I wondered if my decision to come down to Ghana was a good one.”

Valuable Lessons It was then that she joined Vodafone. But before Vodafone, the CEO of EDEL Technology Consult worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Ford Foundation, all of which taught her some valuable lessons that will come in handy in her second attempt at entrepreneurship. “I got a job at Vodafone Ghana as Head of Commercial Solutions for Vodafone Ghana. That’s the last job I did. This role gave me the much needed experience and a more stable ground to launch on a second attempt at entrepreneurship. I learned the lesson that it is much easier when you have some customer base to start from. Vodafone gave me the opportunity to showcase what I could do. Clients knew me, so it was much easier.” That was how EDEL Technologies as it is known today started. They had a simple value proposition: “To provide customised software for companies and businesses that will increase profitability. Here we either minimise cost or maximise revenue, whichever way, our software are tailored to improving the profitability of our clients.” Ethel’s business has been growing steadily over the past few years, delivering value for high calibre clients who then refer her services to peer companies.

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