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Tir Coed End of Year Report November 2018-2019 Charity number: 1115229 Limited Company number: 03918116



12 week training courses


Felt calmer in the woods Learnt new practical skills


of trainees enjoyed learning new skills enjoyed spending time in the woods.

Increased their understanding of nature & Woodlands

Found the tutors inspirational & supportive

"I got to meet new people and got to do lots of interesting stuff"

92% of trainees believed they had gained job-relevant skills/ work experience

93% said their sense of wellbeing had improved.

Woodland Activity Sessions:

Weekly Volunteering

100% said they would

100% enjoyed the sessions

recommend volunteering with Tir Coed to others

97% said the location was good


94% said the activity had been a break away

87.5 said the activities were enjoyable

Progression Weeks:


enjoyed the course would recommend the course to a friend

said they were satisfied with their experience

Primary School programme 97%

said sessions gave the group a better understanding of woodlands and wildlife.

94% 91% of trainees said they were

enjoyment outdoors was encouraged during the sessions

learning relevant skills for finding work

94% the sessions raised awareness of a range of us-

61% agreed that there are out-


door jobs for people like them

es of timber.

the group were encouraged to visit woodland in their leisure time.


In 3 Words….. What would you be doing if you weren’t at Tir Coed


Describe your experience of Tir Coed


November 2018-October 2019 This year Tir Coed has engaged



people across 3 counties - Ceredigion,

Pembrokeshire and Powys whilst scoping sites and developing relationships in Carmarthenshire ready for delivery in December 2019. A staggering 1,624 individuals have been able to visit their local woodlands and learn new skills .

Carrying out

15 311 hours of activity to improve or learn about woodlands

17 woodlands have been visited, learnt about and managed for wider community benefit. 24 structures have been made such as a round house, steps and hand-rails, bridges and picnic benches. 1.4 km of pathway has been maintained/created. 6 acres of woodland has been managed for wildlife and people and 0.25 acres of re-planting.

167 individuals have been certificated and accredited through Tir Coed Training programmes – ‘Welcome Weeks’, 12 week ‘Accredited Courses’ and ‘Professional Progression Weeks’. A further Tir Coed has worked with 60 referral agencies to enable some of the most disadvantaged to access healthy, meaningful and skills-building activities. Following a successful pilot in 2018 the volunteer programme in Ceredigion has continued growing from strength to strength. Over the past year 29 sessions have been run from Coed Tyllwyd in Llanfarian, 38

volunteers have attended across the year

delivering 1287 hours of work.. Tir Coed has additionally supported 19 primary schools in Ceredigion to take part in curriculum-based outdoor woodland activities supporting 817 pupils and 91 teachers to learn about the woodlands on their doorstep. Project activity completed in September with a total of 1,186 school children completing 2,636 hours of outdoor education in 12 woodlands over the course of the 2 year pilot project.


November 2018-October 2019 For the second year Tir Coed has delivered residential ‘retreats’ enabling outreach to 166 disadvantaged people from inner city Birmingham and welcoming them to rural Wales to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring natural environment of the Elan Valley and take part in Tir Coed activities. 30 outdoor

sessions have been delivered working with 10 Birmingham referral agencies.

Tir Coed has grown this year with an additional 11 staff. Including 1 new member to both the marketing team and the accreditation






development officer. Additionaly, in a culture change for the organisation Tir Coed has recruited 8 activity leaders to deliver woodland training and wellbeing activities, stepping away from the freelance model to meet the needs of a growing and robust charity. 2019 has seen Tir Coed’s return to Carmarthenshire ready for delivery to begin in November 2019-20. 14 woodland sites with potential to host Tir Coed activities have been visited and assessed on location, accessibility, size, ownership and facilities. Links with 30 new referral agencies have been established through networks, meetings and presentations; including schools, NHS departments the county council, youth clubs and third sector


November 2018-October 2019 Level 2

Tir Coed has also been busy developing Level 1

a qualification – Gofalu: Understanding Sustainable Land Management. which will be launching in 2020. It will be made up









Level 2

qualification at Award level, which can

be added to with 1-2 further [Tir Coed] units to create an Extended Award, or 3 units to create a Certificate Qualification.

Level 1 Award/

Level 1

Understanding Sustain-

Level 1

Outdoor Prac-

Level 2 Award/

Level 2

Level 1

Level 2

In December 2018 a 12 month ‘Dod i Oed/ Coming of Age’ campaign project began, supporting Tir Coed to increase its audience on the run up to its 21st birthday celebrations in 2020. Over the year, 6 campaigns have been delivered outreaching to

In October 2019 Tir Coed won the

18.5k people

Powys Business Awards- Best Charity or Social

Enterprise. The judges comments:

“Tir Coed is an inclusive, forward-thinking charity with a passionate and devoted team who engage fully with the local community and much more". “Its work with woodland activities and the resultant infrastructure improvements achieved have meant improved access and more visits to the area with an increased awareness of what Elan Valley area offers.”

School’s programmes


Dysgu am Goed is partnership project between Tir Coed and the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) funded by Cynnal y Cardi and RFS and is an expansion of RFS’ Teaching Trees programme in England. Dysgu am Goed worked with woodland owners and managers to arrange 2 hour educational visits for Ceredigion primary schools children. Between October 2017 and July 2019 Tir Coed engaged 32 Ceredigion primary schools in 41 sessions enabling 1186 children and 132 adults to benefit from the project. A total of 2636 hours of outdoor education was spent in 12 woodlands across Ceredigion encouraging schools o use their local woodlands for educational purposes.

For the duration of the project, sessions have been held in 4 NRW sites (Coed Tyllwyd, Black Covert, Coed Dolgoed and Gogerddan Allt Ddel), 2 community woodlands (Longwood and Parc Natur Penglais), 1 Wildlife Trust site (Cilgerran), 4 Woodland Trust sites (Coed y Mwldan, Coed Perthneidr, Coed y Foel and Coed y Bobl) and 1 National Trust site (Llanerchaeron). 3 jobs were created as a result of the project, a Development Officer and 2 Education Officers.

LEAF Year 2


The second year of the LEAF project has been hugely successful. 807 people have taken part in activities at 9 woodland sites across the rural Counties of Pembrokeshire, Powys and Ceredigion. 36 Bespoke Activity Sessions have been delivered to 32 groups enabling 640 individuals to get out into the woodlands and try their hand at something new. 167 individuals have engaged with learning programmes and have gained cerification and/or accreditation and 104 progressing into

volunteering, training or employment.

4 introductory Welcome Weeks have been delivered to 28 NEETS with 96% completing the course and receiving a certificate of achievement. 6, 12 week Accredited training courses have been delivered to 67 trainees with 63 (94%) gaining accreditation. Courses have delivered 6 subjects: Estate Maintenance & Countryside Skills, Construction of a Wooden Shelter, introduction to coppicing; sustainable woodland management; and constructing ancillary structures to access routes.

6 professional progression training weeks have been delivered to 29 people with 89% completing and gaining "My life has been on a downcertification in ecology, social forestry, heritage craft ward spiral for some time. The course has been inspirational to and timber construction. me and has possibly saved my life"

People mentored this year


Enrolments on second/further Tir Coed Training Enrolments on others' training


People progressing into employment


People progressing into volunteering


People progressing into self-employment


New progression opportunities input into database



With the support of Tir Coed’s mentors, 127 individuals have been mentored and 40 have been supported to develop their own progression route



After going through a very difficult period in my life, and being unemployed for over a year I began volunteering for Tir Coed. Since volunteering I feel that it has given me a real sense of direction, and a sense of purpose which had been missing from my life for a long time. It helped me to realize that I want to work with nature, and would love to build a career working outdoors. The courses I undertook helped to strengthen this ambition and also gave me some vital skills which have fuelled my drive and improved my self-esteem and confidence. All of the tutors have been an inspiration to me and provided a lot of helpful insights into what my strengths are, how to build on them & have also helped me to see the path which would enable me to achieve my goals. My mentor has been particularly helpful, and has helped me to stay on track by reminding me not to get disheartened by obstacles, by reassuring me that he is on hand if I ever need any guidance or help with any of the issues I have faced. His help & guidance has been invaluable to me and his hard work and dedication are an inspiration. After being unemployed for a year, doing voluntary work and participating in the woodland carpentry and social forestry courses I have gained part time work. I now feel more confident that I will be able to complete a chainsaw course and improve my employment opportunities in the career path of my choosing. I attribute much of this confidence to the fact that I have Steve’s continued help and support. I’m grateful for the work that everyone at Tir Coed do and am now feeling more deter-

CASE STUDY 2 Case study 2 first started attending the volunteer sessions in September 2018. He had suffered a severe head injury from an unprovoked attack several years previous and as a result has suffered from intense migraine headaches and occasional seizures and so had been far from the workplace for some time. He immediately found the woodland setting very calming and beneficial to his wellbeing, in addition he also found that the relaxed pace was a perfect reintroduction to regaining his strength and stamina. Over the following weeks 2 soon built up a passion for working in the woodland setting and was 2 then went onto complete another 12week woodland carpentry course over the summer months where he honed his skills and contributed to some fantastic improvements to the site. He then went onto completing a 5-day Social Forestry course where he fully engaged with the activities and the group and gained a great deal from the experience. He has since decided that his skill set lies more in the practical elements of forestry such as felling, extraction and milling etc and has expressed a keen desire to complete chainsaw and brushcutter training in order to pursue this career path. 2 has also been fortunate to have finally received compensation from his injury at a time that is probably the most beneficial to him as he now feels ready and able to make some real life changing decisions and to fully see them through. We are currently organising 2’s training programme with him in line with his Individual Action Plan and feel like this will be a real turning point in his life after what has been a very difficult and tough few years.

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Test, Tir Coed end of year report 2019


Test, Tir Coed end of year report 2019