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9 Hogging up the school

What happened to the old test incentive policy, and will it return?

23 Teen pregnancy

Take a look into the lives of expecting teenage moms and learning life lessons from an experienced teen mom

41Just Jones

A new band is looking to be a light in a spot of darkness

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September 2009

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The Star policy is a document that covers everything from our purpose to our plan of action if something goes wrong. It’s the staff’s guideline as to how our decisions are made.


The Star is a student-generated newsmagazine published through the efforts and decisions of its editorial board and staff without any prior review. It is produced, edited and maintained by students. It is an open forum for student expression and the discussion of issues of concern to its audience. sports editor


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NEWS: Booking it in and out of school......................................................................6

9 Hogging up the school

What happened to the old test incentive policy, and will it return?

23 Teen pregnancy

Take a look into the lives of expecting teenage moms and learning life lessons from an experienced teen mom.

Hogging up the school............................................................................................9

41Just jones

A new band is looking to be a light in a spot of darkness.

Weekly specials.............................................................................................................11

SPORTS: Set up for victory...........................................................................................................14

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Going for the gold....................................................................................................15

September 2009

The cover is a sonogram of senior Ariel Pledger’s son, Dakota. Check out our in-depth story on teenage pregnancy, beginning on page 23.

Sport shor Did you know there’s a fact at the bottom of every page? short.aleciasmith Source:

FICTION: The Man in the Doorway...................................................20 T-Minus Your Life [When Do You Want To Start Counting]...............21



editor to the

Century High School history teacher Perry Lee

Late September. Friday night. The cool nip of autumn is in the air. In every Midwestern town in the USA, the Norman Rockwell setting of a high school football game is present. The band is playing and fresh popcorn is popping. Hot Feature shorts....................................................................................22 dogs, pop and coffee share the scene. The colors of fall and the colors of the competing schools complete the picture. In the winter I expect much of the same from basketball and hockey. I love the thrill of a big touchdown, a game winning 3-pointer, a power play that leads Not so secret life.........................................................................23 to a goal in over-time. Of course the players and coaches are a big part of this, but they cannot provide the entire atmosphere that most fans crave. I’m sorry athletes, but is not all about you. More feature shorts...................................................................26 Without the atmosphere, you have a scrimmage. I want atmosphere! I want a CHS-BHS hockey game. Everyone is on his feet, there is hardly enough room Wrecked................................................................................................27 to breathe, and it is so loud you can hardly hear yourself think. The place is so full of electricity you are afraid the arena may explode. This is what we want. We want a nail biter that leaves the fans as exhausted as the players. In the end, what makes this more exciting to me than the NFL, the NBA, or NHL, is attachment. I have a vested interest. I know the players and the coaches. These are my people. CHS, these are your people. The point I am getting at is the part I have omitted. I have not mentioned a Cross my heart..............................................................................29 vital part of this atmosphere—the leaders of it, those responsible for the working the crowd into a frenzy that causes a player to jump higher, to hid harder, Ticking tocks.....................................................................................31 to skate faster than he or she has ever done in practice. The adrenaline rush causes a receiver to make that diving catch, to sacrifice his body in a way that no normal person would ever do. I am talking about the cheerleaders. Rants and raves.............................................................................32 Don’t get me wrong—I think student support at our games has been excellent for the last few years, but we all need to support and encourage our cheerEditorials...............................................................................................34 leaders more. For football, basketball, and hockey, cheerleaders are a tradition. Colleges offer some nice scholarships for both female and male cheerleaders. It is highly competitive and they put on a great show. Back in “the day” when my wife was a cheerleader at CHS, making the cheerleading squad was more difficult than making the cut on the basketball team. A very coveted position it was. In the fall of 2007, when we played Fargo South in Halloween shorts............................................................................35 the semi-final football game, I counted 26 South cheerleaders. This fall, at West Fargo, I counted 18 Packer cheerleaders. At our game with BHS a few weeks ago, 16 maroon and white cheerleaders. Oh, the horror!..................................................................................39 We need to show the cheerleaders that we value their leadership and the vital role they play in making the atmosphere come alive. We need to applaud students like Megan Quintus who graduated last spring after giving four years as Just Jones.............................................................................................41 a varsity cheerleader to CHS athletics. These cheerleaders give of themselves to inspire the crowd, to inspire the players. We need to give back to them. Players might not like to hear this, but even if we don’t win the game on the field or on Reviews..................................................................................................44 the court or on the ice, we can always win the game in the stands, with a better crowd led by our cheerleaders.



It’s my life............................................................................................46

Cold Cash for

Cool Style Change Your Clothes.

Put CIS in Your Circle SLND’s College Information Service is your free ticket to planning your next step. • • • • •

College information College planning Scholarships Loans Money-wise tips

College Information Service 1-800-554-2717

W. FrontStreet Ave. 123204 Enteryour Bismarck, Somecityville, XYND 12345 (701) 250-1717 000-000-0000

Booking it in and out



Classes learn more from real life experiences story.jordankalk photos.alyssameier While most people may think that traditional schooling is the best way to learn, many teachers and students will agree that it is important to get out into the “real world”. During the course of the 2009-2010 school year various classes will be going on out-of-state trips to deepen their knowledge of study. The teachers don’t mind getting classes excused from school, and the students are excited to get out of the state. One of the first class trips that happened was the anatomy trip to Minneapolis, Minn. During the trip students went to the Body World Exhibit. Students saw all types of preserved body systems, such as the circulatory and muscular system. “It is a cool visual experience for the students,” Century High School science teacher Robin Jossart said. Anatomy classes have gone on this trip in years before. Jossart is a main organizer of the event. “It [was] good for the anatomy kids to see the open bodies and learn from it,” Jossart said. Also in the science department, A.P. Biology will be taking a trip at the end of March. The class will be going to Chicago to explore different realms of science. The event is named “The Ultimate Senior Biology Adventure”. Another department within Century, the journalism department, goes on four trips a year. These include two national competitions, a state convention and a summer workshop at Ball State University. “We go to compete across the nation,” journalism adviser Sue Skalicky said. “It also helps us stay in touch with common trends.” Both yearbook and newspaper students are invited on this trip. This year’s national trips include Washington D.C. in the fall and Portland, Oregon in the spring. “The competition helps motivate students to do their best and be proud of the work they’ve done,” Skalicky said. The journalism students will leave for Washington D.C. on Nov. 11. There will be a total of 11 students going. “Traveling in it of itself is an educational experience,” Skalicky said. The longest journey made by Century students will be done by the music department. Sometime this spring, Century’s orchestra is planning to take a trip to Disney World. There, students will perform at the ongoing Musi-

cal Celebration. “The shows will be for anyone who wants to come and appreciate the music,” junior Jenna Snyder said. Snyder plays violin for the orchestra. The Disney Music Celebration is a year-long program. The Century orchestra will perform for three days in the park. “Being able to influence people with music is a cool thing to do,” Snyder said. The trip for orchestra is still up for discussion; 25 people must sign up for the trip otherwise it will be cancelled. “I have never been [to Disney World] before, traveling is always an eye opening experience,” Snyder said. Another area within the music department, choir, is expected to take a winter trip to Bemidji, Minn. this year. Snyder said she won’t regret missing school, and other students that are traveling for schoolsponsored trips are sure to agree.

“Traveling is always an eye opening experience.”


Senior Joy Arumarajah’s advice on what to bring with on a class trip

Century journalism students travel to improve and broaden their skills. Last summer, both newspaper and yearbook went to a workshop at Ball State University.

Arumarajah has been on previous school-sponsored trips. She is also in yearbook, orchestra and A.P Biology and is planning to go on a couple of the trips this year.

1. 2. 3.

Cell phone. “It’s a good thing to have it in case someones lost, and to stay connected with friends.” Numbers from all the people in the group. “You have to have this one.” Clothes for all types of weather. “The weather changes fast, it’s not good to be stranded without a necessity.”

Did you know the cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth II, moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns?

Flu season updates


This year’s flu season is worse than years before. About 92 percent of flu cases in Burleigh County are thought to be H1N1. North Dakota will have about 360,000 H1N1 vaccines available, Bismarck will receive about 10 percent of these. Children, pregnant women and the elderly will have priority to the vaccines. Look for an immunization clinic at Century High School sometime this November.


Home remedies

Six old-fashioned cures for the common cold: short.baileycarlson photo.alyssameier

1. A few drops of garlic oil plus 1 tsp. of onion juice diluted in 1 c. water 2. Equal amounts of ginger (juice or tea) plus honey 3. 1 lemon in 1 c. warm water plus 1 tsp. honey 4. Mix equal amounts apple cider, vinegar and water together. Boil in a pan and lean over the pan to clear nasal passages. 5. Mix 4 drops of lavender essential oil and pine essential oil, 3 drops of peppermint essential oil and 7 drops of eucalyptus essential oil together, placing in an aromatherapy diffuser to clear nasal passages. 6. 1/4 tb. salt mixed with 4 mL warm water. Use as nasal drops. Dab eucalyptus oil on pillow before sleeping.

What it does: Lemon juice contains Vitamin C and increases resistance to the cold and helps you get over the cold more quickly. Regular intake can prevent the common cold. Garlic oil helps open up the respiratory system. Ginger should be taken hot and is effective for both colds and fevers. Sources:;



The new mobile BFF short.jordankalk

Now in the same competition as Google and other search engines, Cha Cha is growing faster than expected. By texting 242242 or calling 18002CHACHA, free answers are available for any type of questions. Restrictions to Cha Cha include the right to deem questions inappropriate to answer, and after a given amount of questions asked the search engine will not answer anymore. The business’ slogan is, “Ur mobile BFF,” and proves true with its availability all hours of the day.

Cha Cha Questions

Q: What is the smallest country in the world?

A: Many consider Vatican City

as the smallest country at 0.17 square miles, the second is Monaco .8 square mile.

Q: When is Fred Flinstone’s birthday?

A: There is no record of Fred hav-

ing a birthday.


Send us a tweet short.jordankalk

The Century Star is now on Twitter! Follow us at Look for daily events around Century High School and updates on the monthly paper. / september2009 / STAR 8

Hogging up the school Swine flu is dictating our school policies

“I think there will be even fewer students to take their finals with the new policy.” story.tonyabauer photo.breanneskalicky

Whispers fill the halls as students murmur about the latest drama that has the school buzzing. The Century High School attendance incentive policy has been thrown out the window due to the H1N1 outbreak. H1N1 is a version of influenza, similar to influenza A, that is spread through coughing, sneezing, and touching. H1N1, also known as swine flu, is a respiratory illness that commonly includes a high fever and muscle aches. “Every year we get a variety of the flu bug that we can identify, they are typically mildly worse or better than the previous year,” Dr. Robert J. Roswick said. “Swine different than the seasonal virus, and could become more severe than we have previously seen.” During a meeting of the Emergency Management Council of Bismarck, the H1N1 virus was only one of the topics discussed. The attendance incentive policy was a point brought about by this discussion. “There were concerns over the H1N1 virus and a possible pandemic,” Century High School principal Mike Heilman said. “[The] group felt [the attendance incentive] policy needed to be suspended.”

Did you know Robert Kennedy was killed in the Ambassador Hotel, the same hotel that housed Marilyn Monroe’s first modeling agency?

After being notified that the old incentive policy was suspended, many principals and vice principals, including Heilman, put their heads together to come up with a new policy that would not affect attendance. “There were a couple different drafts that were put together and viewed,” Heilman said. “But ultimately we decided on this draft.” The new test incentive policy is almost identical to the old one, except a student may have more than two excused absences but must turn in all assignments, and if a student is in mandatory tutorial time they must attend. “I can understand why the new policy comes about,” math teacher Michael Holen said. “ I think the new policy isn’t that much different than the old one, it’s pretty reasonable.” The new policy arose because of the possibility of the H1N1 epidemic, but is it over-hyped? If or when the pandemic hits, it’s expected to last six weeks, and if it becomes a bad virus it could infect up to 30 percent of the population at one time. “The six weeks hasn’t started and it may not ever start,” Roswick said. “If enough people have vaccines it will never get going here in Bismarck.” Though the possibilities of the H1N1 virus are endless, Century has implemented as much precaution as they can by placing hand

sanitizers in many rooms and making teachers aware of what is happening, and encouraging them to remind students to take the precautions as well. “We’re being told that there is some hysteria out there and it’s being blown out of proportion,” Heilman said. “We don’t want to make it more serious than it actually is.” The change in policies upset many students but not necessarily the sophomores, who have never had a test incentive policy. “We’ve never had [an incentive policy] before, we had to take all our finals last year,” sophomore Madi Williams said. “It will be nice, if we follow all the requirements we won’t have to take them.” Bismarck Public School’s new test incentive policy will be put into effect for the first semester, but after that its future is unclear. Dr. Paul Johnson, the superintendent of Bismarck Public Schools, has suspended the old policy, therefore it may return. “It’s not really a choice if Century goes back to the previous policy,” Heilman said. “Once [Johnson] lifts the suspension we will go back to the old policy.”

Vaccine verity

Facts about the new H1N1 vaccine * Made the same way as the seasonal flu vaccine * Produced in hens’ eggs, therefore people with egg allergies can’t take the vaccine * Adults ages 25 to 64 that are healthy will be the last to get the vaccine * It is not likely there will be any long term side effects * Available at a clinic near you! Source:

Did you know Chrysler built B-29’s that bombed Japan, Mitsubishi built Zeros that tried to shoot them down. Both companies now build cars in a joint plant called Diamond Star.

Weekly Specials

short.macyegeland photo.breanneskalicky

On every day of the school week, there is at least one place in Bismarck you can go to get a deal on something delicious.

Monday: Hit up Kroll’s Diner for Shakey Monday! 2 for 1 shakes.

Or 2 for 1 smoothies at TCBY If you need something to go along with those drinks, Dan’s SuperMarket has 2 for 1 muffins in the bakery.

Tuesday: Go to Taco Johns and get cheap tacos on Taco Tuesday! Or 2 for 1 drinks at Gloria Jeans.

Wednesday: Kroll’s has 2 for 1 Rootbeer floats!

Or go to TCBY for Waffle Cone Wednesday with . 99 cent wafflecones.

Thursday: If you don’t go to Buffalo Wild Wings for Boneless Thursdays, there is seriously something wrong with you. But if you would rather have a muffin, go to Gloria Jeans and get a free bakery item with the purchase of a drink.

Friday: Who are we kidding, you don’t need a deal this day. It’s Friday! Hopefully you’re satisfied enough. / september2009 / STAR 11


Savannah Link / september2009 / STAR

Filled with loathing and disgust, his stare is like squinting at the sun and I feel certain that, if I look at it for too long, I’ll probably burst into flame, not that he would have any sort of a problem with that.

“My theory is that everyone likes that adrenaline rush, that fight-or-flight reaction,” psychologist Kathy Blohm said.

24 30 16 40 “I’m strongly against teen pregnancy, which sounds hypocritical, but I know how it can change your life,” Clark said.

“To accomplish great things we must not only plan, but dream, not only act, but believe.”

Each issue, the STAR will be featuring a piece of artwork from one of Centry’s own, and providing important quotes from the stories featured throughout the magazine. / september2009 / STAR

Set up for

victory Patriots’ volleyball team is racking up the wins story.greghilzendeger photos.kristaboehm

Volleyball positions and who plays them for Century Libero

Sometimes called a defensive specialist, the libero can come into the game to replace any player on the back row. Senior Erika Jossart Senior Danielle Weisz Junior Tessa Neameyer Junior Sara Paulson


Hitters are a volleyball team's main attackers and point scorers. On the front row, they are also the teams blockers. Senior Markie Henry Senior Madi Buck Senior Carli Peterson Senior Lexi Traiser Junior Shelby Svihovec Junior Alicia Baumiller Junior Moorea Bulawa Junior Jaci Barron Sophomore AJ Jacobs Sophomore Lexi Ely Sophomore Kelsey T Glatt


They are similar to a quarterback or point guard in that they run the teams offense. They set up the team's attackers. Senior Briana Hildebrand Senior Alyssa Mastel Junior Tyler Loraas Junior Molly Perkins http://www.strength-and-power-for-volleyball. com/volleyball-positions-terms.html

The final point is scored, and the mass of Century High School fans swarm the floor in Minot to celebrate. The Patriots' volleyball team has just capped off an incredible 2008 campaign by defeating Bismarck High School in the state championship. This team finished the year undefeated in the WDA and won the school’s second state volleyball title. One year later, it's more of the same. The 2009 team has been replicating the success of its predecessor. They sit near the top of the standings in the WDA and have been defeated just once in conference play at press time. Four starters have returned from the championship team; this has been key to their success so far this season. "We have a lot of experienced players from the state championship team," head coach Jenni Walsh said. "That really helps." One key player that didn't return from the championship team is 2008 WDA Senior Athlete of the Year, Hailee Walsh, who is now playing volleyball at Bismarck State College. Coach Jenni has not only had to get used to not having her daughter on the team, but she has also had to fill the setter position that Hailee thrived in her time at Century. That hole has been filled this season with the combined efforts of seniors Alyssa Mastel and Briana Hildebrand. "They've done a fine job," Coach Walsh said. "It's a tough job, but they've worked hard." The change at setter has taken some adjusting to, but it is beginning to work for the Patriots. "It's a lot different than last year," Mastel said. "We've been getting used to each other, and we worked hard at it over summer." Hildebrand agrees that it's taken some work, but the team is starting to click. "[It's been] a challenge," Hildebrand said. "But the team's worked really hard to play well together so it hasn't been much of an issue." One reason that the transition has gone over so smoothly is the great camaraderie that the team enjoys. "We all really want to play," Hildebrand said. "We all really want to play together...We are a family." This closeness has shown itself on the court this year. With a strong regular season thus far, they are set up for a deep postseason run. The West Region is strong once again this year, which provides a significant obstacle if the Patriots wish to complete the path laid for them by the 2008 team, but their coach believes that they have as good of a shot as anyone to win state. "I think our chances



Senior Alyssa Mastel leaps for the ball in a game against Bismarck High. She and fellow senior Briana Hildebrand have stepped into the setter role this season.

Going for the


Century High School girls’ swim team gives a new meaning to the word dedication

“Everyone was standing in a group crying and just amazed that we won,” story.briannabrown photos.jocelynnsonnenberg

To some it may look like a bunch of girls swimming in a pool and trying to make it to the end before the girl on the other team does, but sadly they are mistaken. The girls on the Century High School swim team are as dedicated as they can get. Between the early morning practices and the other fifteen hours a week they spend swimming, these girls still manage to get homework done and have team sleepovers. The team, which consists of 22 girls, spends every morning, night, weekend, and free day they have together. They do what every other group of girls do, go to someone’s house, watch a movie and just be plain lazy. During their large team sleepovers the girls like to just relax and hang out, and then make a big breakfast in the morning. ” We consider each other sisters, we are like one big family,” Century High School senior Kalee Kemmesat said.

Did you know the forward pass was created by the football team at St. Louis University?

“Whenever we are not swimming we are hanging out together and just being lazy and watching movies,” sophomore Cassie Walth said. Walth has been swimming since she was six. Her favorite memory from swimming is last year when the team won the 400 relay. They had first started out eight seconds behind but then ended up winning with a one second lead. “Everyone was standing in a group crying and just amazed that we won,” Walth said. She and a majority of the other girls started competitive swimming around the age of six. The dedication these girls have for swimming is unreal. From the long practices at the YMCA and to not being able to shave for three months during high school swimming. By shaving, the girls get pumped up for competing. Many of the girls will not have any type of sweets or carbonated drinks the entire time they are on the swim team. So that means no energy drinks to keep them awake. They need to stay energized all by themselves. Junior Megan Sanford has given up all sweets and pop for this swim season. Sanford has been on the team for four years. She joined the team after her sister had started. To stay dedicated, the girls have given up on being in other sports or any after-school activities. They have a hard time going to any after school events either because of the practice or they are too tired and want to be able to relax. Amazingly, Megan Sanford has been able to make time to do track and basketball this year as well. Along with the normal swimming routine the girls have to do dry land training, which is made up of lunges, squats, and other cross training exercises. The team does this at least twice a week with a personal trainer. “I have been in every sport and I am really enjoying being in swimming right now,” Sanford said. This year the girls are more ready than ever with Coach Loic Jospeh pushing them along. He has given them a sense of hope to try harder and believe in themselves to push it to the next level. Sometimes he seems like he is being harsh on the girls, but they know it is for the best. He is just doing it so that he can have the girls be the best that they can be. Coach Loic has been the head coach for about three years and is doing an amazing job. In the past year, ten girls went to nationals. To be able to go to nationals they must qualify during the high school year and compete while they are on the club team. “He can be really hard sometimes, but we all know he only has our best interest in mind,” Walth said. This year the girls have set a motto to live by, “To accomplish great things we must not only plan, but dream, not only act, but believe.” They have printed this motto on everything they can just so they can keep believing in themselves.

Century swimmers practice every weekday. Out of the pool they have done team bonding.

Did you know Cathy Rigby is the only woman to pose nude for Sports Illustrated (August 1972)? / september2009 / STAR

What’s in your

sports bag?

Century High School junior Ed Bullinger gives us a peek inside his football bag. short.briannabrown photos.briannabrown&alyssameier

-Helmet -Gloves -Deodorant -Girdle -Under Armour shirt -Cleats -Mouth Guard -Pants -Shoulder Pads -Jersey

Weird sports team names short.greghilzendeger

With the UND Fighting Sioux looking to change their name, we took a look at some other teams' names that they probably will never consider. Fotballaget Fart- A professional women's soccer team in Norway. F.C. KooTeePee- A pro soccer team in Finland. K.F.C. Germinal Beerschot- A Belgian Soccer club. Webster University Gorloks- A college in Kansas City. A gorlok is a mythical creature created by the school's students and staff. Thailand Tobacco Monopoly- A soccer team in Thailand. UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs- A college in California. Teutopolis Wooden Shoes- A high school in Illinois. Sources: / september2009 / STAR

FF O % 10 ith w t ID! Mochas • Lattes • Cappuccinos • en Hot Chocolate • Smoothies • Tea d • Chai • Muffins • Cookies • Stu Scones • Caramel Rolls Now Serving Lunch

Come hang out with friends at the Boneshaker! 1501 Mapleton Ave. • Bismarck • 1 block north & 2 blocks east of Space Aliens (701) 530-0851 •



. That’s why I joined On the field I play to win er way for me to do the Guard – it’s anoth at team. great things with a gre

your ger g n i r B n hun arty a m p acho for a


• Travel • Camaraderie Salary • Monthly to 100% Paid Tuition • Up a Technical Skill • Learn Your Country, • Serve State & Community 701-328-9632

just a radiso to Pa latter – or riginal p on a Enjoy an o ion it ! party xican trad visit. Me ime you t every

2620 State Street •Bismarck PAR3037


Artist of the

Featured writ-

senior Daniel Draovitch

Q: Who is your favorite writer? A: Stephen King Q: What is your favorite book? A: Stephen King's “It� Q: How long have you been writing? A: On and off all my life, as long as I can remember. Q: What is your favorite work you've written? A: She Who Passed Me By Q: What is a quote that inspires you? A: "We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones." Stephen King Q: Why do you write? A: It helps me make sense of myself and my surroundings. Q: What kind of writing do you do most? A: Fiction Q: What do you want to have as a profession? A: A writer or teacher Q: What goals do you have for your writing? A: To be published, heard, and perhaps, if allowed, remembered. Q: What's your favorite class? A: Government Q: What inspires you? A: The world and its individuals.

Did you know Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors? / september2009 /

T-Minus Your Life (When Do You Want To Start Counting) by Skyler Husebye

Shaunna Messmer Room to Breathe Sarah McPhillips

Please step back I need some room to breathe Let go You’re smothering me I can do this on my own Can't you see that I have grown I'm no longer a child No longer your little girl I've grown up I'm leaving home I'm finding the person that I want to be Being the person I am So please step back I need some room to breathe / september2009 / STAR 20

Awkward moments in these awkward years Newly formed secrets, loves, and fears They say the best years of our lives Take place behind walls (is it a lie?) Do the clocks stop ticking when we stop staring Does the glass show a new picture when we stop glaring No, for the clocks keep ticking on The transparent world is forever strong This story is forever long Correct me if I may be wrong Ask yourself...Is the grass really greener on the other side? Is there anyone in the walls of which I can confide Once our years go we're thrown into reality To start, without guidance, in the bright city Streets once familiar are now evil and dark Without a parent to tell you where to start Slowly the awkwardly progressing confusion slows Like a disease meeting a bigger, better, antivirus In the end only the buried disease knows The ancient words upon his life story stylus Eventually the harsh cold world warms up Odds are on our side (do we use our luck?) Here is where there are those who gamble and those who cheated Are you a cheater or are cheated and no longer needed Either path you "choose" all is forgiven Even though some good deeds go forgotten Once your life is established can you survive So before you finish have you been stolen alive Are you slowly fading back Or trying to be the new black So like a window portray your world And like a clock spin around in circles tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

The Man in the Doorway Daniel J. Draovitch

Taylor Edin I am Alyssa Meier

I am I am a girl I am nothing and I am the world I am the future I am the past I stay forever Yet I won't last I am a lover I am a hater I am the fixer But still the breaker I am shining bright I am empty space I am the only one Or just one more face I am hope I am a scar I am strong I am a broken heart I am not who you want You can't understand Everything That I am

Did you know Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain smoked 40 cigars a day during the last years of his life?

There was no thought in the young man’s mind when he awoke that anything was out of the ordinary. The room which he called his own had the same look to it with the blood-red walls and the black stripes running vertical to the floor. His dirty laundry from the day before still sat in the middle of the floor, and the quote printed on the wall read as dark as ever in its shaded print: “Death comes to all”. Yet the man sitting in his bed felt an uneasy chill crawl its way up his spine. Today was no ordinary day. Something felt wrong; something felt different. He sat there, his neck tensed, every muscle in his well-built body ready to fight; yet he had not the reason to feel in such a manner. He looked around oh so slowly. He looked ready for the slightest movement, the slightest reason to act. Yet nothing moved, nothing did anything at all. He sat there still, tensed and nervous as a rabbit sensing the presence of an eagle above, but nothing happened. Nothing at all. He kept waiting, hoping, and wishing the feeling would dissipate but it never did. The feeling kept gnawing at his mind, never ceasing but always clawing. Finally, he decided to ignore his senses, and he got out of bed and headed for the bedroom door. Yet with a pause he suddenly realized there was no sound as there usually was: no creaks, no thumps. Again his muscles tensed, awaiting the impact to come. The adrenal glands in his body acted in preparation for the fight to come, but the fight never came. He sat there a moment longer…nothing out of the ordinary. He grabbed the doorknob with his quaking hand, feeling the coldness of the metal on his perspiring hand. The sweat dripped from his hair, his hand shaking as he tried to grasp the doorknob with a firm grasp; his mind screamed in disagreement to open the door; the senses inside his body pleaded for him not to go, but he disobeyed and opened the door. There was nothing, nothing at all in the dark hallway before him. After a moment of relief, he took two steps and turned to the right. A closed door shut the bathroom off from the rest of the world. He took a breath, grasping the door with his shaking hand. His senses screamed in remorse at the thought of opening the door; he quaked, scared to death, but stubborn to admit it to himself. He turned the handle opening the door. Still nothing there, he sighed in relief and took a step inside the room to take a shower, then turned in the darkness. His soul sank, his mind sharpened, and his hands came up as if by instinct into a boxer’s stance. The figure seen before him reacted as well, and he decided to beat him to the attack by punching at the figure standing before him. The figure did the same, racing to the same side, throwing his right fist at the man. He kept his fist aimed at the unknown figure in his bathroom; he’d beaten him to the punch and connected! A shatter, pain needles in his hand, a crash; shards of glass falling and breaking at his feet. To read the conclusion of this story, go to the Century Star website. / september2009 /


Test your common sense Everyday knowledge test short.aleciasmith Write down your answers to check them online at! 1. On a standard traffic light, is the green on the top or bottom? 2. How many states are there? 3. In which hand is the Statue of Liberty’s torch? 4. What six colors are on the classic Campbell’s soup label? 5. What two letters don’t appear on the telephone dial? 6. What two numbers on the telephone dial don’t have letters by them? 7. When you walk does your left arm swing with your right or left leg? 8. How many matches are in a standard pack? 9. On our flag, is the top stripe red or white? 10. What is the lowest number on the FM dial? 11. Which way does water go down the drain, clockwise or counter-clockwise? 12. Which way does a “no smoking” sign’s slash run? 13. How many channels on a VHF TV dial? 14. Which side of a woman’s blouse are the buttons on? 15. On a NY license plate, is New York on the top or bottom? 16. Which way do fans rotate? 17. Whose face is on a dime? 18. How many sides does a stop sign have? 19. Do books have even number pages on the right or left side? 20. How many lug nuts are on a standard car wheel? 21. How many sides are there on a standard pencil? 22. Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc. Who’s missing? 23. How many hot dog buns are in a standard package? 24. On which card in a deck is the card maker’s trademark? 25. On which side of a venetian blind is the cord that adjusts the opening between the slats? 26. On the back of a one dollar bill, what is in the center? 27. There are 12 buttons on a touch tone phone. What two symbols bear no digits? 28. How many curves are in a standard paper clip? 29. Does a merry-go-round turn clockwise or counter-clockwise? Now visit for the answers and scoring!

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Grade school emails Do you remember how in the good ol’ days you would create an email address that would include your favorite color, hobby, or weird facts about yourself? We asked Century students to dig up their past and here’s what they found. short.tonyabauer

* ICESPIKE93 * mars_mycoal_13 * blueguitargirl * cheesepuff4187 * ab_tlk2mch * getkickin2 * cutzietootzie * pigsrule1

Did you know blueberry Jelly Bellies were created especially for Ronald Reagan? / september2009 / STAR

Not so secret


A look into the lives of three expecting mothers and a new teen mom

“As time went on though, I realized I could do it just as good as a family with two parents.”

story.allisonthorson photos.sarajohardmeyer

She walks through the glass doors marked with a large white letter B. Without knowing what to expect or what will happen, she walks with her head held high right into her first day of her senior year in high school. She can hear people whispering about her as she walks down the hall. Century High School senior Nikki Zimmerman found out she was pregnant at the end of July. She had nothing but a smile on her face, even though just a week before, word had started to leak out that she had gotten pregnant over the summer. Zimmerman is not ashamed, afraid or embarrassed. Instead, she is confident and plans on having a positive attitude about her pregnancy and new baby. Zimmerman has been growing up with a family filled with overwhelming love and support. She has been around children all her life including two little sisters, a younger brother and her mother’s past daycare children. “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my family,” Zimmerman said.

This ultra sound belongs to Angelina Phipps. She is due with her baby girl, Chloe, on January 19, 2010. “I’m looking forward to gettting to tell people I have a daughter,” Phipps said.

{FEATURE} Century High School junior Angelina Phipps will also be a mom in January. Phipps’ baby girl is due January 19, 2010 and she will name her Chloe. With a baby on the way, keeping her grades consistent and maintaining time for family and friends may seem like a large amount to handle, Phipps is not taking the easy way out. She is staying in school until she graduates. When the baby arrives, Phipps plans to take two weeks off to get into the routine of being a mom. When her friends welcome her back, her daughter will have a babysitter that Phipps will have to pay for with the help of her family. She plans to work three days a week and her mom will babysit. Students often hear abstinence in health class and some parents try to teach their children that having sex before marriage or before the age of 18 is wrong. Phipps’s mother Desiree Clark understands her daughter’s situation. Clark also had a baby at the age of 16. “I’m strongly against teen pregnancy, which sounds hypocritical, but I know how it can change your life,” Clark said. When a teen does become pregnant there can be an emotional toll on her when she has to tell her parents. Normal expectations for a teen can be stressful, but pregnancy magnifies that stress. When parents express disappointment, the teen can suffer guilt on top of the stress. Some teens even choose to keep the pregnancy a secret as long as they can to avoid disappointing their parents. “I was disappointed in the fact that she had gotten pregnant at basically 15 after explaining what having a baby does to your life,” Clark said. “I was never angry with her. I just told her everything would be okay and reassured her that we would help her through it.” Junior Brandy Ferderer is also due with a baby boy in January. She had a difficult experience telling her mother. The fear alone haunted her and left her feeling guilty and hurt. “I told my sister first. It was really hard to tell my mom,” Ferderer said. “She didn’t talk to me for a few days after [she found out]. She said, ‘This is a joke right?’ I let her look at [the five pregnancy tests] and all she said was ‘Oh my gosh,’ and walked out of my sister’s room.” Phipps experienced a totally different scenario. Without knowing her daughter

was three weeks late for her menstrual cycle, her mother somehow suspected something was going on and made her take a pregnancy test. “My mom knew before I did,” Phipps said. “She just sat with me while I cried. I think I cried for two weeks straight.” Teen pregnancy brings up many questions about finances, new emotions and education plans. For some teens, making those plans is up to them because their parents refuse to help pay or accommodate living situations. For those who are lucky enough to have a family help care for them and their child, life still isn’t easy, but the feeling of being alone can be more easily relieved. Medcenter One RN, Lamaze teacher, and educator Marnie Carlson has worked in the labor and delivery center for eight years in Bismarck and even longer in Fargo. She has seen many teens come in to give birth. Carlson has seen all different types of families in her experience, but every one of them seem to come together when that baby is born. “I don’t really see any [problems] at that point when their child is in labor,” Carlson said. “Their main concern is then about [the labor] going well instead of being upset.” Century senior Ariel Pledger gave birth to a boy named Nevada Patterson May 12, 2009 of her junior year. Now a senior, she attends Century each day and takes care of her son when she gets home. The father, Donovan Patterson, takes care of his son while Ariel is attending school and, after she picks him up, goes to work at the U.S. Post Office. If for any reason neither of them can watch Nevada, Patterson’s mother is willing to babysit. Financial issues can be a problem for any parent, but for teens it can be much more stressful. Pledger does not have a job since she attends school and wants to get her education. Even though she and Patterson are not together anymore, they still find a way to make their situation work. “His dad buys the diapers because I don’t have a job yet,” Pledger said. Daycare can be extremely costly, but free childcare from a parent can save an enormous amount of money. Daycare for one child alone in Bismarck can be over $700 per month and working a part-time job won’t bring in enough money to pay for it. “I don’t know [how I’ll pay for daycare if needed],” Pledger said. Zimmerman is lucky enough to have her mother: a stay-at-home mom with plenty of experience with children, that has raised four of her own and operated a daycare for many years. Zimmerman can’t think of anyone better than her mother who has supported her most through this journey. “I hope Nikki will be part of the 1 percent of teen moms that get their college degree before age 30,”

Did you know M&M’s stands for the last names of Forrest Mars, Sr., then candy maker, and his associate Bruce Murrie?

This ultra sound belongs to Nikki Zimmerman. She is expected to have her baby boy on January 9, 2010.

This ultra sound belongs to Brandy Ferderer. Her baby boy is due to be born on January 5, 2010. The father of this baby boy is Justin Ludtke. “I’m excited but impatient. I just want the baby here now,” Ludtke said. Nikki’s mother Melodie Zimmerman said. The teen pregnancy issue often seems to bring an end to many aspects of a teenager’s life. On the contrary, it’s just a beginning. The years of being a child are probably long gone once the test reads positive, but a whole new life begins. The instant a mother holds her baby for the first time, something sensational occurs. “It was a really great feeling,” Pledger said. “There is a great connection you feel when you first hold your baby.” Besides the family, friends also play an important role in an expecting teen mother’s life. Many offers to babysit have been appreciated by Phipps and the reassurance of her friends has helped her tremendously. Friends who offer to buy clothes and diapers or even volunteer themselves to babysit can be a blessing and very much appreciated by the family. “My friends have offered to babysit and are helping me buy stuff,” Phipps said. “My friends are the biggest supporters.” Adult pregnant women may have family, friends and even co-workers to support and lend a helping hand. Yet, something special about pregnant teens is that they have their school counselors and teachers to talk to and get help from. Century special education teacher Julie Ketterling has formed a special relationship with Phipps since her pregnancy began. At Century High School, a social worker comes in once a week to talk to any student about anything. In cases like these, some social workers come in daily. Phipps is allowed to visit Ketterling anytime she needs advice, reassurance, or just needs someone to listen to her. Ketterling focuses on how to handle her situation positively and can help Phipps find daycare and financial assistance. “If she needs to come in and just cry she knows she can do that,” Ketterling said. Starting a new school year with a new set of responsibilities and stresses is not ideal, but all of these new moms have stepped up to the challenge. Last spring these four girls didn’t expect that their coming school year they would be going through something like this. Right away Zimmerman wasn’t even sure she was going to keep her baby. Zimmerman made it clear to herself that her high school years were for her studies. There were no boyfriends that were to be a distraction from her family life, her school work and a job. “Ironically, I’m having a baby,” Zimmerman said. With the support of her whole family and her friends, including seniors Trisha Evenson and Amanda Littrell, Zimmerman is confident in herself that she can raise her / september2009 / STAR

son just as well as anyone else. “In the beginning I was pretty set on adoption. I know people that can’t have children of their own,” Zimmerman said. “As time went on though, I realized I could do it just as good as a family with two parents.” Melodie has nothing but hope and encouragement for her daughter. When Melodie found out her daughter was pregnant she was shocked, but never once did the feeling of disappointment cross her mind. Instead, she was thankful. “It meant a lot to me that she felt comfortable enough to come to us. Some of those girls that get pregnant have an abortion and their parents never find out,” Melodie said. “It’s important to give the girls the support they need.” All of these girls have something in common- the experience of being a teen mom. But each of them come from different families, homes and lifestyles. Teen pregnancy can happen to anyone. But no one should ever feel alone. Support is available for any girl looking for guidance, and that help may come from family, friends, community organizations or school counselors and teachers. “I believe everything happens for a reason,” Zimmerman said. “This is meant to happen to me.” Services around Bismarck include Custer Family Planning, The Village Family Service Center, New Life Pregnancy Center, and Catholic Charities North Dakota all offer pregnancy testing and counseling. The charge for their service is based on family size and income. The staff and volunteers who work at these agencies don’t want anyone going through this alone. New Life Pregnancy Center Director Suzie Sund cares deeply for any girls that ask for her help and New Life provides all free services from pregnancy tests to maternity and baby clothing. new Life also offers free referrals to state agencies for financial aid. “We will do anything we can for a young girl so she can carry her baby all the way through,” Sund said. “If there’s any girl in need of a home we’ll provide a home for her or her baby.”


Weird food habits

Century’s senior boys show off some of their abnormal food habits short.nikkizimmerman photos.breanneskalicky

Tate Leapaldt, Senior Popcorn Separation Eat only the kernel part of the popcorn and save the “fluffy” part for later, then eat all the “fluffs” last.

Andrew Wiseman, Senior “Heart attack on a bun” Peanut butter, bacon, bread

Jordan Buechler, Senior Velveeta Cookie Sandwiches Two cookies with Velveeta cheese in the middle

Songs of relationships past Megan Vollmers 10th “Before He Cheats” by

Rhiannon Dockter 11th “Wonderwall” by Oasis

Dylan Sandness 12th “Don’t bring me down”

by Electric Orchestra

Carrie Underwood

Survival of the fittest

Tips to survive the high school years as submitted by Century students


We asked Century students to describe a past relationship through a song short. ambreeschmidt photos.breanneskalicky / september2009 / STAR

-Don’t get on Ziegler’s bad side -Have some school spirit -Make sure you remember the hours the roof pool is open -Get a good parking spot by coming early -Don’t be a sophomore -Don’t do drugs -Start a freshman paddling tradition -Have a lot of good friends -Eat a lot of bananas -Try to get along with your teachers


Century junior Zach Mossett shares the story of a summer night where, without knowing it, he put his life in danger’s way

“[Cars] are designed to compress around themselves in an accident,” Pederson said. “Seat belts keep you in the safety zone of the vehicle.” story.alyssameier photos.kristaboehm&alyssameier

Skid marks tattooed on the pavement lead the way to the scene of a commonly made mistake turned into a night a 16-year-old boy will never forget. Broken glass lays scattered across the interstate, matching the pieces on the interior of the now empty vehicle. The seat belt hangs limply next to the passenger seat, like the boy lying motionless in the ambulance speeding away. Century High School junior Zach Mosset was in the passenger seat of his grandmother’s Ford Taurus on his way to Jamestown when they pulled over to fix a minor problem. As the car was pulling back onto the interstate, a distracted driver rear-ended the car, nearly crushing Mosset’s two younger brothers in the back seat.

Did you know the last “NASCAR” driver to serve jail time for running moonshine was Buddy Arrington?

{FEATURE} “The trunk was completely gone,” Mosset said. “But [the car] stopped right before it hit them.” Mosset doesn’t remember much about the accident after that point but he does know that he was the only person in the car not wearing a seat belt, and the only one who got hurt. “I remember pulling out in the car,” Mosset said. “Then I woke up on a stretcher with paramedics around me.” Like many teenagers, as well as much of the American population, Mosset got into the car that day and left the seat belt lying next to him empty. Little did he know how much he would need it later on. The small piece of nylon saves lives everyday and the misuse, or complete lack of use, takes lives away just as easily. Regional commander of the highway patrol Eric Pederson knows the benefits of a seat belt during an accident. “[Cars] are designed to compress around themselves in an accident,” Pederson said. “Seat belts keep you in the safety zone of the vehicle.” In Mosset’s accident he chose not to use his seat belt and in turn after being hit by the car, he hit his head, shattering the windshield. He was driven to the hospital with a concussion, but luckily, no serious injuries. “The vast majority of fatalities [in car accidents] are from not wearing a seat belt,” Pederson said. Mosset has since been in a motorcycle accident where he broke his ankle, and he’s definitely not the first from Century to be hurt on the road. “I’ve been here since 2001 and have only seen a couple serious accidents involving students,” Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) advisor Mary Ann Gray said. Although dangers to the driver’s and other citizens’ health and lives are the main concern with any sort of car accident, they aren’t the only risk factors to be considered. “It can cost a lot of money with medical bills and other finances,” Pederson said. Along with medical bills, car repairs, and possibly increased insurance rates, there are also the risks of being caught not wearing your seat belt, which can be a citation and one point off your license. If a minor accumulates six or more points, they lose their license. An adult can get up to 12. With all of the health, financial, and legal problems

that not wearing a seat belt can bring it’s a common question why many people choose not to use a device made to protect them. “People don’t think it’ll happen to them,” Gray said. Though there are accidents every day with injuries that could have been prevented with a seat belt, some choose to look the other way for whatever reasons they have. “Friends, apathy, peer pressure,” Pederson said. “It’s easy to just not wear it.” For Mossett, the reason why he chose not to buckle-up was a simple one. “I don’t wear seat belts,” Mosset said. “They’re uncomfortable.” Though it’s not true all of the time, there is a pattern that has been seen where in certain areas some people wear their seat belts more than others. “The seat belt usage rate is at about 80 percent,” Pederson said. “In rural areas it’s substantially less, and in urban [areas] it’s more.” Pederson said that there is no significant difference between youth and adults using seat belts that has been recorded, but teenagers have developed a reputation in some places for being careless when it comes to wearing it. “I’d like to hope on the good side,” Gray said of the number of teenagers using seat belts. “But my students tell me no.” Over the years, the number of general drivers using their seat belts has increased, as an effect of hard work from many dedicated people trying to save lives. “Continued enforcement, public education,” Pederson said of what the highway patrol has been doing to increase the number of drivers using their seat belts regularly. “It’s slowly improving.” The highway patrol isn’t the only force working to change bad habits many drivers have developed. “We have awareness stats and the posters in the halls are from us,” Gray said. “We’re working on a mock car crash sometime before prom. Raise awareness that things do happen.” No matter how much is done to try to tell or show people the risks of not wearing their seat belt, in the end, the choice is their’s alone.

Knowing the numbers In 2008 in North Dakota there were a total of 38 rollover crashes: in which 13 were pickups

maged car sits at CK Auto on Divide Avenue in Bismarck. CK had 159 cars bought or inventoried so far in 2009.

12 were passenger vehicles 8 were SUV’s 3 were vans 2 were trucks Of those 38 single vehicle rollover crashes there were 40 fatalities Of those 40 fatalities 36 of them were not wearing a seat belt

32 were ejected or partially ejected / september2009 / STAR

Statistics from

Cross my heart column.alyssameier

“Where do we draw the line and decide when, who, and what to trust?”

“It is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath.”


I promise. I’ve heard it a thousand times, and said it just as many. To friends, parents, and anyone else needing proof that I was worthy of their trust. Those two little words have some incredible power of turning any person, regardless of their past, into a kindhearted, honest soul in others’ eyes. “I’ll change my ways,” the serial killer said. “I promise.” Really? There is a point when saying the words should not assure others that they mean what they say. It’s human nature to say things that aren’t the truth, if even just partially. I know that not all people fall under the fingercrossing category, but not all of them don’t either. Now, to be fair, many promises are kept. Others are made with full intentions of keeping them but it just doesn’t work out. Let’s say you promised your friend that you would go running with him or her one day. Then, the day before you are supposed to go, you are involved in a serious polo accident that breaks both of your legs. Can your friend really be mad at you for breaking the promise? And we all remember those days out running errands with Mom on Saturday afternoons. Walking through the store, we suddenly saw a certain treat that called to our very soul; a candy we just had to have. For whatever silly grownup reason, we were denied the satisfaction of our sugary soul mate, and told we could get it next time. To be fair to the adults, the statement did not always include the word promise, but it was implied, so it counts. / september2009 / STAR

{OPINION} Somehow, the promises have been forgotten by both parent and child many times. This isn’t completely true in my case. Needless to say, I have not received the ring pop that was promised to me in 3rd grade, mom. Aside from these instances, there is another kind of promise. The promises that we make, fully aware that they won’t be fulfilled. Some things we are incapable of doing, but we want the promises to be true so we go ahead and make them anyway; whether it’s telling someone that their secret is safe with you, you’ll be there on time, or that you won’t hurt them again. These are the promises that hurt people in the end, even if unintentionally. The reality of it is that people aren’t always truthful, and sometimes don’t even know whether what they say is really the truth or not. A couple of weeks ago I saw a preview for a new movie about a world where everyone told the truth, no matter what it was. I think it goes without saying that this is nowhere near the world we live in today, especially when you’re a teenager. Imagine if the world really was like that movie. What if people couldn’t lie and everything ever claiming to be true would be exactly that? If we lived in a world where people couldn’t lie, I’d be a billionaire by now from being the millionth visitor to a certain website more times than I could count. A clown would have appeared in my room at night to kill me because I didn’t resend the forward to at least ten people as instructed, and Bill Clinton really would never have had sexual relations with that woman. It’s clear that this is not in fact the reality we live in, but where do we draw the line and decide when, who, and what to trust? I’m the kind of person that I’d describe as trusting, though most would simply call me naive. I believe what people say 99 percent of the time without a second thought, no matter their history of lying or deceiving. I always want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I have yet to learn when I should and when it’s just setting myself up to get hurt. People are predictable in one way: they always surprise you; at least that’s true for me. They don’t always do what you think they will, or say what you want to hear, or even tell the truth. Sometimes they let us down, and sometimes they do something to make us happy just because they wanted to. We never know what’s going to happen. Trust. It’s a short word with a long definition. A noun and a verb. Easy to spell, easy to give, and even easier to abuse. It can be lost, but it’s all up to the person who gave it in the first place. I know a lot of people that wouldn’t trust half the people I do. Even in the back of my mind I know I shouldn’t. I just can’t find it in my heart to turn my back on them. There are a lot of mistakes I’ve made that I wish I could leave in my past, but I’m constantly reminded by people whose trust I lost. Even if they don’t mean to remind me, the memories come back anyway. The regrets I have are brought back to me along with the guilt over the people I have let down. The mistake I made can’t be undone, no matter how badly I want it to be, and what if some of those people are in the same spot as me? Everyone messes up and does something they regret sooner or later, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of trust. When someone messes up, they don’t need help remembering it. With the mistakes that cause people to lose faith in them, it’s likely that they think of it on their own and don’t need others’ help with that. How many times do we turn our backs on people for making the very same mistake that we’ve made before? Did we want to be reminded every day by the looks on loved one’s faces, or just let it go? Experiences in life mold us into the people we’re going to be, and none more than the / september2009 / STAR

mistakes we make and the lessons we learn. I’ve learned a lot through things I’ve done wrong and I try not to regret the choices so much, just as I hope others will. Our past makes us who we are, and I don’t think it’s fair to hold a grudge against someone who may become a better person because of the mistake they made. Trust is something I choose to give. No matter the consequences. The worst thing that could happen is that I learn another lesson, and I’m ready and waiting for that. Making mistakes doesn’t mean someone is less trustworthy than before. It means they’re human.

Ticking Tocks Making time against the clock


Yes, I will be late.

The brakes squeal and my little car’s momentum slams the back of my head against the seat rest, kindly saving me from wasting the effort of bashing it myself out of frustration. I take a second to mutter, loudly enough to hear over the synthesized beats of my electronica music, “You have GOT to be kidding me.” Through my window, the wind blows at trees in such a way that, even inside both my coat and heated car, my spine can’t keep itself from shaking. If the cat outside feels the way I do, he doesn’t show it and instead chooses to keep his tiny paws rooted right in the middle of my lane. As if coordinated by fate, a young boy sits in the exact middle of the street’s other side, preventing me from getting around. I can rev my engine all I want, but the two flesh and blood road cones won’t stand aside and let me pass. I take another glance at the neon clock radio and it blinks at me, tapping in Morse code that I probably should have taken the long way and that, yes, I will definitely be late. Being tardy isn’t usually something that sends me into a tizzy, but when it becomes a matter of being late for my job, I tend to get pretty flustered. It isn’t even the threat of lost time that bothers me; God only knows the good people of this town will be more than capable of surviving for a few minutes if I’m not in name tag and toothy smile to toil for minimum wage at exactly 3 P.M. What actually bothers me is the scorn of co-workers. I imagine myself warily tip-toeing through the back door, hoping to go unnoticed and pretend as though I’ve been present the entire shift. My time card would be in mid-swipe as one of the senior workers would just happen to leap from behind a corner and eye me with contempt. “Well, well, well, boy,” they’d croon, pretending to overlook my scraggly beard and assume I’m some sort of over-sized child. “Running a little late, are we?” I would shift uncomfortably, not entirely sure how to answer such a painfully obvious question. Once my composure refitted itself upon my nervous frame, I would probably spin them a tale about icy roads, emergency phone calls or alien abduction, but it would be to no avail. “Well,” they would hiss, “ you’d better get to work then,” and slink off into the shadows, in hungry pursuit of another sky to darken. I suppose that sort of encounter isn’t exactly traumatizing but it’s still something I’d rather not deal with, so inside of my silver vehicle, I’m hopping around like something right out of Lewis Carrol, complete with clicking watch and stuttered choruses of “I’m late! I’m late!” Outside, the two road blocks are still managing to ignore me and instead stare intently at each other. Between the kid’s highlighter yellow coat and the cat’s snowy white one, they stick out like sore thumbs on the charcoal street. The boy, still refusing to regard my rumbling engine, is reaching his hand out to the feline and, even with an earful of heavy bass, it isn’t hard to imagine his high pitched, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.” The cat stretches a paw towards the baiting schoolboy, then another. My leg, meanwhile, is stomping hard on the floor mats, its joints primed and ready to shoot onto the accelerator. The kitty cat is still gingerly taking baby steps towards the boy, whose eyes are growing larger and even more doleful with each sniff the cat takes in his direction. They’re mere steps from each other when I finally lose it and lay on the horn. The cat’s head snaps to me, as if noticing my presence for the first time. It gazes through my windshield with that intense, archaic wisdom that almost all felines seem to possess, reminding me why I’m so unnerved by that particular genus of animal. The boy frantically tries to catch the cat’s attention but the moment is lost. Right before it darts off to the side of the road, its small green eyes lock on to mine, the sharp pupils filled with something that looks eerily like pity. The kid’s brown eyes hold a look that’s more discernible but not any more comforting. Filled with loathing and disgust, his stare is like squinting at the sun and I feel certain that, if I look at it for too long, I’ll probably burst into flame, not that he would have any sort of a problem with that. I lay on the gas and pass him, still feeling those scalding eyes on me. As I draw farther away, I glance in my rear view mirror and am reminded of another boy in a silly bright windbreaker sitting outside, searching for an animal to befriend. A boy who wanted moments like those to keep on going, defying time and allowing the fun to stretch on and on. That’s what I had wanted, for time itself to stop at my command but instead, I realized, I’d become a slave to the clock, allowed it to become my master. As I turned my blinker on to pull away from the street where I’d spent so long, I watched him sit alone, statue still, on the roadside, and hoped that maybe he wouldn’t lose focus like I had. As I drew onto the corner, I saw a white dot edge out from on the grass and, once again, towards the boy. Even inside my car, with the music so loud it blocked my head from all thought, I was convinced I could hear his thrilled laughter. I smiled, turned down both the volume and the windows, basking in the cold and quiet of the outside world. My name tag should have been clipped to my chest minutes ago, but instead I slowed down, feeling that I had all the time in the world. / september2009 / STAR

{OPINION} I don’t think there is anything on earth more obnoxious than exclamation points, especially when there are more than one. It’s okay to show that you’re excited or angry, or whatever emotion it is you’re feeling that requires eight of them after every sentence. That’s fine. But having more exclamation points than actual letters is so ridiculously unnecessary and annoying. Seriously, periods do the job just fine.

I love Halloween. So much. But if I have to see another sexy insect costume at one of our school functions, I will scream from horror and not the fun, creepy Halloween kind. First of all, it doesn’t make sense. You’re a saucy bumblebee, congrats. That’s totally what nature intended. Second, you’re not being original at all. I’ve seen that costume every year on multiple girls, at least eight per holiday. So yes, someone else will have your costume. For the love of the season, pick something else.

Norah Kolberg

Alyssa Meier Blinkers were invented for the sole purpose of signifying when someone is going to turn, so use them. Nothing bothers me more than when I am driving down seventh street and someone cuts me off; at least let me know so I have time to slam on my brakes.

Tonya Bauer

RANTS Something that really annoys me are slow walkers in the hallway. I’m not much of a speed walker, but I can’t stand getting stuck behind people who are moving like they just awoke from a ten-year sleep. Really, do you have to take each step like it’s going to be your last? I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume that you’ll get at least a few more, so if you could pick it up or at least move out of the way I won’t have to run you over. / september2009 / STAR

Greg Hilzendeger

The ringtone on my phone goes off, I hit the snooze button one more time, dreading that it is morning. Maybe it’s just me, but I absolutely hate this point in the day. Mornings are my worst nightmare come true, there is absolutely nothing productive that can come of them. Mornings are meant to be for sleeping, this is obvious with the tired feeling we all get the second we step out of the bed. So excuse me, but instead of getting all bundled up to go out in the cold I would prefer to stay in my warm, cozy bed.

Jordan Kalk

I may be a senior in high school and old enough for R-rated movies but I still love to go to a good G-rated movie. Monsters Vs. Aliens, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and of course Ratatouille. Who can resist a rat who is a chef? I guess I just enjoy them because it’s like being a kid again, when everything was just so simple. So if you go into a kid movie with your younger sibling and you see someone who looks too old to be there alone, it just might be me enjoying a good laugh and a large popcorn.

Every autumn, the leaves change colors, the air gets cooler, and Little Debbie’s begins to sell their Halloween Delights. These pumpkinshaped, plastic-wrapped treats are one of the very few reasons I can handle fall. They are wonderfully, melt-in-your-mouth soft and contain the perfect amount of obviously fake pumpkin spice. If these delicious cookies have never graced your taste buds, you haven’t fully experienced autumn.

Sarah McPhillips

Sammi Moss

RAVES There’s nothing I love more during the fall than sitting in leaves. Just the smell and all the beautiful colors make me feel like I’m in a movie scene and beautiful music is playing in the background. As much as I hate the cold, I look forward to fall each year just for that beautiful atmosphere. There’s something about the mixture of all those colors that makes nature seem so much more beautiful.

Alli Thorson Music is so speaks the words that we are afraid to say. If you really think about it, people can normally tell what kind of mood you are in by what music you are listening to. It’s just an amazing thing to have music. Without it the world would be so quiet, and well, just plain boring. I personally do not think that there should be a law that your music can’t be too loud. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to hear music? Even if it’s not the same kind that you like, it’s still fun to hear it! That’s why they gave us ears anyway!

High Fives are definitely the best way to greet your friend in the hallways. It makes you feel loved, and acknowledged, but if denied by a high five it can bring down the rest of your day, making you sad and depressed. You’re never too cool for a high five, because they will never go out of style.

Alecia Smith

Brianna Brown

Did you know the Roman emperor Caligula made his horse a senator? / september2009 / STAR 33


Lovable Ladies


Lunch ladies from left to right: Linda Putz, Michelle Schuler, Lori DeCoteau, Doreen Leingang, Colleen Mccabe, and Cheryl Graba. We, as a staff, would like to acknowledge our six fabulous lunch ladies. They go above and beyond their duties by far. There is never a moment when someone walks into the cafeteria and feels a negative vibe because these ladies are always in a contagiously good mood. If you make it into the cafeteria in the first few periods of the day, you can usually find them sitting in a circle with their morning coffee and breakfast, roaring with laughter. They’re actually quite witty. They’ll also make sure you are getting the best deal for your money, and they’re never rude nor pushy when you’re a little

indecisive about it. During lunch your mood can easily be uplifted by the music played while they’re serving and the occasional dance moves you may be lucky enough to see. We have never once seen these ladies coldshouldered and we know for a fact we never will. These lunch ladies are truly genuine and humble people and they deserve a lot more credit then we can give them. So remember, the next time you’re told you’re charging and feel like giving some attitude, they’re only doing their job; you’re the one who forgot your money after all.


Pleased with the policy We, as a staff, are very pleased with the district’s decision to change the final test exemption policy due to the H1N1 virus. The Good Student Rewards Program has made a significant difference in the potential spread of this disease. We know personally how hard it is to miss school because of all the assignments, notes, and all else that students have to make up. Also, the fact that students only had two excused sick days before they had to take their finals was a huge factor in the decision in whether or not we stayed home. We have all had days when we didn’t feel well, but we decided to come anyway so we wouldn’t miss anything and we’re sure we aren’t the only ones. Because of our decision to come to school when we were sick, it took us longer to get well because we weren’t getting the rest we needed and we probably got a lot of other students sick. Now that we have more then two days to stay home sick before we have to take all of our finals, we can get well and keep others from getting sick. On September 18th the administration announced that the “Attendance Incentive Policy”, or the old test exemption policy, was no longer in effect. After this being said, the number of absent students nearly doubled. On that Friday, 40 kids were home from school with excused absences and on Monday there were 75 excused absences. The administration puts the test exemption policies together because it gets students to come to school. They still think students should stay home if they are sick, but they also think if they’re just feeling a little under the weather they should come to school. Century High School Assistant Principal Lee Ziegler believes that students just don’t get the information in the same way if they miss class discussion and have to learn on their own. / september2009 / STAR

As of now, the old test exemption policy is said to be coming back for second semester. Ziegler said that the principals and administrators will gather input from doctors about the H1N1 flu and whether or not it’s still something that needs to be worried about. They will decide whether or not the old test exemption policy will go back into effect before second semester begins. We strongly feel that it should remain the way it is. This is the only way we can keep the majority of our student body healthy. If we go back to the old policy, students will go right back into their routine for coming no matter how sick they are, and possibly infect other students because they’re afraid to take their finals. Even if students are exempt from all their finals, everyone has to take one mandatory final exam at the end of first semester. The class period that all students will have to take the exam for is chosen at random, and if students have that class period off, they don’t have to take the mandatory final. There is no mandatory final second semester if students are exempt. Basing whether or not students are exempt from taking their final exams on completed assignments, attending tutorial when expected to, and having no unexcused absences or more than two tardies is an excellent way to reward them for their hard work. It will also keep the majority of the student body healthy. To be exempt from taking a final should be based on how well you are doing in the class as opposed to whether or not the student gets sick. This semester’s Good Student Rewards Program achieves that and we’re proud of the district and their decision to change the policy due to the H1N1 virus and we hope that it continues on to next semester and following years as is.

How to scare people: short.breanneskalicky photos.jocelynnsonnenberg

Things to do in an elevator:

1. Sit on the floor and smile at people walking in. 2. Squeeze your forehead uncomfortably and shout “All of you shut up!”. 3. Jump up and down. 4. Pretend you speak Chinese and talk to the person next to you. 5. Look at another person on the elevator and say “You’re one of them!” and scoot to the other side. 6. Push every button and run out of the elevator and back on at every floor. 7. If you have a bag or purse look into it and say “Do you have enough air?”. 8. Meow at random times.

Things to do in your local retail store:

1. Ask a worker in the hunting department if he knows where the anti-depressants are while staring at all the guns. 2. Switch the male and female signs on the bathroom doors. 3. Hide behind hanging clothes and jump out when people walk by. 4. When the loud speaker comes on, drop to the floor holding your head and say “It’s those voices again!”. 5. Undress a mannequin. 6. Find a chair, go to the magazine area, and start reading. 7. Throw things into the aisle next to you (soft things). 8. Walk around with a handful of gas-x and put it into people’s carts when they aren’t looking.;prev_ next=next

Halloween costumes

Halloween is coming up and already students around Century have been thinking about dressing up. Here’s what some fellow classmates have planned so far. short.tylertkach Jon Briggs’ costumes from the past: -Ninja from kindergarten to fifth grade. -Star Wars Clone Trooper ninth grade. Jon Briggs’ future costumes: -A Mafia gang leader -A knight

Aric Anagnost’s costumes from the past: -Inflatable sumo wrestler -An alien -A naughty nurse -Santa Claus Aric Anagnost’s future costume: -Dress up as a Jehovah Witness

Dan Towner’s costumes from the past: -Pumpkin -Jail Prisoner -Knight Dan Towner’s future costume: -Dress up as God / september2009 / STAR




halloween candies short.sarajohardmeyer photo.sarajohardmeyer

1. Snickers - Peanut-filled chocolate that will keep you wanting more. 2. Nerds - A little box of nerds can make you want the real deal. 3. Tootsie Rolls - 120 years of goodness. 4. 100 Grand - Literally makes you feel GRAND. 5. M&M’s - Now we know how to tell our colors


6. Reese’s - Legit-sized peanut butter cups..amazing. 7. Twizzlers - Tear ‘em apart and eat ‘em right up. 8. Kit Kat - Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. 9. Twix - Chew it through any awkward moment. 10. Juice Boxes - A little juice will liven up your trick-


1. Toothbrushes - Dear dentists, we appreciate the fact that you’d like to keep our teeth healthy and clean, but for goodness sake, it’s Halloween. Save the brushes for our next checkup. 2. Raisins - As yummy and delicious as you are, you are the furthest thing from candy we have ever seen.

3. Fruit - Bananas, apples and anything nutritious isn’t allowed unless it is smothered in some sort of chocolate or caramel, thanks.

4. Random, hard wrapped candies - These are what we expect from a cold, uncomfortable waiting room, not from the friendly next-door neighbor.

5. Dum Dum lollipops - There could possibly be nothing worse than the “mystery” flavor that fills 99.9% of the original bag of suckers. Unless it’s blue raspberry or cream soda flavor, the kids just aren’t feeling it.

6. Smarties - Commonly confused with its distant cousin, Sweet Tarts, Smarties, have raided the world and have unfortunately taken over Halloween candy bags.

7. Circus Peanuts - Let’s analyze this: big, orange squishy candies that taste like that one particular body part. Someone please tell me what’s delicious about that.

8. Dots - These giant, virtually tasteless candies can hardly qualify as a snack people buy voluntarily. They usually fall into the ‘Let’s trade these with our younger sibling for chocolate’ category.

9. Animal crackers - Llamas and camels and elephants, oh my. For little snackies after school, animal crackers are bomb diggety, but hand them out on October 31st, and it gets personal. 10. Black licorice - Yuck, yuck and some more yuck. Black Licorice is nasty on all occasions and the creepy resemblance to spider legs is just a little too much.



halloween candies short.amandalittrell / september2009 / STAR

Toasted pumpkin seeds

Ingredients: One medium-sized pumpkin Salt Olive oil

oven to 400 degrees Farenheit. 1. Preheat Cut open pumpkin and use a strong metal spoon to scoop out the insides. Separate the seeds from the stringy core. Rinse seeds.

small saucepan, add the seeds to wa2. Intera(about two cups of water to every half

cup of seeds). Add 1/2 Tbs. of salt for every cup of water (more if you like your seeds saltier). Bring to a boil. Let simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and drain.


Spread about one Tbs. of olive oil over the bottom of a roasting pan. Spread the seeds out over the roasting pan, all in one layer. Bake on the top rack until the seeds begin to brown, about 10-20 minutes. When browned to your satisfaction, remove from the oven and let the pan cool on a rack. Let the seeds cool all the way before eating. Either crack to remove the inner seed (a lot of work and in my opinion, unnecessary) or eat whole. Source:

Did you know Roberta Flack wrote “Killing Me Softly� about singer Don McLean. / september2009 / STAR


How to wrap a scarf

Learn four, fashionable ways to wrap scarves

Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style 4:

-Fold scarf in half. -Wrap around your neck. -Pull the two ends through the looped end.

-Combine styles 1 and 2 to bundle up for cold weather. / september2009 / STAR

short.kristaboehm photos.kristaboehm model.arikawestbee

-Wrap scarf in front of your neck. -Put two ends over your shoulders.

-Wrap scarf around your neck -Take one and and put it over your shoulder, leaving one in front.

Oh the horror

Whether watching from the edge of their seats or between trembling fingers, many audiences are addicted to scary moviess

“My theory is that everyone likes that adrenaline rush, that fight-or-flight reaction.” story&photos..sammimoss

It’s dark. Footsteps pound across the ground. Frantic, gasping breaths follow. An ominous sound alerts the anxious body. The enemy is close behind. Dead end. A menacing shadow now stands before the only way of escape. A scream rips through a dry mouth. The deadly figure moves toward the paralyzed victim. Everything goes black. This is a typical horror film; the blackout usually caused by shaking hands being thrown over the viewer’s eyes. Whether the hero/heroine is fleeing down a hallway in a haunted house or down a path in an abandoned forest, whether they are being pursued by an unseen force or a chainsaw-wielding man, audiences are barely seated, with little to no fingernails left.

Did you know Spencer Eldon was the name of the naked baby on the cover of Nirvana’s album. / september2009 / STAR

{ENTERTAINMENT} “My theory is that everyone likes that adrenaline rush, that fight-or-flight reaction,” psychologist Kathy Blohm said. “You’re getting the best of both worlds: you’re getting that adrenaline rush but the higher part of the brain is saying, ‘It’s okay, everything is fine’.” That adrenaline rush was the reason the theaters were packed at the premiere of the Friday the 13th remake and the reason the sixth Saw is on its way. This powerful flood of the hormone epinephrine sends the body into overdrive: increasing blood flow, energy and strength while decreasing all body functions that don’t deal with immediate survival, like digestion. “When our brains respond to [movies], it’s a very primitive thing,” Blohm said. “Even though it’s a very controlled situation, our brains don’t really get that.” This is the reason some people don’t like scary movies, their brains can’t talk them out of the situations shown on screen. Their brains have a hard time deciphering whether or not an evil ghost is waiting to scare them or if there are zombies limping down their driveway. The adrenaline rush, for them, isn’t worth losing sleep over. “I really like watching [scary] movies while I’m watching them, but afterwards they just freak me out,” Century High School junior Steve Baker said. There are many possible reasons that people watch scary movies, and it varies from case to case. Some psychologists believe it is a way for people to live out their fears from the safety of a movie theater, others say it’s a fascination with the morbid aspects of the horror genre or just the rush they feel while watching the movies. Another possible reason involves fear; not fear of Freddy Kreuger or Chucky, the maniacal child’s doll, but fear of peers. “[People watch scary movies] because they don’t want to be known as a chicken,” junior Amanda Ketterling said. Whether it’s hormones, friends or morbid fascination that draws in viewers, there is no question that this genre of film is becoming increasingly popular.


10 Scary movie remakes compilation.sammimoss The House on Sorority Row (Sorority Row)- 1983 & 2009 Nightmare on Elm Street- 1984 & 2010 Texas Chainsaw Massacre- 1974 & 2005 Amityville Horror -1979 & 2005 The Hills Have Eyes- 1977 & 2006 Psycho- 1960 & 1998 Friday the 13th- 1980 & 2009 Halloween- 1978 & 2007 The Last House on the Left- 1972 & 2009 Dawn of the Dead- 1978 & 2004 / september2009 / STAR

Just Jones

Singer/keyboardist Jessica Fretty sings worship songs in New Song Church at a rally. Fretty has been with the band since it started, and hopes their music and name shows their purpose. “[We’re named] The Jones, meaning ordinary people,” Fretty said.

“Basically we’re all just Joneses and ordinary people.” story.baileycarlson photos.sammimoss

An avid drummer, two singer/guitarists and a singer/ keyboardist take the stage, trying out the acoustics, joking with each other, and storming New Song Church with earth-shattering music poured from their hearts. The Bismarck band, The Jones, is reaching out with their ordinary name and an extraordinary outlook. They named their band after a common last name to show their humility and hope for a higher purpose then fame.

Did you know Bert’s goldfish, on Sesame Street, were named Lyle and Talbot, presumably after the actor Lyle Talbot. / september2009 / STAR

{ENTERTAINMENT} “Basically we’re all just Joneses and ordinary people,” Jones singer and guitarist Corey Carson said. “I’m a photographer, actually.” The band is relatively new, and the four musicians have been jamming together for about a year. They all have jobs outside of the band, but they are serious about their music and hope to go further as time goes on. “I work for the state,” singer and keyboardist Jessica Frettty said. Fretty is Chris Lippert’s sister-in-law. Lippert was a musician before starting The Jones. “When I was a kid I grew up wanting to be a rock star and pursued that, and I didn’t have God in my life,” Lippert said. “I went out and had some success in the world’s music, and my life was dark and empty and miserable, and I wasn’t right with God.” This time around Lippert wants to do it right. He’s not concerned with success, he just wants to make an impact. “We are playing music to draw attention to Jesus Christ,” Lippert said. “We don’t think we’re so great, we just know God is great.” The Jones play for church events, youth rallies, and many other events to get their music out and worship God. “Right now we’re just doing the weekend warrior stuff,” Lippert said. “We have to just keep working hard and seeing what happens.” The band writes their own music as well as playing popular worship music. The band plans to start playing more often and are close to releasing a CD. Some of their own songs include “Remedy” and “Hello”. “It’s like bluesy alternative Christian rock,” drummer Zoe Bohlen said. From the state, Perkins, Apple, and photography to drum solos and music writing The Jones are taking their place among music, aspiring to be a unique light through music that will captivate and inspire.


Corey Carson (singer/guitarist, photographer), Chris Lippert (founded the band, singer/guitarist, Apple representative), Zoe Bohlen (drummer, newest band member, works at Perkins) Jessica Fretty (singer/keyboardist, Lippert’s sisterin-law, works for the state) / september2009 / STAR

Drummer Zoe Bohlen plays with The Jones. Bohlen is the newest and youngest member and was originally just filling in. “Zoe had played a little bit of fill in for us, doing some worship at a couple of churches,” band founder Chris Lippert said. “He said he’ll play for temporary and now he just keeps hanging around.”


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Jared Guenther, CHS Class of 2008, U-Mary Class of



Kings Of Leon Concert review.nikkizimmerman

On September 28th, Kings of Leon performed at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. Kings of Leon performed for one hour and 45 minutes themselves and also had one opening act, White Lies, who performed for a little over an hour. Through the entire performance, KOL had a constant energy. When you see that a band loves what they do, it makes the concert that much better. With the lead singer, Caleb Followill’s quirky movements, and the band’s overall relaxed vibe, it was / september2009 / STAR

hard not to be in a good mood throughout the entire concert. You can hear the band’s true talent when performing live instead of recorded and KOL managed to outdo themselves and proved their talent time and time again. Bravo to Kings of Leon for putting on an outstanding show that was not only enjoyable, but better than expected.

Flight of the Conchords: Season 2 review.paulmurphy

Following up one of the biggest television debuts of 2007, comedy songwriters Jermaine Clement and Bret McKenzie are back to recapture the magic that enraptured so many in season one. Plot wise, this season sticks very close to the formula. Jermaine and Bret portray themselves as struggling musicians freshly emigrated from New Zealand to the streets of New York, still dealing with their inept manager (Rhys Darby), hiding from their only obsessive fan (Kristen Schaal) and in constant hunt of a gig they can actually get payed for. While the story feels familiar, some elements do not and, unfortunately, these changes aren’t for the better. The episode’s flow that made the first season so endlessly watchable has given way to a slightly clunky format. Some episodes end abruptly while others wear out their material within the first fifteen minutes, making the remainder one long wait for the next musical interlude. The music, comedy songs performed by Jermaine and Bret, have sadly suffered as well. The once fun variety is now replaced by, well, A LOT of rap songs. These were fun, in moderation, back in season one but the humor in it begins to wear after awhile. Once the highlight of the episodes, most of the new songs fall flat when compared to the ones that came before them. The series’ keen sense of humor fares a bit better and the episode’s topics are still fun, bizarre plot lines. Flight of the Conchords is still a fun show and certainly doesn’t hit any bad notes, but is sadly unable to strike any that are pitch-perfect.

Minnesota State University Moorhead’s Rent review.sammimoss

The theater disappears, a single beam of light points out a man with a scarf and a video camera. A mix of music and man-made fog floods the stage. Goosebumps invade my skin as the voices from below swirl about, mesh together, and fall away in perfect harmony. It was at that moment that I realized the three hour drive to Moorhead to see Minnesota State University Moorhead's production of Rent, a musical about living with AIDS in 1980 New York City, was worth it in every way. After seeing the movie numerous times, the award-winning Broadway musical by Jonathan Larson has never been a particular

Sorority Row review.ambreeschmidt

The movie Sorority Row is about college life and a group of sorority sisters. The sisters play a prank on a boy who needs to learn a lesson, but the prank ends up being a murder and turns their world upside down. They decide to hide the body and swear to secrecy. But someone knows and they believe it’s their dead sister Megan back to kill them, as one by one they slowly start to disappear. The whole movie is very freaky and twisted. It’s one of the most intense, craziest movies I’ve seen in a long time. It rocked my world. It was very suspenseful and gave me chills. There were amazing college party scenes and everything you would want to see in a movie. I jumped more than once and felt like I was there. It was well put together and my idea of a perfect movie.

favorite of mine; it's always been rather forgettable. After attending MSUM's production, directed by Craig Ellingson, I could go into full detail about who each character was, what they wore, every song they sang, how the set looked, the whole musical. The actors (one of whom was Century's own Nikko Raymo, freshman at MSUM) made each note, each movement more memorable than the last. I left the theater with a pounding heart and weak knees, wanting to experience the show again. / september2009 / STAR


Its my life This month, the STAR took an adventure senior profile.into macyegeland photos. macyegeland Josiah Fritzhuspen’s Man Cave. / september2009 / STAR

What inspired you to make your man cave? - My sisters moved out so I got the whole upstairs to myself. I basically wanted a place to play video games, do homework and play my drums. How often do you and friends hang out in here? - I’m in here everyday. Friends are probably here once a week and we plan Man Cave weekends. What do you guys usually do? - We listen to music, play video games and talk. What’s your favorite thing about it? - The paint job. Mike, Chad and I had a giant paint fight to get it this way. How long did it take you to put together? - 7 months off and on. How much money did you spend on it? - The black lights alone were $40. The paint was $10 and everything else was already in the house.

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Century STAR Issue 2  

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