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Songs and R eminders of the Dead Robby Binette Over the last two months, we’ve cleaned out your closet and I’ve never drank so much in my life We gave two shirts to Paul, four pairs of pants to Rick, and two shirts and four pairs of pants to Bonesy They all seem to have your size, surprisingly but to tell the truth, I’m starting to feel like that closet, cleaned out and empty We cleaned out the draws of your dresser and gave everything to good will Your room is empty now and Mom never no longer sleeps in your bed The long johns you used to wear skiing I’m sure will find a nice home, your winter coats will warm someone else this winter, your boots, jeans and sweatshirts will fit someone else’s figure but the Red Sox shirt I got you for Christmas though is still unworn and bears the tags will probably still hide in the boxes we’ve hidden upstairs in the attic for God knows how long What they don’t tell you about someone dying is that it’s not the passing, the hospital, the wake or the funeral that’s the hardest thing to deal with but the things that they leave behind The pictures of you are still on all the walls and the eyes seem to follow us around like that of a haunted houses Do we get rid of them? Do we take them down? We’ll throw them away eventually I guess The one thing I’m sure you’d be pissed about is that we canceled the sports package on the Cable box and since I never watched any of it, your chair remains empty and the TV off


Centripetal Volume 12 Issue 1  

Volume 12 Issue 1--Fall 2010