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with the Office of Strategic Services in World War II. I paid for my sandwich and he mentioned the last days Bruins game, and introduced himself. I told him I’d be back for sure, and left the shop glad to have made Joey’s acquaintance. It seemed the most curious secrets hid in unusual places. Beeeep! A car horn blasted from behind bright headlights ten feet away, pointed straight at me. I was so deep in thought I wasn’t paying attention, and didn’t realize I almost walked into moving traffic. He let me cross, and I continued to walk back to my small house. It was particularly dark out that night, due to the heavy cloud cover. Within minutes after leaving Joey’s it began to rain, the freshly fallen leaves that departed the trees lining the streets began to catch the water, savoring every drop, hoping to live a little longer. As I walked, the drizzle soon turned to a steady rain, and suddenly, the falling cascade and the nearby houses were illuminated by a flash of lightning. Just as I turned a corner on the path, the sudden brightness revealed a mysterious figure following me. I instinctively reached inside my coat, my senses peaked. Then the thunder shook the sky, the sound stretching for miles, spreading its fury as far as it could, and brought with it the man I thought I would never have to be again. He had found me out. I thought I was free from that burden. But Joey was right... old habits die hard.


Centripetal Volume 12 Issue 1  

Volume 12 Issue 1--Fall 2010