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“Baby?” I asked her louder. Her eyes opened, peeked up at me from the warmth of the covers. “Listen to me, okay?” Three rings. “I don’t hear anything.” She said. I was about to close the phone. “Hello?” A man’s voice answered. “Who is this?” I asked. “You called me.” The man reminded me. I wanted to tell him to go screw himself, but he was right. “Who is this?” I looked over to Sarah’s bed. She was sleeping, still as a rock. Was she playing with me? She looked dead, so I knew she was gone again. I didn’t need to check my voice, but I did anyway. If Sarah was really playing with me, I didn’t want to let this guy know I was in on it. “I’m trying to reach my friend. 494-7689.” “That’s me.” The man said. I laughed. “No, that’s impossible.” I told him. “How’s that?” He asked. “That’s my number. I’m 494-7689.” I looked around the room, trying to find the bathroom door in the dark. I decided I might need to step out of the room to tell this guy off properly. “Who are you?” He asked me. “Dan Cook.” I said. “Who are you?” “Dan Cook.” He said. I went for the bathroom. Inside, with the door locked, I sat on the edge of the tub. It was lined with cracks, the cracks lined with something green and old. The shower tiles seemed striped with stale piss. The perfect place to catch my girlfriend cheating. “Nice joke, asshole. You steal my phone, get a few laughs.” I said. “Now tell me why you’re fooling around with my girlfriend.” “Your girlfriend?” He asked, scoffing. “I’ve been sleeping with Sarah since last February. When did she meet you?” I stopped for a second. “Last February. Day after Valentine’s.” I told him. “Whoever you are, we have a lot in common.” “You sound just like me.” I heard him whisper on the other end. “What happened to Tim Fontaine?” I asked him. “You’re me, you’ve got to know this.” “Oh my God,” He said. “Tim Fontaine died in Iraq two years ago. Stepped on a landmine. I was at the funeral. I wore my brother’s cufflinks.” I pulled the phone away from my ear for a moment. I tried f i ff i e l d

Centripetal Volume 12 Issue 1  

Volume 12 Issue 1--Fall 2010