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Different Types Centrifuge Products For Lab Applications - 5ml Centrifuge Tube ___________________________________________________________________________________

By Dismas - With a centrifuge machine in your laboratory that can readily act as equalizer and breaker of the components of the object, it will be very easy to access the core of the object and from there get the basis of the entire research process. Centrifuge machines come in many types to fit your need. In research there are several needs that should be sorted out; with the usage of varied centrifuge you will be able to get the best out of the machine. Each machine works different from the other although, it is still keeping the real objective of the centrifuge- that is breaking the substance and separating denser components from the lighter ones to know the chemical and molecular content of the object. Types of centrifuge: 1. Preparative centrifuge - this is used primarily to separate the organelles of the substance but it does not have a polar detector to know the atomic density of the object being put into study. Learn More About 5ml Centrifuge Tube 2. Analytical centrifuge - this is used heavily in sampling the substance of the object. It has the ability to analyze the object accordingly using the latest detection system for the molecular level of the substance.

3. Angle fixed centrifuge - this is the kind of centrifuge where you can adjust the angle of the rotor to allow proper separation of the elements of the object under scrutiny. You can set the angle of the centrifuge using an electronic configuration system being locked in the machine. 4. Swing head centrifuge- this is making use of the swing rotor to get the substance broken down properly while getting the separation process in order not to allow any mix up of the substance.

5. Haematocrit centrifuge- this uses configuration system established before the porches to set the amount of separation of elements than will be generated. It also allows access to the many properties of delicate substances. There are two categories which centrifuge can be classified according to the industry's viewpoint. The first one is Screen Centrifuge which allows the passage of the liquid in the tube where the solid cannot pass. Screen Centrifuge helps to segregate the elements of the substance according to the phase of the matter. The other one is the Decanter centrifuge which does not allow the separation of the liquid and solid components of the object but will allow the acceleration of the machine to readily separate the substances.

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5ml centrifuge tube  
5ml centrifuge tube  

The 5 mL tube can be spun in the same centrifuges that accommodate a 15 mL tube. It is also suitable for freezing to -90°C. A frosted markin...