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The Confusion Of The Northern Ireland Transfer Test - Common Entrance Test ___________________________________________________________________________________

By Gregory - The centrally managed eleven plus is gone and what we have as our replacement is not one but two new sets of entrance exams to keep us on our toes. With potentially 5 transfer tests for your child to sit depending on which post primary schools they wish to apply for and two completely different exams formats to contend with, it is no wonder that a lot of people wish that the eleven plus and academic selection stayed as it was. Learn More About Common Entrance Test The AQC and PPTC are the two bodies who are now administering the Northern Ireland Transfer Tests, both have decided to base their exams on the Literacy and Numeracy aspects of the Key Stage 2 Revised Curriculum.

AQE are using the Common Entrance Assessment, an entrance exam in the format of the old eleven plus with only the English and Mathematics beings assessed. The AQE will allow the child to sit three exams, the highest two scores will count towards the final grade. It is not necessary to sit all three exams, although it would make sense as it increases the chances of a better average mark.

The PPTC are again testing on English and Mathematics but are using a different style, the child will be provided with a separate answer sheet and the questions will be multiple choice. There will be an English and Mathematics exam held on the same day with a break between the two.

Although both types of entrance tests are based on the same syllabus it is a lot to ask of a p7 child to manage them both. What's even more true though is the stress that the parents are now under to obtain the right materials for each exam and to keep on top of the changing face of academic selection in Northern Ireland.

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