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By Aloysius - Induction forging is a process where an induction heater is used to heat metals before a press or hammer can be used to deform them or change their appearance. The metals are heated to very high temperatures which allows them to be malleable. This makes it easier for them to be forged. The power that is required for the induction forge process ranges from a few kilowatts to many megawatts. The amount of power depends on the geometry of the component. the frequency varies from fifty Hz to two hundred kHz, with most applications using between 1 and 100 kHz. Learn More About Centrifuge For Microplates It is important to use the correct power for every component and to do this, it is necessary to calculate thermal energy. This is the energy that is required to get the material to the required temperature in the given time. To do this, the heat content, the weight of the material and the time cycle all have an important role to play. There are other conditions to be factored in including coil losses, radiated losses and other system losses.

In the past, a lengthy process that involved complex calculations, as well as empirical formulas and practical experience was required. Today, however, techniques that use finite element analysis as well as advanced computer analysis have helped to simplify the process. Despite the advances, a good working knowledge of the induction heating process is necessary.

Today, heating equipment suppliers are coming up with more advanced methods that help to enhance production. They have turned the induction forge process into a simple, yet accurate procedure that is efficient and cost effective. The power source output frequency is an important consideration during the induction process. During this process, the heat is mainly generated in component surface. This means that it is vital to choose the frequency that offers the deepest penetration into the material, without cancelling the current. It takes a while for the heating to penetrate deep into the middle of the component as only the

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