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Return of the Zed-A A Reverse Double Abecedarian


Zounds, ye xenophiles! Why vegetate under that shroud? Rise quietly, peruse once naked moonscapes: lunar katydids jump into haphazardly graven fossae, edged down carefully by androids. Alas, black craters don't equal flocculi. Gravitational hubris in jiggering Keppler's law might nix our pristine quasars — rather snidely, too — unhinging Venus, whose xeriscape yields zombies.

Esther Greenleaf Mürer lives in Philadelphia. Her poems have appeared in numerous ezines. She was featured poet in the Feb 2010 issue of The Centrifugal Eye and remains a regular contributor. Her first collection, Unglobed Fruit, appeared in 2011. Occasionally she remembers to update her blog. Blog:


The Centrifugal Eye's - Spring/Summer 2012  

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