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World-Saving Poem By Esther Greenleaf Mürer All right, I said, so the sphere is the universal standard of perfection. But even Earth, which regards itself as the measure of all things, isn’t spherical; it’s a geoid, earth-shaped. And you, too, 27 Euterpe, can have your very own -oid, named after your own unique shape. Accept yourself as you are, the only icosihepti-Euterpoid in the cosmos.

“Underwatercolor Painting” by Karla Linn Merrifield, 2012

That was the beginning. And now, the lichen-like critters on the fifth planet of Sun 1196 of the Horsehead Nebula regard me as The One Who Is to Come a hundred million light-years from now. Let earthlings bask in the glow of their own devising. I'll redeem a few Kuiper Belt objects and strew some blessings around the Oort clouds on my way out.


The Centrifugal Eye's - Spring/Summer 2012  

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